Massimo Sandwich Loaves Is Now Tamper-Evident For Your Peace Of Mind

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Always Check The Seal Before Buying

Do you still remember the incident last year when Malaysia was first time put under Movement Control Order (MCO) when everyone doing panic buying and breads at most of the supermarket and marts were cleared? Well, during the COVID-19 pandemic, bread has become a Malaysian staple regardless as a snack or as a main meal. And this included me as well. 
Massimo Sandwich Loaf and Other Products
Traditionally in Malaysia, the bread loaf was sealed with the Kwik Lock tag only where ones can easily opened and closed the seal, left undetected and this making bread an easy target for pranks and malicious attack by pranksters or irresponsible person.
I believe that this has been the fear by everyone including myself whenever we want to purchase the breads from the supermarkets, right? But I have a good news to shared with everyone that starting 26th February 2021, Massimo launched the laser sealed tamper-evident packaging, a major step forward way ahead of others in the commercial bakery industry. The brand new tamper-evident packaging sealed for your safety across all Massimo bread loaves are now available in the market. 
Breads Are Now Sealed For Safety
The reason of this innovation is to address the concerns on the product safety and integrity that have grown and get the attention of many especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. This Italian Baker Sdn Bhd, the maker of Massimo bread has invested RM1 Million in the laser-seal tamper-evident packaging technology from the United States of America to ensure its products are sealed for safety for your peace of mind. 
The tamper-evident packaging helps to alert you to any visible alterations to the products. To ensure the safety of the products, you can simply check the seal on the Massimo's first in Malaysia tamper-evident bread bag packaging to enjoy your favorite bread.
Always #CheckTheSeal and if the seal not intact, you can pick another Massimo loaf to avoid accidental or malicious contamination.
4 Steps To Enjoy Massimo's Bread With Peace-of-Mind And Confident
"Towards the end of 2019 a social media challenge in the United States of America had pranksters opening food products and deliberately contaminating them via grossly unhygienic behaviors before carefully placing the contaminated products back for unwitting consumers to buy. The risk of such pranks and its possible effects on the consumers especially during the COVID-19 pandemics required us to increase the product safety and integrity. We quickly found a solution to safeguard our customers but with global lockdown restriction, it has taken us a longer time to implement this." said Mr. Jeremy Goon, Managing Director of The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd. 
 "Massimo is a consumer-centric organization that always considers safety, practically and functionality of our packaging. The laser-seal packaging we use is easy for legitimate users to open while clearly showing any attempts to break the seal by non-users. Always remember to check the seal for your safety and for your peace-of-mind." Mr. Goon added.
All Massimo Breads Are Tamper-Evident Now Starting 26th February 2021
Since its introduction in 2011, Massimo has become a Malaysian staple, providing wholesome goodness through a variety of bread including Sandwich Loaf, Sandwich Loaf with Wheat Germ, 100% Whole Wheat Loaf, Fine Wholemeal, Ricco Chocolato Loaf and Kurma & Milk loaf. 

Massimo breads are baked using quality ingredients under stringent quality assurance to delight consumers with its deliciously healthy taste and to give them peace of mind with its tamper-evident packaging. 

The popular Massimo Sandwich Loaf with Wheat Germ is infused with the natural goodness of wheat germ that is associated with better heart health. Wheat germ is high in Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, natural fibre, protein, B1, B2, B6, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc. 

The whole wheat and fine wholemeal ranges are packed with the nutritional goodness of fibre, essential nutrients and minerals with the soft and fluffy texture that all Malaysians love it. 

About Massimo 

Since its introduction in 2011, Massimo takes pride in bringing you wholesome breads, baked with Italian passion - ensuring goodness in every bite, from taste, texture to flavor, while meeting the exact standards of excellence of the Massimo brand and heritage. The brand has since expanded and is now part of the staple diet for many Malaysians, be it for breakfast or in between meals. Massimo believes in using only the finest ingredients with the right vitamins and nutrients to keep you nourished. 
All products baked with Massimo are developed by their passionate R&D team at The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd. The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd is a FSSC 22000 certified company and is committed in producing produts that are healthy, safe, high quality, value for money through extensive R&D, innovation and understanding of the Malaysian consumers' tastes, nutritional needs and expectations. 
Remember to check your Massimo bread loafs before purchasing them, okay? 
For more information about Massimo brand or latest promotion, kindly check their official social media platforms at the links below. 

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  1. wah kita pun suka brand ni! sebagai alternatif kepda satu jenama ni. roti dia memang lembut! puas hati kalau makan. satu lagi kita perasan kualiti dia pun bagus

  2. Wow. That's an extra safety kan. Kalau gini memang terjaga kualiti dia kan. Kalau boleh reseal lagi best.

  3. Roti ni kuliti dia memang terbaik...lembut pun lembut

  4. suka roti massimo sebab tahan lama. selalu beli yang whole meal tu..

  5. Good to know that Massimo is taking extra measure to make sure their loaves of bread will always be fresh and tasty. :)

  6. bagus lah packaging roti massimo terbaru ni. nak beli lah esok, nak tengok sendiri packaging terbaru ni

  7. Selain Gardenia mmg pakai brand Massimo. Bagus new pakaging utk pastikan roti tahan lebih lama. Yg pnting jgn borong byk2 kalau tk makan. Membazir! Hehe

  8. Baguslah dia buat packaging secure mcmni. Xde la kita was2 kan kalau2 ada sekeping 2 hilang. Haha. Suka roti massimo ni kalau buat bread pudding sbb dia tebal skit.

  9. Rumah Sis ni memang suka beli massimo je.. lembut snagat.. dan terbaru anak-anak dan suami suka makan roti kurma susu dia, sedap..

  10. Bagus coz now all their bread loaf come with seal. Its more hygiene and keep the bread fresh too.

  11. Imrovement packaging dari Massimo , bagus sangat. Walaupun saya ni pembeli tegar roti Gardenia tapi Massimo ni pun saya suka beli juga terutama roti dia yang berkrim sebab flavour dia.

  12. Roti memang penyelamat kelaparan. Wajib beli. Macam-macam boleh buat. Siap bleh buat ais krim goreng tau. Hahaha.

  13. Bagusnye ada laser seal. Selamat roti tu dari bendasing dari luar masuk ke dalam plastik

  14. Kita antara peminat tegar Roti Mossimo gandum pack hijau. Rasa dia terbaik, extra lembut dan lebih sedap. Bagus dah ada seal kat atas. Lebih terjamin dan menyakinkan

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