Dining Experience At Syrian House Restaurant, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

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Let Enjoying Syrian or Middle East Cuisine At Syrian House Restaurant, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Middle East is made out of 18 countries where 13 of them are part of the Arab world and Syria is one of the country in both. Standing in the rank of 68th, Syria has a population of approximately around 17,500, 658 as of 2021. Syrian cuisine is very unique as some of the dishes have been evolved from Turkish, some from the Southern Mediterranean, Greek and also Southwest Asian.
My First Dining Experience Having Syrian Cuisine
Since I haven't get a chance to try any of the Syrian foods before and when my friends, Miera invited us, the gang #KiteJalan to dine here, I was so exhilarated and looking forward for the day to come. She has been sharing with us about her experience since she has been there and what I can do was picturing about the restaurant and also the dishes that we are going to try it out during my visit. 
Geng #KiteJalan With Syrian House Restaurant Owner
The day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. We gathered at Syrian House Restaurant that located at Kampung Baru, another hot location in the heart of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. We were welcomed by the friendly owner and he did introduced us to few of the staffs that will be serving us during our visit.

Seating Arrangement

There are currently two or three types and coming to be four types of seating arrangement available here at Syrian House Restaurant. First, the open concept with covered roof and I believe as part of current Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tables are quite distanced in term of the arrangement. 
Open Air Concept With Roof Covered
Distanced Arrangement From Table to Tables
I personally really loved the interior design of this restaurant, I believe this is resembling the decorations that available at Syria itself. And the little water fountain in the middle of the dining area make the entire place so lively with the sound of the flowing water. 
Besides, there is a water well at the entrance too and it was filled with soap bubbles make it an attraction not only to the adults as we were so excited when we first saw it, but also for the kids too. Water wells are important structures back in Syria as it is one of the clean water supply for domestic usages.
Water Fountain In The Middle Of The Dining Area
Our tables were setup in the air-conditioned room, the room is more comfortable, exclusive and also private makes it a perfect place for family gathering that prefer quiet or personal space during dining.
Part of the Air-Conditioned Room
Besides the dining seating area, there is a corner that filled with floor cushions that guests can sit back and relax while chit-chatting. The sitting area is kind of spacious too that can accommodate all of us, around six to eight persons. Since it is an enclosed room, shisha is not allowed in the room.
We Had Great Chit-Chatting Time While Waiting For Our Foods
Bonding Time Together After Meals
There is another room that located just beside this air-conditioned room but not sure if it is air-conditioned, but shisha is allowed there. Last seating arrangement is located at the roof-top but since it is not available yet due to renovation, I was unable to visit and share some of the pictures with you guys. But, we will definitely return and repeat to dine here again in near future. 

Syrian Dishes

The first dish that served was the Mix Appetizers that come with hummus, mutabbal, grape leaves, some mix vegetables and wraps. Hummus is a mashed chickpea and mutabbal is made from eggplants. We put everything on the wrap and made a healthy wrap out of it. The mixed tastes of this mix appetizers made us so appetite that we clear it up in just few minutes.
Mix Appetizers - Hummus, Mutabbal, Grape Leaves
Combine Everything On The Wrap - Super Delicious
Next up, we had the Lamb Mandi and as a lamb-meat lover, this was my favorite dish of all. The lamb meat was so soft, juicy and no gamey smell at all. I believe those who doesn't eat lamb due to the strong smell will be able to eat their Lamb Mandi. Not doubt that this was one of their best seller and popular dish. Oh yes, it was so filling as this dish comes with the spice flavored basmati rice.
Syrian House Restaurant Popular Dish - Lamb Mandi
We also had the Chicken Kabsa where it comes with two big portion of grilled chickens and rice. The dip was so unique and we only discovered it to be so tasty when we almost finish up our meals.
Syrian House Restaurant - Chicken Kabsa
Besides the two main dishes, we also had the Mix Grill, a delicious juicy meats platter of both chicken and lamb paired with fries and a wrap. On top of that, we had the Halabi Kebab where the juicy lamb kebabs were rested on the tomato-reduction.
Syrian House Restaurant - Halabi Kebab
Syrian House Restaurant - Mix Grill
For desserts, the chef served us with Halawet el Jibn also known as Sweetness of Cheese, a Levantine dessert made from Semolina and cheese dough, filled with cream and decorated with grinded pistachio. I kind of love this dessert and I finish it up all 3 of behalf of my friends, maybe because it is kinda of sweet.
Syrian House Restaurant - Halawet el Jibn
As for the drinks, I just ordered fruit juice and the famous Barbican, non-alcoholic flavored malt drink. There are other selection as well such as the hot drinks like tea or coffee pot.
After completed our dinner with the courses recommended by Syrian House Restaurant, we take our time exploring and took some OOTD pictures at this premise. 
Syrian House Restaurant - Shisha Preparation Bar Corner
Anyway, this is a good place that you can hangout with your friends for dinner or having some shisha session. Syrian House Restaurant do have a great offers for you, for sure!
Syrian House Restaurant - Enjoying Shisha Here
Syrian House Restaurant - Unique And Beautiful Interior
Unique, right? If you are unsure where to go for dining with your family and your loved ones, why not try this Syrian cuisine and experience it yourself. The prices are pretty reasonable here and really worth to check it out. 
For more information about Syrian House Restaurant or their latest promotions, click the links below now. 

Address: Syrian House Restaurant, 02, Lorong Raja Uda 1, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact Number: +601118957220 
Operating Hours: Open Daily From 11.00 A.M. until 12.00 A.M.

That's pretty much that I want to share about my dining experience at Syrian House Restaurant.
Looking forward to visit them again to try out other menu!
Signing Out For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. Makanan arab ni nampak sedap. Portion besar ni boleh kongsi dua orang. Dekorasi restoran ni sangat cantik.

  2. The restaurant looks exquisite in terms of decor and ambiance while the food seems to be exotically delicious. :)

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  4. Never tried any Syrian's food.. waaaaa looks so comfy and portion dia byk gila... but its in KL :( huhuh one day kalau sampai sana, nak cuba juga la.. thank you sharing :)

  5. Glad you enjoy the food. It was a rare experience for me also when I visited middle east country last time. Haha

  6. That is so delicious and cozy place. Suasana dalam dia nampak cantik dan mewah sangat. Lepas makan-makan boleh santai with friends.

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    portion dia memang banyak, kalau makan sorang memang tak habis ni..

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  11. wah, outfit you pun ikut tema restoren ni, siap berjubah. hehe.. sedap yer dapat makan menu-menu menarik di sini. my favourite!

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