Experience the Contactless Dining With MyEasy World At Nick's Tikka's & Taco's

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Enjoy Two Of The World's Most Authentic Cuisines, The Indian And Mexican Dishes In The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur At Nick's Tikka's & Taco's With The Contactless Dining Experience Using MyEasy World

Enjoy The Cuisines Served At Nick's Tikka's & Taco's
I loved to travel around the globe and enjoy authentic cuisines that each country has to offers! And recently, I have been introduced by my friends on this restaurant that eventually served two of the world's most authentic cuisines under one roof. Interestingly, this restaurant is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and easily accessible. The mentioned restaurant is called Nick's Tikka's & Taco's, a North Indian and Mexican Restaurant & Bar.
As we all know, Mexican and Indian truly valued their tradition and culture including their cuisines that served on the table. We can tastes love and sincerity in every bite of their dishes. Therefore in this very restaurant, Nick, the owner of Nick's Tikka's & Taco's, has curated a menu that will be able to help you to experience the best of both the traditions and cultures. Here is the place where you can enjoy good foods and spend quality times together with your family, loved ones and of course with your great friends too.
Nick's Tikka's And Taco's Indian Mexican Fusion Cuisine
Before we explore more about the dishes that served during my last visit, let me remind you, you, you and you again and again to be more vigilant while dining out with your family, your loved ones and friends. "Kita Tak Menang Lagi"! Well, we are actually still struggling to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak that happened since last year! Now, we do have a small room to breath, enjoying a little bit of freedom in life but we have to remember to follow all the Standard Operating Procedures that highlighted by the Majlis Keselamatan Negara. 
Here at the very entrance of the restaurant, you will need to scan your MySejahtera, measure your body temperature and making sure it is below 37°C and frequently sanitizing your hands while you are in the premise. Oh yes, remember to observe the social distancing as well from one another. 
Standard Operating Procedure As A New Normal
Let's begin to explore the menu, guys! First on the list, we had the Mexican Starters, the Chips and Cheese Dip which is the nachos with the special homemade melted cheese sauce. Remember to have it while the cheese is still hot and the chips are still fresh and crispy. Then, we had the breads selection - Plain Naan and Garlic Naan that made with all purpose flour and baked in the tandoori clay oven.
Chips And Cheese Dip (RM 10)
Plain Naan (RM 7)
Garlic Naan (RM 8)
For the main dishes, we had the Butter Chicken, Bhindi Do Pyaza, Chicken Vindaloo and Prawn Masala. The Butter Chicken is the spiced marinated chicken that cooked in a red gravy comprising of the butter, onion, ginger, tomatoes, spices and herbs with yogurt. As for the Chicken Vindaloo, it is cooked in the spicy thick gravy with potatoes whereas the Prawn Masala is cooked in the delicious thick and spicy masala gravy. Bhindi Do Pyaza is the spicy Indian stir-fried okra with onion curry. 
Chicken Vindaloo (RM 28)
Prawn Masala (RM 34)
We were curious while having the Indian cuisine, so we asked the chef about what is the difference between the Northern Indian and Southern Indian cuisines? For Northern Indian cuisine, the foods are mostly meat and cooked with dairy products and more creamier whereas Southern Indian cuisine are mostly vegetables and seafood. Both are famous with their curry and uses spicy spices but Southern Indian cuisine is known to be spicier. 
Next up, we had the Biryani rice. The chef has decided to served the Chef-Recommended Vegetarian Biryani and Mutton Biryani. Both were freshly prepared with delicious taste using homemade mix spices that served with gravy and raita. The rice was really soft and fragrant and must mentioned that the mutton melted in the mouth in every bite. It was deliciously cooked to perfection.
Mutton Biryani With Gravy And Raita (RM 30)
Vegetarian Biryani (RM 22)
Lastly, we tried the 10" yummilicious pizza which is one of the best seller here too. The Spicy Keena Pizza which is the minced spicy masala mutton with green peas and potatoes and the Novie Spicy Anchovies Pizza that topped with sauticed anchovies with fresh chilies and onions.
Which are my favorite? I would say both! The pizza base is so crispy and you don't taste the flour at all, the sambal was marvelous and based on the chef information, the sambal was cooked by one of the nasi lemak seller nearby. You can taste the local fused with the international dishes here. The other pizza also caught my attention such as the ham and pineapple pizza, tandoori chicken pizza and Mexican pizza. I will need to plan for my another visit to try them out soon in near future.
Spicy Keema Pizza (RM 35)
Novie Spicy Anchovies Pizza (RM 32)

Overall, these are the foods that served during my visit. Which caught your attention and wanted to try them out? Actually there are more in the menu list that you can check them out here in the link below. 

The Happy Family Photo At Nick's Tikka's And Taco's Restaurant
Besides the foods, I want to introduce to you guys on the food ordering system that I do really love the concept of it, the Contactless Dining. Here in this restaurant, they are using the MyE
asy World, a web-based portal that delivering fast, safe and simple ordering experience to the guests and you can even made bill payment for the on-premise guests. 
This is so convenient that you just need to scan the QR Code on the table, then you can view the menu and place your orders using the portal. I love this concept as we can minimize the close contact with one another especially with the waiter and waitress too.

Since this is only the web-based apps, you don't need to download the apps in your phone, oh yes, this do save your phone storage too, and every time you visit any restaurant that using this application, you can just login into your account when you scan the QR Code. Easy, right? 
MyEasy World QR Code
That's pretty much that I want to share on this entry. Hope you enjoy it and the post is helpful for you to make a decision on where to eat next, together with your family and friends when you encounter the world hardest question, "Nak Makan Mana Ek"? 
I Dah Register MyEasy World, Anda Bila Lagi?
For more information about Nick's Tikka's And Taco's Restaurant and Bar, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
Operating Hours:  
Weekday - 11.30 A.M. to 10.00 P.M.
Weekend - 11.30 A.M. to 10.30 P.M.
Closed on Sunday.

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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