Sumo Rice, A Perfect Calrose Rice For Cooking Japanese, Korean and Chinese Cuisine

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 Calrose Rice Suitable To Cook Japanese, Korean and Chinese Cuisines

Until the moment I wrote about this entry, I didn't know that choosing type of rice is also an art in cooking. Why I say so? Well, preparing dishes like sushi actually required different type of rice grain. Your fragrant rice at home won't make a nice sushi, okay? 
From my reading, there are actually more than 10 type of rices that available in the market such as white rice, brown rice, red rice, black rice, jasmine, Basmati, Japanese, glutinous, wild, Arborio rice and many more. 

But today, what I am going to share with you is about Calrose rice from a brand known as Sumo Rice.
Sumo Rice, A Perfect Calrose Rice For Cooking Japanese, Korean and Chinese Cuisine
Sumo Calrose Rice
Calrose rice is a medium grain rice and known as one of the most recognized California rice in the United States and abroad especially at the Pacific. This is the name that registered in trade and the marketplace where Cal represent California, the state of the grain's origin and production while "rose" indicate its medium-grain shape. 

Just a fun fact that almost 80% of the California rice crop is this Calrose rice. Besides California, Calrose rice is grown in other countries as well around the globe where the growing conditions are suitable such Pacific Rim and Australia. 
It is soft and sticky making it suitable to prepare Japanese cuisine such as the sushi and others like Korean and Chinese cuisine. This rice can absorb flavors very well hence, making it a better choice for this purpose. In addition, this rice is also used to prepare dishes like paella, poke bowl, rice ball and many more.
Sumo Rice, A Perfect Calrose Rice For Cooking Japanese, Korean and Chinese Cuisine
Sumo Rice - Calrose Rice
Currently in the Malaysia market, Sumo Rice comes in two sizes of packaging, the 5 kg and 1 kg packaging. And most importantly, this product is halal certified with the reference of JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 1 059-09/2004 and you can find this Sumo Rice listed in the JAKIM list using this link Sumo Rice Halal Certified.
Sumo Rice, A Perfect Calrose Rice For Cooking Japanese, Korean and Chinese Cuisine
Sumo Calrose Rice - Halal Certified
Calrose rice has multiple nutritional benefits such as no fat content, low in calories and a great source of carbohydrates make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for energy. 

It is pretty simple to cook this rice as well and I follow all the instructions given on the packaging. 

  1. Pour 1 cup of SUMO Calrose Rice and add 2 cups of water into the rice cooker. 
  2. Turn on the rice cooker and when the rice cooker turns off, leave it for 10 minutes before serving. 
Simple as that guys! For more information about Sumo Calrose Rice or interesting recipes, you can visit their official social media platforms at the links below. 
 If you would like to purchase this Sumo Rice online, you can click the link below. 
That's pretty much I want to share about Sumo Calrose Rice. Hopefully this is helpful for you to decide which rice you need to purchase when it comes to cooking the Japanese, Korean or Chinese cuisine. 

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  1. Saya pun ada guna Sumo Rice tapi beli untuk buat sushi. Lagipun Calrose Rise ni satu-satunya yang ada Halal cert, sebab tu saya pilih Sumo Rice. Memang best makan beras ni sebab cepat kenyang dan tak mudah basi. Saya beli yang 5kg punya.Harga pun ok tak terlalu mahal. Recomended

  2. Pernah guna sumo rice utk buat sushi. Memang best lagi2 ada halal certificate. Bagi baby makan sumo rice ni pun bagus juga. Tapi costing sikit la

  3. Low calories, no fat and great source of carbo?
    Ok. I am sold. I need to eat better too so Sumo Rice fits nicely with my diet plan

  4. Wahh banyak manfaat beras ni rupanya. Akak jumpa dekat AEON masa beli groceries shopping. Comel sangat bungkusan beras ni. Tapi belum beli lg. Sebab kena masak utk sushi aje ke. Or masak macam kita masak selalu tu ke? Hahahaha. Confused masa tu. Nanti bleh la beli beras ni sebab dah baca dari Nel.

  5. kalau nak buat sushi. bibimbap memang akan guna beras sumo ni. sedap dan kenyang sangat

  6. Iza tak pernah try beras ni lagi. Tapi ramai recommend beras ni klau nak buat sushi. Maybe boleh try la nanti.

  7. Biasa pakai masa buat sushi je. Rupanya boleh je buat makan ye. Kenapalah sis bodo ngat tk pki beras tu sampai bertahun2 simpan. Hahahah. Cuma beras dia mcm beras wangi kelantan la kan berpulut gitu.

  8. Belum pernah beli tapi jati rasa nak mencubanya.. buat masa ni makan beras Pulsa brasmathi aje.. nanti nak try laa, sebab dia ada pack kecil kan...

  9. Biasa nampak beras ni kat pasaraya. Ada kawan kasitau dia guna untuk buat sushi. One day nak cuba jugak laaa.. Nak try rasa beras yang berkhasiat rendah kalori. Nak jaga kesihatan!

  10. I cooked Sumo Rice before too. love the softness of it. time to buy more to cook this CNY yay

  11. Selalu nampak beras ni dekat supermarket. Tapi tak pernah beli pun. nanti nak beli la sebab teringin sangat. btw, nice sharing. thankyou :)

  12. i am always attracted by the packaging every time i visit the supermarket tp blm smpt cuba lg. totally tempted to give it a try now!

  13. Thanks for introducing me to this Calrose rice from Sumo Rice, i will check it out on my next groceries trip.

  14. We often buy this sumo rice whenever we want to make Japanese or Korean cuisine. And i just came to know that they come in 2 different packaging. All this while we only bought the 1kg packaging.

  15. If 3 cups of sumo rice .how many cups of water ahh