BaWangChaJi's Premium Tea In Royal Selangor Drinkware

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BaWangChaJi Launched Their First-Ever Merchandise, The BaWangChaJi's Pewter Tumblers That Exclusively Available At Their Solaris Flagship Store

BaWangChaJi Malaysia made another headline yesterday on the 24th May 2021 when they launched their first-ever merchandise, the bespoke pewter tumbler by Royal Selangor with the aim to enhance their BaWangChaJi's fans tea-drinking experience.
The pewter tumbler brings the Royal Selangor's premium drinkware and the BaWangChaJi's perfect blend of organic premium brew tea together, and this is already made available to all Malaysians from today onward. 
BaWangChaJi's Premium Tea In Royal Selangor Drinkware
BaWangChaJi Pewter Tumbler by Royal Selangor
"I've tried drinking BaWangChaJi's beverages with a pewter tumbler and I am excited about how it elevates the tea's taste and experience. We're here to share this experience with all tea lovers in Malaysia by having our first tumbler with the renowned Malaysian pewter manufacturer and retailer, Royal Selangor. We consider it the utmost privilege and great opportunity to be working with Royal Selangor for the launch of our first merchandise. We hope our fans will enjoy drinking from our BaWangChaJi pewter tumbler and be amazed at the drinking satisfaction." said Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia. 
BaWangChaJi's Premium Tea In Royal Selangor Drinkware
Drinking From Pewter Tumbler To Enhance The Tea-Drinking Experience
BaWangChaJi has been working to expand the boundaries of authentic and healthy beverages paired with the Royal Selangor's pewter design. Now, these tumblers come in pewter which is available for all and since this is exclusively design for the BaWangChaJi Malaysia's elite members, there are only 100 units of limited edition gilt version available in the market. 
Awesome, isn't it? 
The tumblers are priced at RM 590 each and you can enjoy the complimentary engraving services when you purchase the tumbler which made it not only perfect for personal use at home, it is suitable as personalized gifts for your loved ones too. 
If you are interested to get yourself this LIMITED EDITION PEWTER TUMBLER, it is available at the BaWangChaJi Malaysia's Flagship Store located at Solaris Mont Kiara. Don't miss the opportunity to be one of the hundred owners of this tumbler.  
BaWangChaJi's Premium Tea In Royal Selangor Drinkware
BaWangChaJi Malaysia's Limited Edition Pewter Tumbler
By the way, have you check-in at the BaWangChaJi Malaysia first flagship store yet? I feel like visiting this outlet in the nearest future to explore the uniqueness of this outlet. From the picture below, it seem like pretty cool, right?  

BaWangChaJi's Premium Tea In Royal Selangor Drinkware
BaWangChaJi Malaysia's First Flagship Store At Solaris Mont Kiara
For more information about BaWangChaJi Malaysia's latest events and promotions, remember to follow their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

About BaWangChaJi Malaysia

Originating from the Yunnan Province in November 2017, BaWangChaJi is one of the earliest regional tea house chains that positions itself as the purveyor of Original Tea Leaf of the Chinese Culture. From Yunnan to China Nationwide extending throughout the world, the brand has expanded rapidly with over 200 outlets across Asia.

BaWangChaJi offers 4 different categories of tea drinks, which are Cheese Macchiato, Fresh Milk Tea, Cold Brew Tea and Fresh Fruit Tea. We pride ourselves on strict material selection standards where everything is freshly made to ensure the quality of each drink that we serve. We strive to bring a modern twist to the heritage of Chinese Tea and cultivate a new culture in the tea industry in Malaysia where authentic and healthy drinks are cherished by people of all ages. 

About Royal Selangor

Since 1885, Royal Selangor has been synonymous with innovation and quality. Offering a wide range of tableware and gift items, our designers and artisans continuously expand the limits of pewter design while staying true to our heritage of craftsmanship. Today, Royal Selangor exports to more than 20 countries and can be found in prestigious stores such as Harrods in the United Kingdom. It also has its own retail stores in Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China and Australia. 
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  1. Wow...... The goblet looks so grand. Memang rasa mmmm kalo dpt minum air dlm tu. Thank you for sharing your review.

  2. nampak eksklusif betul..boleh engrave nama sendiri plak tu. lagi lah wow sangat

  3. Menarik n mmg cantik betul dorg punya tumbler. Rasa nk beli tp jauh pulak cawangan dorg. Kat area sini xde

  4. smart nya tumbler ni.. boleh engrave nama lagi.. dapat satu mmg best hehe

  5. Eksklusif betul! RM berapa tu??? Tak pernah cuba lagi BaWangChaJi ni. Kedai teh baru ya? Nanti nak tengok lah koleksi.

  6. Lawanya tumbler dia, biasa tumbler gotu kalau minum sejuk syokk tu, airnya akan sejukkk ajeee... mesti mahal juga tu sebab ekslusif kann..

  7. Pergh, nampak exclusive betul pewter tumbler ni! Teringin nak ada pewter seketul kat rumah, just tak mampu lagi nak beli satu tumblur RM590. but it was really nice.