Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang #KongsiRezeki With Putra Amaris, Founder Of Amaris Mytart

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Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang for 300 Tahfiz Students, Orphanages and 500 Targeted Asnaf By Amaris Mytart Putra Amaris

Our Muslim brothers and sisters will be welcoming the Holy month of Ramadan real soon on the 13th April 2021 this year. They will be observing one of the Five Pillar of Islam (Rukun Islam) which is fasting, a compulsory one for everyone from the dawn to sunset, but there are exceptions which I won't be describing it here.
Muslims are expected to put more efforts into following the teachings and refraining themselves from violence, anger, envy, greed, lust, angry, sarcastic retorts, gossips and be good or getting along with one another better than normal as the purity of both thought and action are important. Besides prayers and reading the Quran, they are encouraged to do good such as charity during this holy month
In line with the element of doing good during the month of Ramadan, Mr. Putra Amaris, the Founder of Amaris Mytart together with his wife, Mrs. Nur Syazwani and few others committee members, Mrs. Maria Tunku Sabri and Mr. Marcus have planned for this year Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang #KongsiRezeki.
The Committee Members Of Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang (From Left To Right: Mr. Marcus Osmand, Mrs. Maria Tunku Sabri, Mrs. Nur Syazwani and Mr. Putra Amaris)
The launch of this Infaq Ramadan #SamaSameKenyang #KongsiRezeki was successfully held at Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 18th March 2021. The event was attended by VVIP, VIP, Sponsors and friends of media. As we are still in the midst of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, this event was conducted strictly following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that set by the government. 
Posted by Marcus Osmand on Saturday, March 20, 2021
I was fortunate and grateful to be invited to witness the launching of this great event and get a better understanding about what Infaq is all about since this was my very first time learn about this word!
I believe that everyone is familiar with the word "Sedekah", but the fact is, these two words actually referring to two different act of kindness where Infaq is an act of spending or disbursement a portion of the property or income to the charity without asking for any favor or hoping for a return.
As for Sedekah (also known as Sadaqah), it is referring to a voluntary giving of alms, charity or even our good behavior toward others like guiding the blind, smile to others, remove harm from the paths and many more!
Media Registration At Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur For The Program Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang By Putra Amaris
The event started with an introduction speech by Mrs. Maria Tunku Sabri as the emcee of the event. During this session, she actually introduced all the VVIPs, event location sponsor, Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur and other collaborators like TV3 Malaysia, Surico Malaysia, Mcdonald's Malaysia, Local Munchies, 77 Halal Grocer, Coway, Toscana Medi Clinic, Supreme Cheese, Appetit!, Ajwad Bakery, Wawfit Malaysia, Premium Shine Bird's Nest, Dappo, Dodol Maju Pak Teh, Columbia Leisure Sdn. Bhd. and many more!
Prayer Recited By Ustaz Mohd Suhairi Mohd Dahlan
Followed by a prayer led by Ustaz Mohd Suhairi Mohd Dahlan to bless the event, then a welcoming speech by Mr. Andrew Peter Law, Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur General Manager as the event location sponsor. 
Welcoming Speech by Mr. Andrew Peter Law, General Manager of Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Before moving to the main highlight of the event, the mood of in the ballroom was elevated where everyone was excited for the lucky draw session. The first session lucky winners were hand picked by Dato A.Aida, escorted by Mr. Putra Amaris. 
First Lucky Draw Session
Upon completed, the Tahfiz students were invited to perform their event launching gimmick and completed with the Infaq session performed by Dato A. Aida and the few other collaborators that attending the event. 
Gimmick Launching by Tahfiz Students
Dato A. Aida Performed Her Infaq During The Gimmick Ceremony
Infaq by Local Munchies During The Gimmick Session
Infaq by Balkisyh Semundur Khan During The Gimmick Session
Infaq By MilkyMum During The Gimmick Session
The gimmick session ended with the video montage summarizing part of the work and the preparation done by Putra Amaris and his team for the Infaq Ramadan, of course more to come when this event is completed. 
Video Montage For Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang
The session continued with the Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang Press Conference where the flow is opened to any medias to ask questions about this program. This session was chaired by Mrs. Maria Tunku Sabri with all the committee members together with Yang Berbahagia Datuk Rozzana. 
Speech by Yang Berbahagia Datuk Rozzana
Last year in 2020, everyone was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that hit not only Malaysia but worldwide especially on the health and also financially. The pandemic caused huge impact especially on the microeconomics of each individual in this situation, some has lost their source of incomes and struggles during this hard time, some has to work extra hard for better living. 
This is the main reason why Putra Amaris and his team decided to organized this Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang, so that they are able to share sustenance with the orphans, Tahfiz students, asnaf and those unfortunate that surely pressured by this COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan. 
This is one of the efforts to responds to the government's aspirations in achieving Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 (Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030). The target recipients include 300 tahfiz students, orphans and 500 targeted asnaf houses where they will be receiving donation in the form of foods and also cash.

"I hope that this initiative can helps them to reduce their burden and we can together respond to the government's call to completely eradicate this COVID-19 pandemic" said Mr. Putra Amaris. 

"Therefore, the cooperation from the corporates, non-governmental organizations (NGO), friends of media and the public who wish to contribute are very welcome in them effort to help them to improve the unfortunate's living standard and also to support the economy. In addition, this program also received help from 20 volunteers that led by the youth in conducting motivational activities with the orphans" he added. 

Putra Amaris Answered Questions Raised By The Friends of Media
Answering to one of the question raised by the media, Putra Amaris mentioned that one of the role model that inspired him in doing this good deed is Ustaz Ebit Lew, referring to all the charity works that he has contributed to the communities in Malaysia especially during this hard time. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Yang Berbahagia Datuk Rozzana and Dato A. Aida for their support in this Infaq Ramadan program. Today event become more interesting with the special appearance of Mrs. Maria Tunku Sabri, the well-known celebrity in the hosting industry." he concluded. 

Before ending the Press Conference session, Mrs. Maria Tunku Sabri did a quick sharing on the packages that offered to the sponsors for this Infaq Ramadan program with response to the last question raised by the media.
Package Offers For Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang Program
For more information about this Infaq Ramadan #SamaSamaKenyang, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. The cut off date for the collection and donation will be on the 10th April 2021, 3 days before Ramadan. Act now if you would like to perform the Infaq. 
You can channel your Infaq to the #SamaSamaKenyang Official Maybank bank account as per displayed below. For more confirmation, you can contact 012-6996767 or 011-18607607.
Official Account For Donation/Infaq

"Tidak Miskin Orang Bersedekah, Tidak Berkurang Harta Dengan Kita Melakukan Sedekah"
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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