Protect and Pamper Your Skin With Koolit Products That Enhanced With Licorice Root Extract!

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Keep Your Skin Healthy With Products That Specially Created For You By Koolit

Anyone here still working from home since the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO) on the 18th March 2020 and it is almost a year now since the pandemic hit us hard. Working from home is a new normal back then when everyone is forced to stay at home with no outdoor activities except doing groceries buying. 
I found out that I have been staying in the air-conditioned room for extended hours nowadays as I seldom go out from my house. As we all know, air-conditioned room easily cause our skin to be dry and start to be flaky, worsen sometime it cause redness and itchiness too. 

Thankfully, I found out that products from Koolit can help me to protect my skin from these problems and also great option for self-pamper. In this entry, I will be sharing with you about the Koolit products; the Koolit Gentle Body Wash, Koolit Soothing Lotion and Koolit Calming Cream. 
Applying Koolit Products In Daily Basis
Firstly, I used the Koolit Gentle Body Wash. This is a dermacare, pharmaceutical grade body wash that specially made for daily usage and it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Koolit products are well-known for its natural active ingredient, the Licorice Root extracts and rich with Vitamin E and C.
Licorice Root extract contains the Glycyrrhizin compound which has scientifically proven to be high in anti-oxidant and comes with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps to relieve itchy and sensitive skin. Therefore, it is hypoallergenic.

In addition, Koolit Gentle Body Wash also contains emollient where it helps to moisturize and hydrate our skin while we cleanse and it would not strip skin of its natural protective oils. It is gently formulated that you can wash it off with water or just wipe it away using soft cloth. 

 Direction Of Use

Rub a generous amount of Koolit Gentle Body Wash on the body area to be cleansed. It can be used on the face, hands, body and toes with or without water. 
Secondly, I used the Koolit Soothing Lotion in daily basis. Similar to the first product, this is also a dermacare product that contains the Licorice Root extract. This is a multipurpose lotion that provide swift hydration to the whole body and it is suitable to be apply on the face too. 

What I personally like about this soothing lotion is it quick absorption function and it does not leave a greasy spot on our body. It also gives us an instantaneous result where you can feel your skin is soft and smooth immediately without clogging pore. 

 Direction Of Use

Apply daily to cleansed skin as necessary or as directed by physician. 

Last but not least, the Koolit Calming Cream. As mentioned, all the products that I share today contain the Licorice Root extract, therefore all of the products are suitable for the sensitive skin usage. This calming cream is an intense emollient that carefully designed to provide lasting moisturization to dry, sensitive and irritated skin. 
As it is enriched with the Licorice Root extract, the cream provide quick soothing aid for the irritated and environmentally stressed skin. I normally apply this cream when it is necessary only, especially when I start to observe my skin getting too dry due to the extended staying period in the air-conditioned room.  

Direction Of Use

Apply generous amount as often as needed or as directed by the physician. 

Koolit Products
This is how I take good care of my dry skin using these Koolit's products. If you are interested to get these products, you can purchase it from their Shopee official store by just clicking the link below. 
Purchase Koolit Products Here: Koolit Official Store
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For more information about Koolit products, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
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  1. Yay!!!!!!!!! Koolit is now one of my skin's BFF. I'm using all three - the gentle body wash, calming cream, and soothing lotion.

  2. i dah check out kat shopee belum sampai. very excited nak try

  3. My first time heard about koolit. Bagusnya sebab bagus untuk yang ada masalah kulit dan sesuai untuk satu keluarga

  4. I want! My dry skin certainly needs this. Macam nak join your giveaway tu. Mana tau ada rezki kan

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