Customize Your Healthy Meals With 9 Kedondong Kitchen

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Order Your Lunch And Dinner By Customizing Your Healthy Meals With 9 Kedondong Kitchen

Do you know how the healthy food pyramid looks like? Based on my latest reading, it is said that the meals and nutrients intake by everyone should have 50% of protein, 30-35% of carbohydrate which 25-30% is fiber and the last 10-15% is fat. 
Protein plays an important role in our diet where it provides energy and support our mood and cognitive function that vital for building, maintaining and repairing tissues, cells and organs throughout our body. 
Good source of protein comes from the fish such as salmon and most of the seafood are high in protein and low in saturated fat. Besides fish and seafood, the poultry is also another source of protein that recommended by the nutritionist. 

Carbohydrates act as a fuel to our central nervous system and energy for the working muscles, preventing protein being used as an energy, thus enabling fat metabolism. Fiber is essential to our digestion system as it promote healthy bowel movements and able to help our body to decrease the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart diseases. 

A good carbohydrates are low or moderate in calories but high in nutrients, high in naturally occurring fiber, low in sodium and saturated fat. The source of carbohydrates in our daily food intake comes from potatoes, spaghetti, corn, whole-grains and many more.
My Healthy Dietary With 9 Kedondong Kitchen
9 Kedondong Kitchen, a food service provider that located at Taman Melawati eventually curated healthy meals that have a balance between protein and carbs intake. To customize your meals, first, you need to select your source of protein, then choose your favorite sauces and last but not least, your source of carbohydrate. 
Here at 9 Kedondong Kitchen, the source of proteins that you can choose from the lists:
  • Salmon
  • Squid
  • Mussels and Clams
  •  Chicken
There are several sauces that you can choose; 
  • Salted Egg
  • Curry
  • Dry Chili
  • Garlic and Lemon Butter
For the carbohydrates, you can choose from the lists;
  • Butter Rice
  • Aglio Olio
  • Potato with Herbs
As 9 Kedondong Kitchen is promoting a healthy meal, all the menu that you customized eventually comes with sauteed veggies. 
My Order From 9 Kedondong Kitchen Is Here
For ordering purpose, you can visit their official website at I would say the website is very user-friendly where almost every details that you needed is available on the first landing page; the menu, the services, the operating hours and also their location and phone details. 
And as part of the collaboration, 9 Kedondong is giving out a promo code where you can enjoy 5% discount of your order whenever you checkout with "9KDNATHANAEL01". This is an unlimited promo code that you can use it anytime, as many time you want and it is valid from 1st February 2021 until 12th April 2021 only. 

So, remember to share with code with your family and friends so that they can enjoy extra saving while having healthy foods.
Enjoy 5% Discount Of Your Order With "9KDNATHANAEL01"
On my first trial, I ordered 3 menu from them and I would say 9 Kedondong foods are delicious, the ingredients are fresh especially the seafood and the portions are pretty generous as well. Check them out from the pictures below.
Salmon With Garlic & Lemon Butter Sauce

Chicken With Curry Sauce and Butter Rice

Mussels and Clams With Salted Egg Sauce And Aglio Olio

For more information about 9 Kedondong Kitchen, you can visit their official social media platforms at the links below. 

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  1. okay ni menarik! macam nak cuba try je nanti lgipun dah penat lah makan tak healty its time to change kan? hehehe

  2. This is interesting. I need this kind of (meal) support as I am also watching my waist line that is almost non-existing. Haha.
    Why 9 Kedondong though? Now I want kedondong plak

  3. okey menarik! Teruja nak cuba salted egg dan lemon butter.
    Mudah ready food gini. Sesekali kak nina pun busy walaupun dok rumah tanpa tahu apa yang yang sibuknya. HAhaaa

  4. pernah makan oglio salted egg tak kena kat tekak. kalau salmon tu sure sedap

  5. Esok masuk keje sis nak order. Ada 5% okla. Suka try menu2 baru or yg belum pernah try.

  6. PerNah datang berbuka puasa kat sini.. mmg sedap.. skrg ada makanan healthy mmg menarik

  7. Macam biasa, Sis kalau ada menu salted egg, yang itu dulu Sis cuba.. menarik nama kedondong tu, ada jual kedondong asam boi gak tak?

  8. Senang dah nak dapatkan makanan healthy sekarang kan? Harga pon berpatutan

  9. a meal that is both healthy and customizable? this is definitely my kind of meal! so tempted to order this right now, it looks super delicious

  10. Wow! Catchynya nama 9 Kedondong Kitchen ni... terus rasa kecur lidah ni... terasa masamnya kedondong walaupun baru sebut je... hehehehe... the menu pun sounds delicious ni... balik KL nanti bolehlah try order...