Arwa Cafe Introduced 4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte With Oligofructose, Bird Nest & Red Beet

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A Perfectly Brewed Arabica Coffee Latte Enriched With Oligofructose, Bird Nest & Red Beet by Arwa Cafe

Arwa Cafe 4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte
As a working adult that busy handling customers through online support plus the current situation where I need to work from home due to the pandemic, I often find myself lost in focus and concentration, hence reducing my performance in delivering a quality work and support. I do feel restless when I have to work and at the same time doing house work that leads to fatigue. 
I do really trust that "Life Begins After Coffee". I am a big fan of coffee drink that believe a cup of coffee can keep me more focus and stay energetic for all day long. As a coffee lover, it must be a joke if my kitchen do not have an instant coffee especially those 3-in-1 instant coffees. The main ingredients of these 3-in-1 instant coffees are the coffee powder, sugar and creamer.
But lately over the years during my annual medical check-ups, I have been advised by my occupational health physician to reduce the consumption of those instant coffee as they are high in sugar content that is not suitable for myself with diabetes' family background. 
Due to this situation, I often look for instant coffee replacement that is low in sugar either 2-in-1 coffee or many more but as you may already know, drinks with reduced sugar contents might not be tasting as good as the original instant coffee. 

4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte by Arwa Cafe

While searching for the best replacement, I was introduced by my friend with this product from Arwa Cafe, the 4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte. You must be wondering exactly just like me on why it is 4-in-1, right? Instead of reducing, now we have more ingredients in it.

Besides the Instant Arabica Coffee Powder, this Arabica Coffee Latte is enriched with 0.7% Bird Nest Extract, 0.7% Red Beet and Oligofructose too. Therefore, the main ingredients of this coffee drink are the Arabica coffee powder, bird nest, red beet, oligofructose and non-dairy creamer
4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte Enriched With Oligofructose, Bird Nest and Red Beet

Main Ingredients and Its Benefits

As mentioned above, these drinks are packed with great ingredients that deliver multiple great benefits to its consumers. Let us discover how this drink can benefits all of us. 

Instant Coffee Arabica Powder is known as high in caffeine that able to improve the stamina level, hence keep us awake, staying focus, gaining attention and feel fresher for longer period of time. With reference to the study conducted by Krembil Brain Institute, caffeine in the coffee may also help in protecting us against the development of the Alzheimer's diseases. Similarly, the caffeine also acts at an inhibitor receptors that able to prevent some of the negative effects of stress on our brain, consequently, this helps to reduce and manage the stress level

Bird nest is one of the ingredient that have high nutritional and medicinal value with long tracks of history. Some of the benefits of bird nest are the ability to improve the blood circulation, help on improving the digestive system and increase one's appetite too. Bird nest is able to reduce or dissolve phlegm and relieve cough as well.
Do you know that shallow bird nests is highly beneficial to the pregnant mother's as it can help to reduce the pain of bruises, on the hips and also strengthen the lungs of the unborn baby? It has been generation to generations in my family line that we consume bird nest regularly, I believe because of its proven results as well. 
Red Beet is also said to be able to reduce the risk of heart disease and increase the formation of the Nitric Oxide that acts as vasodilator in relaxing the inner muscles of the blood vessels and widen the vessels. This will be able to improve the blood flow and lowers the blood pressure
The Betaine in the red beet can help in detoxification, a substance that help to prevent and reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver, therefore helping us to protect the liver from toxins
In addition, red beet is high in Iron that able to reactivates and regenerates more red blood cells in our body. Besides that, it is also high in fiber content that helps to improve our digestive system. Last but not least, the Carotenoid content can help to reduce the risk of Cataract formation and prevent the macular degeneration.
Nutritious Arabica Coffee Latte Drink
As a summary, this Arabica Coffee Latte instant coffee is prefect choice with great range of benefits that include and not limited to the ability to improve the respiratory system and strengthen our lungs, improve the blood flow circulation, improve our digestive system, improve our stamina and also relieving our body aches

 Drink Preparation

This drink comes in a very convenient packaging where each sachet is packed with 25g of 4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte powder mixture. You just need to pour and stir well 1 sachet of the coffee powder into a cup with 120 ml of hot water. For better drinking experience, you can also serve it chilled

 Personal Experience

I personally like this drink because it is aromatic, smells so good, less sweet compare to other instant coffees and most importantly, it is the best partner for me to stay awake and concentrated to finish all my work. My day is more productive now. 
I trust this brand because it is a healthier choice of product that comes with MeSTI certification by Ministry of Health (MoH). Oh yes, most importantly, it do have a Halal Certification (MS 1500:2009) with Reference No.: JAKIM.700-2/3/1 037-10/2013.
This make it a perfect choice for everyone to have it anytime, anywhere especially during the meals, at work or during the leisure times. 
MeSTI and Halal Certified

