MATCHARO Matcha Latte Shake

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A Premium Matcha On The Go, Keeps The Bacteria Away

Remember I shared about my goal of eating healthy for the year 2021 in my previous entry Eating Healthy By Consuming Healthier Products? In this entry, I will be sharing with you about drinking healthy where I found this easy and convenient Matcha On The Go beverage known as Matcha Latte Shake by Matcharo. 
Matcharo Matcha Latte Shake
Matcharo Matcha Latte Shake is produces using the ceremonial grade matcha that formulated in Japan. Generally, only the youngest tea leaves will be picked with all the stems and veins are removed before stone grounding into a fine green powder. Hence, this making the matcha powder more premium compare to other green tea powder.
Healthy To Have Matcha Every Day
Matcha is renowned for its benefit to our health when we consume it daily. Therefore, it is valid to say that a cup of matcha a day, keeps the bacteria away! Let me share with you some of the benefits of drinking this healthy Matcha Latte Shake daily. 

Benefits of Matcha To Our Body's Health

One of the main component in matcha is Epigallocatechin Gallete (EGCG) that gained lot of interest from researchers to perform studies on this compound for its potential benefits to the consumers. Both catechin and caffeine that naturally found in the matcha can promote the weight loss based on the researches. But of course, this can aid on the weight loss but for perfect result, it is necessary and always recommended to pair it up with an extra exercises to burn more fat.
EGCG is also known for its ability boost our body's immune system by effectively fight and protecting the body against various bacteria and infection. This catechin binds with cells in our body and will inhibits the growth of many disease-causing microorganisms.
Beside boosting immune system, this EGCG also promotes body's health for brain and heart. The catechin can helps to improve the neurological cell function and preventing the degenerative brain diseases. On top of that, EGCG can helps to support hearth health by reducing the blood pressure, cholesterol and prevent blockage in the blood vessel, hence protecting our heart from major heart diseases.

Matcha is renowned for its high antioxidant content compare to other superfoods. EGCG acts as an antioxidant that helps to protect our body's cells from damage associated with oxidative stress that normally linked to chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. 
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Matcharo Matcha Latte Shake

As part of my goal to achieve drinking healthy, I found out this Matcharo Matcha Latte Shake to be a great option for me to consume matcha drink in daily basis. The packaging is really convenient for me to bring it around and it is really easy to prepare as this is the Matcha on the Go drink. This allows me to have a healthier drink anytime, anywhere now.
Matcha Latte Shake "Premium Matcha On The Go" Drink
The preparation is pretty simple, you just need open the lid in the counter clockwise direction, add in warm water around 250 ml, you can gauge it as there is a recommended water line on the packaging. Close the lid and shake well for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. As I prefer to have it chilled, you can put it in the chiller first before consume it.
For storage purpose, just keep it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. 

That's pretty much that I want to share with you guys about this Matcharo Matcha Latte Shake. If you would like to purchase this product, you can click the link below.
For more information about Matcharo Matcha Latte Shake, you can visit their social media here. 

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  1. sooo easy to consume. dah la i suka matcha flavour. nak cari la nanti

  2. Bila sebut matcha ni teringat lak macam makan kat kedai mamak sbb bila panggil mrk guna matcha sini mari haha...

  3. Nice. Now I can enjoy my favorite drink without feeling guilty about its content.

    I also want to eat healthily this year

  4. Sedapnyaa.. Sis dan anak Sis suka matcha ni, tapi Sis hanya minum yang jenis ais aje, kalau takde ais tak boleh telan hahahaha..

  5. Oh Matcha Latte Shake by Matcharo is so easy and nice to drink anytime anywhere wo. Matcha can kill bacteria too? That's so cool, must drink

  6. mudah nak minum dan nikmati kebaikan Matcha Drink yang sudah di pek macam ni. tak risau tumpah ke atau susah2 nak bancuh sendiri kan?

  7. I'm very particular about my matcha. Most coffeeshops put too much milk in their matcha latte. Good to know this uses ceremonial grade.

  8. I like this Matcha Latte Shake by Matcharo, it taste so smooth and so good.

  9. Oh woww,nampak mcm packaging mask. rupanya minuman. nice nice. thanks for sharing

  10. Senang la kan nak minum camni..hehe kak min tak minum matcha tp memang nampak mudah dan menarik ni

  11. i am a huge fan of matcha and i definitely need to try this brand! love how convenient that they made it into these pouches that fit right into our bags!