The Global First Launch Of realme Watch 2 PRO With High-Precision Dual-Satellite GPS

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The Style Meets Sports realme Watch 2 Pro Will Be Made Available At RM 299 Starting From 29th May 2021

realme Watch 2 Pro by Priscilla Abby, realme AIoT Ambassador
Do you manage to grab the opportunity of owning the realme Watch 2 last week on the 20th May 2021 when the world is celebrating the "520 Day" which commonly known as another Valentine's Day besides 14th February?
If you missed the offers that realme Malaysia had for you, you can check it out on the link below just to learn more about this realme Watch 2 and its deal but fret not guys, because they had another good news for you too where I'm going to share it in this entry shortly.

Let us together congratulate realme Malaysia for making another remarkable milestone during the realme Watch 2 first online sales that exclusively available on Shopee e-Commerce platform with their "A Gift To Remember" deals in realme Malaysia Official Store. 

The great support, love and trust from the realme fans towards this smartwatch is truly impressive as more than 3,500 devices were sold in just 24 hours. Do you know that this amazing sales do break the record in Shopee platform from June 2015 until 20th May 2021 with the "Most Smartwatch Units Sold In 24 hours".
realme Watch 2 Record Breaking

realme Watch 2 Pro Global Launch

On the 20th May 2021, realme Malaysia has officially launched its newest additions in the AIoT Sports collection on their Facebook live. The product line consists of its enhanced realme Watch 2 Pro to track users' movement and record their workout journey, realme Buds Wireless 2, realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo and realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker. 
"The constant development of realme AIoT devices are all built upon the improved skills and spirit of Dare to Leap. We always aim to inspire fans across all fields in living a smarter lifestyle with our uplifting technology. This time in realme AIoT Sports launch, we have introduced four new devices to all Malaysians in elevating their experiences while working out at home." said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia. 
realme Watch 2 Pro Coming Soon (29th May 2021)
For your information, the global first launch realme Watch 2 Pro comes in 1.75-inch Large Color Display Screen with a high resolution of 320*385 pixels that display vivid and lifelike visuals. With this large display, the screen viewing area has improved by 56% and its responsive touch allow users to effortlessly control the watch. 
The refresh rate for realme Watch 2 Pro is 30fps that featured to deliver a smoother experience and improved reactiveness, while its peak brightness of 600 nits ensures the display to remain clearly visible even under direct sunlight. 
realme Watch 2 Pro Display Features "Easy To View, Easy To Touch"
realme Watch 2 Pro allows you to stay in style while wearing this smartwatch as a rich library of over 100 Stylist Watch Faces were included and realme also collaborated with Grafflex, a renowned Korean designer in creating several customized watch faces that deliver a new level of style. 
What more interesting is that the watch also provides up to a total of 90 sports modes that able to better meeting the demands of young users. Regardless what you are interested in, the realme Watch 2 Pro has a mode that definitely suits your need, this is a watch just for you.

This new wearable adopts a high-precision dual-satellite GPS Sensor that adds value to your life and provide much more accurate data in both route and speed accuracy. It gives the highest positioning accuracy of 2.5 meters and the fastest position time of up to 2 seconds.

Although equipped with the latest technology and features, the battery life is not neglected as realme Watch 2 Pro has a 390 mAh high-efficiency battery that is able to delivery 14-days of battery life within a single charge for every two weeks. 
realme Watch 2 Pro With High Precision Dual-Satellite GPS That Make Every Movement Count

 realme Buds Wireless 2

realme Buds Wireless 2 With Active Noise Cancellation
Besides realme Watch 2 Pro, realme Malaysia is also the first among global countries to bring in Buds Wireless 2 that supports Active Noise Cancellation to the masses, making what was originally a high-end feature more affordable for the average users.
The audio device with the Active Noise Cancellation of up to 25dB is able to monitor external noise through a feed-forward microphone, allowing the earphones to send out a reverse anti-noise sound to cancel it out. It can filter out most of the low-frequency noise, including the rumble of public transportation and the noise of home appliances so that you can immerse yourself in the music or work without being disturbed. 
The realme Buds Wireless 2 is now Hi-Res certified while it features 990kpbs Sony LDAC technology, a codec commonly used in high-end Bluetooth earphones that is capable of transmitting audio data at 3 times the rate of conventional SBC codecs. This will deliver richer audio with near-lossless quality. The distortion rate of the realme Buds Wireless 2 is less than 0.5% and this enabling its ultra-high resolution to be easily restored to the original recording quality
The battery has been significantly boosted with the ultra-low power realme R2 chip and large battery capacity that provide a massive 22 hours of total battery life. This is the first earbuds to use the same Dart Charge technology that found on the smartphones, hence you will be able to listen to music up to 12 hours with just a 10-minute charge
realme Buds Wireless 2 First Online Sale On 6th June 2021

realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo
This audio device supports the Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology to identify and filter out background noise intelligently during the calls. As a result, your voice will remains clear even in a noisy environment. 
In order to meet the needs of younger users who play games while wearing headphones, the realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo has an upgraded Game Mode with Latency as low as 88ms which is almost the lowest in the industry. 
realme has always strive to innovate new design concepts to meet the world's ever-changing trends that this device comes with more color options like Kandi Black, Kandi Blue and Kandi Green. It is also lightweight with only 23.1g, just about the weight of two cherries makes it a flexible neckband with skin-safe materials to ensure it's comfortable to wear throughout the day. 
Similar to other devices on the launch, realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo is able to last long with a massive 17 hours total battery life and it is equipped with quick charge feature where you can immerse yourself in the world of music up to 2 hours after a 10-minute charge. 
realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo First Online Sale On 6th June 2021

realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

Next on the list is realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker with 3W Dynamic Bass Boost Driver that ensure users to be able to enjoy clear music even when you go outdoors. It also supports significantly higher loudness than that of competing devices under a variety of audio frequencies, especially in term of bass. 
Now, you can pair two realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker together by controlling the speaker's multi function button or through the realme Link App for a supreme audio experience. You can now enjoy the 360° amazing Stereo Pairing sound experience that has a similar cinemas sound effect, anytime and anywhere you want. 

Not only that, the speaker also includes a Gaming Mode of 88ms Super Low Latency that most speakers do not have. You can switch to the gaming mode while watching movie or gaming that will delivering you the ultimate immersive experience. 
realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker Coming Soon On Shopee e-Commerce Platform

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 About realme

realme is a technology brand that specializes in providing high quality tech products and services with Dare-to-Leap experience. The brand was officially established on May 4, 2018 by its founder Sky Li, together with a bunch of young people with rich experiences in the smartphone industry. realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylist design, sincere services and exploring all the possibilities of tech products. 
According to Counterpoint's Q4 2020 smartphone shipment report in January 2021, young brand realme grew 65% YoY and shipped 42.4 million smartphones last year. realme was also announced as the fastest-growing international smartphone brand in the world for 2020. The brand has leapfrogged over established industry giants and took 7th position in terms of global market share. The youngster-focused and online-centric brand, realme has grown rapidly in South East Asia since it entered the market in Q4 2018. realme has expanded globally to 61 markets such as China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and Africa. 
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