Matcharo Launched PRO+ Matcha 18 Grains, The New Healthy Wholegrain Beverage And Its Benefits

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Healthier Wholegrain Matcha Beverage With 18 Types Of Grains and 5 Types Of Green Sources That Formulated From Japan Brought To You By Matcharo

Matcharo Launched PRO+ Matcha 18 Grains, The New Healthy Wholegrain Beverage And Its Benefits
Matcharo Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains
Are you a matcha lover just like me? I remember earlier this year I did share about a product from Matcharo known as the Matcha Latte Shake. More detail about this product, you can visit the entry by clicking the link below. 

Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains and 5 Green Sources Ingredients

In this entry, I will be sharing with you on the latest product that they just launched recently which is the Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains. From the name, you should be able to guess that this wholegrain beverage does contain 18 type of grains, right? Yes, absolutely right! This Japanese matcha beverage is formulated from Japan that comes with 18 types of grains and 5 types of green sources
The 18 types of grains include Unpolished Brown Rice, Corn, Soy Bean, Red Rice, Red Bean, Barley, Mung Bean, Brown Bean, Garbanzo Bean, Almond, Green Bean, Lotus Seed, Black Soy Bean, Wheat Berry, Organic Millet, Black Sesame, Black Glutinous Rice, and Flaxseed

As for the green sources, the ingredients are the Matcha, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Water Lentil and Spirulina
All of these ingredients blended together make it suitable as a perfect choice for meal replacement with whole grains and variety that able to maintain healthy cholesterol, healthy blood pressure and healthy blood sugar level.  

Whole Grains vs Refined Grains

In general, grains can be divided into two main subgroups which are the Whole Grains and Refined Grains. Let us study the structure of the complete grain together.
The bran of the grain is the fiber-filled outer layer that is rich with B vitamins and minerals, the germ is the nutrient-packed core also rich with B vitamins, vitamin E, phytochemicals and healthy fats and last but least, the endosperm is the starchy carbohydrate middle layer that comes with some proteins and vitamins. 

A whole grains contain the entire grain kernel that consist of the bran, germ and endosperm whereas the refined grains have been milled, a process that removes the bran and germ just to give grains a finer texture and improve their shelf life, but by removing these components in the grains, it is also removing the dietary fiber, iron and many source of B vitamins.
Some examples of whole grains are  whole-wheat flour, oatmeal, whole grain cornmeal and brown rice whereas the refined grain products are white flour, corn grits, white bread and white rice. 
Do you know that a research show that consuming whole grains may be protective against several chronic diseases in adults including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer?

Matcharo Launched PRO+ Matcha 18 Grains, The New Healthy Wholegrain Beverage And Its Benefits
Difference Between Whole Grains vs Refined Grains (Source: Matcharo)

Benefits of Matcharo Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains

Now, we understand the benefit of consuming whole grain products and this wholegrain beverage is packed with good grains in it, not one not two but eighteen of them. This nutritious drink is high in protein, high in calcium, high in dietary fibre and source of iron. All the nutrient that you need is available in a cup of this. 
This is also a healthier choice of product as the whole grains used is non-genetically modified (Non-GMO), it is cholesterol free, trans fat free and most importantly no preservatives added into the product. 
It is also low in calories where a cup is only giving 102 Kcal and made suitable as meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. Oh yes! There is no lactose in the product hence, it is suitable for lactose intolerance individuals.
The choice of ingredients helps to deliver the optimum functions of this beverage. For an example, the Black Sesame, Pearl Barley, Organic Flaxseed, Almond, Goji Berry and Matcha is a source of strong antioxidant and known to be able  to strengthen our body's immune system
Mung bean and corn is good at detoxification and promoting healthy digestive system. With this function, it can eventually help on weight-management as well. 
Interestingly, the Black Bean, Red Date, Unpolished Brown Rice, Lotus Seed, Black Glutinous Rice and Organic Millet are able to enhance our memory and improves quality of sleep.
Hey ladies, this beverage drink eventually can help to achieve a better skin radiant and excellent revitalize drink during menstrual with nutrients provided by the Soy Bean, Red Bean, Brown Bean, Red Rice, Goji Berry and Red Date. 
Matcharo Launched PRO+ Matcha 18 Grains, The New Healthy Wholegrain Beverage And Its Benefits
Delicious And Aromatic Wholegrain Beverage

Serving Direction

The preparation of this healthy beverage is pretty simple;
First, just add two scoops of Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains into a cup filled with 200 ml of hot or warm water. The scoop is provided in every can.
Then, stir well until the powder is fully dissolved. You can add more water depending on your taste. But for me, I am good with this measurement because the drink is taste just nice for my taste buds. 
That's it, guys! Simple, right? 

 Who Can Drink This Beverage?

  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Pregnant Woman
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Lactose Intolerance Individuals
  • Vegetarian
Matcharo Launched PRO+ Matcha 18 Grains, The New Healthy Wholegrain Beverage And Its Benefits
Matcharo Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains And Matcharo Meow
For my personal experience, I do really love the taste, aroma and smell of this matcha drink. To be honest, it do have the fragrant of the matcha but well-balanced by the taste of other grains as well and I love the texture of the drink that smooth to consume. 
Before I forget, this product is certified with HACCP and both the GMP and MeSTI by Ministry of Health as healthier choice product.
So, if you are interested you can purchase this by clicking the link below. 
For more information about Matcharo Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains and their latest promotion or reviews, you can follow them on their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

Matcharo Instagram | MKA Food & Beauty Website

Matcharo Launched PRO+ Matcha 18 Grains, The New Healthy Wholegrain Beverage And Its Benefits
My Healthy Meal Replacement 
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