realme Watch 2 Will Be Made Available On The 20th May 2021 via Shopee Platform At Only RM 149

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realme Watch 2 Where Style Meet Sports Will Be Made Available In Shopee Platform On The 20th May At Only RM149

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Do you still remember when I shared about realme AIoT Grand Launch Season 3 where realme fans were introduced with a total of seven devices brought to you specially by realme Malaysia to enhance realme's users smart ecosystem. The devices are realme Buds Q2, realme Buds Air 2 Neo, realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker, realme Watch S Master Edition, realme Watch 2, realme Motion Activated Night Light and realme Alkaline Batteries.

The first sale of this Season 3 Grand Launch started with the realme Buds Q2 on the 5th May 2021 via Shopee at only RM 79 (N/P: RM 129) during the Shopee 5.5 Pesta Raya Deals. Joining the list on the same day is the realme Motion Activated Night Light which sell at only RM39 (N/P: RM 99). Followed by realme Watch S Master Edition on the 8th May 2021 at the price of RM 429 and realme Buds Air 2 Neo on the 11th May 2021 at the price of RM 149 (N/P: RM 169).
A Gift To Remember Buy realme Buds Q2 At RM 79
A Gift To Remember Buy realme Motion Activated Night Light At RM 49
Alternately, you can view the on-going deals on realme Malaysia Official Store by clicking this link below to enjoy the "A Gift To Remember" sale with discount up to 65% OFF only for today, 20th May 2021. 

realme Watch 2

But today in this entry, I would like introduce the latest wearable smartwatch known as realme Watch 2 that has launched today in Malaysia among the global market. This watch is able to display vivid and lifelike visuals with its 1.4-inch large color touchscreen panel that enable you to clearly see and use the watch face simply by lifting your wrist.
Want to have more style? No problem because realme Watch 2 also includes a rich library of over 100 stylist Watch Faces that definitely could suit your style. What more is that the watch display features a 30 fps high refresh rate that offers user a smoother experience and finger controls with improved reactiveness.
This sporty watch has upgraded where the watch is now able to supports up to 90 kinds of sports in order to meet the demands especially from the young users. This includes common scenarios such as running and cycling, along with other cool sports like roller skating, street dance and outdoor cross-country. 
In term of the battery, it comes equipped with a 315 mAh large battery which can last up to 12 days without issues on charging even after an entire week and this is cool in providing long-term service just for you. 
The watch also features the IP68 water resistant function and equipped with an advanced PPG Sensor to accurately monitor the blood oxygen levels  and heart rate.  
This realme Watch 2 is so cool, right? Don't miss the opportunity to grab them at 35% cheaper now only at Shopee. Click the link below to purchase now. 

realme Watch 2 Pro

On the other hand, realme Malaysia has announced that Malaysia will be the first country in launching the realme Watch 2 Pro, realme Buds Wireless 2 and realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo among the global markets. Apart from that, realme will be releasing its latest realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker that enables users to listen to music wherever they are. 
As the latest addition to their range of smartwatch, realme Watch 2 Pro is an upgraded version in terms of its size and performance of the display as well as enhanced sport modes. The new audio devices also come with amazing features that give you a smooth and flexible listening experience. 
In conjunction of the announcement, everyone is invited to tune in to the live stream of realme AIoT Sports Launch via the realme's Facebook page today on the 20th May 2021 at 12 P.M. Hope to see all of you later! 

About realme

realme is a technology brand that specializes in providing high quality tech products and services with the Dare-to-Leap experience. The brand was officially established on May 4, 2018 by its founder Sky Li, together with a bunch of young people with rich experiences in the smartphone industry. realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylist design, sincere services and exploring all the possibilities of tech products. 
According to Counterpoint's Q4 2020 smartphone shipment report in January 2021, young brand realme grew 65% YoY and shipped 42.4 million smartphones last year. realme was also announced as the fastest-growing international smartphone brand in the world for 2020. The brand has leapfrogged over established industry giants and took 7th position in terms of global market share. The youngster-focused and online-centric brand, realme has grown rapidly in South East Asia since it entered the market in Q4 2018. realme has expanded globally to 61 markets such as China, India, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia and Africa. 
You may join realme MY Official Smartphone Community and realme MY Official AIoT Community for more product updates in Malaysia.  
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  1. And now my nephew is asking for this one for his birthday in August. I guess it is ok for a teenager right?

  2. Wow ada warna Putih! Tak sabar nak tengok irl.suka pakai jam ni dlu sebab ringan and mudah dibawa rindu pulak gn realme hahaha

  3. Alaaa I Baru je Beli bud q2 Dia aritu... Ni jual jam plakk.. Murah pula tu... Rugi betul kalau x beli

  4. Menarik betul semua tawaran Aidilfitri Real Me. Harga pun murahhhh. Boleh beli untuk hadiahkah kepada anak saudara. Mereka ada merengek nak jam kesihatan hari tu. Hehe

  5. Ok berkenan dekat realme watch tu. Nak buat suprise untuk dear husband. Nampak cantik!

  6. Tu dia bnayk tawaran realme ada.. Macam2 sekarang ye.. Ni yang kita memanng tengah nak usha phone dia.. Boleh usha tawaran dia sekali ni.

  7. omg i cant believe how amazing this watch is and so affordable! the design is super elegant and sleek too, it's perfect for going out. need to buy one soon

  8. im realme user, dah lama aim realme buds tu, warna cun, design pun cantik. geram betoi lah

  9. Sekarang dah mesti kan, ramai yang pakai smartwatch gini, sebab bagus nak pantau kesihatan memasing selain guna jam.. Sis pun ada, cuma kann, selalu lupa nak cas bateri hahahaha

  10. one thing I suka pasal realme ni sebab barang dia murah and berkualiti. Sesuai untuk golongan yang tak nak membazir sgt.

  11. Wow.......looks like this is going to be a good rival to Apple Watch. Theprice is cheaper pula tu. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

  12. I used to think that sports watches such as this one were expensive. But at only rm149, it's pretty affordable.

  13. Wah okay sangat harga tu dengan promosi sempena Aidilfitri ni. Rasa nak belikan orang tersayang lah mesti si dia suka

  14. Wah the price is so irresistible, i can't wait to check out this sports watch.