Rodeo Malaysia - Be Part of Their Shareholder Today via pitchIN

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Be A Shareholder Today With Rodeo Malaysia 

Be A Shareholder Of Rodeo Today!
Rodeo Malaysia is currently raising their first round of funding to grow their start up via PitchIN. They are looking for potential investor like you to onboard with them on their very success journey. Before we move into the details of this investment program, let us check out who is Rodeo Malaysia and what are their core business that made them so successful.

Get To Know About Rodeo Malaysia

Rodeo Malaysia was startup back in November 2018 and they are the on-demand ad-tech company that works with advertiser's brand to spread the brand awareness through multiple transportation modes such as cars, motorcycles and lorries to carry the advertisement. They have obviously played a different game in the advertising business and elevate it as a promising option.
They connect advertisers to target clients with relevant, interactive, engaging and contextual advertisement and best of all, they provide data and report for every campaign which allows advertisers to monitor their campaign performance. 

Do you know you can earn extra income by partnering with Rodeo if you are the owner of the car or any kind of transport? Check out their website at for more information. #EarnWithRodeo
#EarnWithRodeo / Image Credit: Rodeo Malaysia Instagram Screenshot

Why You Need To Be A Rodeo Malaysia Shareholder?

Mostly investors will ask about the reliability and assurance of their asset invested into certain equity or other investment. Is it safe to invest or is it a fraud and many more negative thoughts.
Well, you can rest assured because investing in Rodeo via the PitchIN program is a safe because this program is governed by the Security Commission of Malaysia and Bank Negara. There is also a traction record of their investment profile with merely RM10K paid up capital and now Rodeo is valued at RM20M and continue raising RM 500K to RM1M. They have good track of their business records by providing services with proven market fit products and creating good profitability records.
Rodeo Now Valued AT RM20M (Start Up In November 2018)

How To Invest As Investor In This Program?

To be part of their interesting and promising journey, you can easily be the investor by following these 3 steps. 
Step 1: View the Pitch at 
Step 2: Register as an investor at 
Step 3: Pledge Your Investment via
For more information about this Rodeo investment, you can visit pitchIN Website
Let Invest With Rodeo Malaysia!
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  1. program yg menarik..kita tak pandai bab2 invest ni. tapi tak salah kan kalau nak belajar. nanti boleh la tengok program die tu macam mana

  2. Interesting! Good to know they are governed by the Security of Commission of Malaysia and Bank Negara. Barulah rasa selamat dan dilindungi untuk melabur dengan Rodeo Malaysia ni!

  3. Menarik program ni. Marsha nak tengok lebih lanjut lagi kat website dia nanti. Macam berminat nak cuba

  4. such a good programme. investor of rasa selamat. investor amount pun tak besar for a good investment

  5. So are you going to be a shareholder too? Looks promising too. But like any other investment, this could be risky. But then again with great risk comes great return. :D

  6. This is a good program to invest it. Sounds very beneficial. Thank you for sharing your review and recommendation.

  7. Bagus untuk invest dengan company yang ada jaminan dan perlindungan macam ni kan. Lama jugak la kalo stadt dari Nov 2018 ek

  8. Pernah dengar pasal rodeo ni tapi tak tau pulak pasal investment tu. Ingat yang letak iklan kat kereta tu je. hehe. peluang yang bagus untuk invest ni. hehe

  9. Wah bolehlah lepas ni sesiapa buat investment di rodeo ni. tak perlu risau sebab semuanya boleh dipercayai. :)

  10. Bab investment ni memang Sis tak pandai lee, lagipun Sis surirumah, so memang tak amik port benda gini..nanti try nak tunjuk dan cerita dengan Suami, kot laa kan dia berminat...

  11. Woww Rodeo dah ada investment. Program yang menarik. Semoga Rodeo terus maju

  12. oh this sounds like a very good opportunity especially during the lockdown. thanks for listing out all the necessary steps to register, will definitely read up about them and consider soon

  13. Menarik ni sebab suami ada club perodua sendiri. Boleh la kami try invest kat sini kan.

  14. wah boleh jadi share holder Rodeo juga ya..minimum investment only 4k . sounds interesting.

  15. Cx pernah dengar pasal rodeo tapi tak tahu pula pasal investment ni. Good to know juga sebab kita boleh jadi shareholder dgn diorang.

  16. Wah this is interesting, now they open their business for new shareholders. Will check out.

  17. Bagus kan dorang buka bisnes utk shareholders baru. Za selalu juga dgr psl rodeo go ni. Nnt nk tgk la apa dorg offer

  18. Menarik! Salah satu inisiatif yang boleh dipuji. Nanti boleh tengok tengok apa yang ditawarkan oleh mereka.