Arwa Cafe 4-in-1 Arabica Coffee Latte Is Halal Certified Product

Arwa Cafe Agent Wanted

Good news, guys! Arwa Cafe is currently looking for Agent and Stockist for their products.
Now, saving the best part for the last! In order to enroll yourself as Arwa Cafe Agent, you just need to purchase 5 packs of Arwa Cafe and you are entitle yourself to be part of the team member and selling Arwa Cafe products.  
How cool is that, guys? 
For your information, each packet of Arwa Cafe comes with 20 sachets and it is selling at the price of RM 55 per pack and RM 65 per pack for Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia respectively. For more saving, you can purchase 2 packs for the price of RM 100 and RM 120 respectively. Please be informed that this price is excluded the postage fees. 
Purchases can be made from their social media platforms or just click the link below. 

More information about Arwa Cafe and their products, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

Perfect Companion At Work
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  1. Kita da terasa latte pulak kt tekak kita.. Tibehhh sangat ni πŸ˜‚

    1. Hahaha! Ni baca balik pun dah terliur mengidam arabica latte ni... πŸ˜‰

  2. I also need to find a healthier choice of coffee as I need it daily. Thanks for sharing the benefits - I might be shifting to Arwa after this

    1. Oh yes bro Rawlins! You definitely need to try them out! Been drinking this coffee latte since the first day wor! Time to topup the stock liaw.. Kena repeat!

  3. Almost 2 years i cut cafein intake...last week i've tried again..but i cant...i became anxiety suddenly..dont know why and donty know is it related. By the way now i feel like to taste latte..

    1. Oh noo.. Wahh 2 years without cafein intake! I bukan big fan of coffee before this until recently been trying this and that to keep me staying awake for work! Maybe can give this a try...

  4. Sounds delicious! Will have to give it a try, thanks for sharingπŸ˜„

    1. Most welcome sis! Oh yes! Wajib to give this a try.. 😊 You will like it for sure.. Suke the taste bah!

  5. uniknya latte ni, ada bird nest, banyak kebaikan makan bird nest ni. mesti rasa pun sedap

    1. Ya kan! Bila first time dengar ada birdnest terus teruja nak try it out!

  6. Wow kopi sarang burung? First time dengar. Khai pun memang consume sarang burung. Boleh la try lepas ni. No wonder mahal sebb ada bahan premium

    1. Wahhh lama Nell tak consume sarang burung! Selalu balik kampung dengan nenek baru ada chance makan.. Tue yang teruja bila dpt tahu coffee ni ada campuran birdnest in it! Interesting bah!

  7. Macamana agaknya rasa dia ye sebab ada bird nest tu haha teringin pula nak cuba

    1. Maybe not as strong as the pure birdnest soup since the aroma of the coffee is kinda strong in it! Tapi no doubt memang sedap coffee ni! Lain!

  8. i think ive tried this before. tasted different, but amazing. sesuai utk coffee lover

    1. Oh yes! Agreed with you sis! Lain sikit aroma dia kan! Yes, i really like it...

  9. Nice coffee kan 4 in 1 lagi tu hehehehe best tengok dari air tu memang nampak sedap sangat rasa nak cuba jer hehehehe boleh beli lah ni minum pagi-pagi sebelum mula kerja layan....

    1. Nell memang kick starting my day with this coffee skrg... Tak kongsi ahhh memang my own! Hahaha.. Kena try!

  10. this is definitely a dream come true for coffee lovers who want to jaga kesihatan and kulit. it's such an innovative idea to combine all these amazing ingredients into one!

    1. Yes sis! The ingredients are unique for this coffee. Non with this mixture before!

  11. Akak suka bau aroma kopi. Nanti nak cuba la Arwa Coffee ni. Kat pasaraya ada ke? Atau kat online je ada?

    1. Rasanya pasaraya takde lagi kak! Nell x pernah jumpa far memang purchase thru WhatsApp link yang mereka bagi jer..

  12. Yaaa Sis dah rasa juga Arwa ni, memang sedap.. dapat pun tiba Suami bawa one stick, dapat dari mana tak tau laa.. nanti nak tanya gak, kotlah dia beli letak opis, tak bagi Bini dia hahahahaa

    1. Hahahaha! Upst!! Tapi memang sedap oh coffee nii smpi Nell pun simpan for myself wor! Minum sebelum start kerja! πŸ˜‰

  13. You have mentioned great information here. I would like to say this is a well-informed article and also a beneficial article for us. Keep sharing this kind of article, Thank coffee in melbourne

    1. Thank you my dear friend! Okay gonna check them out the best coffee in Melbourne! Next time can travel to Melbourne at least I am well informed on which coffee to go for it...