NUThing Peanut Butter, A Healthier Choice of Peanut Butter

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NUThing But 100% Premium Peanut, A 100% Natural Homemade Peanut Butter

 "It Is Health That Is Real Wealth And Not Pieces Of Gold And Silver" 
-Mahatma Gandhi-
A complete definition of Healthy Living is a lifestyle with regular exercise, a positive thinking mindset, always feeling good about life and last but least Eat Better. My resolution for 2021 is basically to eat clean and eat healthy.
So, I started to look for a healthier choice of products that I consume daily. While scrolling on the Facebook and I found this NUTHING Peanut Butter which is a homemade peanut butter spread made from 100% premium peanut. 
NUThing Peanut Butter
NUThing Peanut Butter was first introduced and launched to the Malaysia market around mid October 2020. The inspiration of producing a healthier choice of peanut butter came from the founder itself because they also practicing the concept of eating healthy, hence hoping that everyone of all ages can eat foods made from zero chemicals, nothing from the laboratory but 100% natural raw material only. 
100% Pure Premium Peanut And A Healthier Choice For Family Of All Ages
Generally, peanut butter spread is made from ground peanuts that blended to form a thick paste that is high in protein. I would say it is everyone's favorite spread especially when you have breads for your breakfast. Do you?
Although peanut butter brings lot of health benefits like improving heart health by maintain the good cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, the nutritional value of this peanut butter has been reduced when many brands today started to add additives and ingredients such as sugar, trans fat, salt, artificial food flavoring and many others to enhance the taste for the consumers.
The preservatives and chemical components added to maintain the peanut butter quality period also diminish the health element of the peanut itself. 
NUThing Introduces No Preservatives And 100% Natural Raw Premium Peanut
Due to this reason, the founder produces this peanut butter spread that made from 100% premium peanut that was properly picked and only the perfect peanut will be baked at low temperature to produce this 100% natural peanut butter.
NUThing peanut butter is a pure peanut butter paste with NO PRESERVATIVES, NO SALT, NO SUGAR, NO OIL, NO FOOD COLORING, NO TRANS FAT and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR added. 
Since this is a homemade products, the founder only limit the production up to 50 jars daily to ensure the freshness of the peanut butter because when you order today, it will be made tomorrow and deliver to you the day after. So, you can serves the best and freshly-made peanut butter spread for you and your family. 
Two Options Available: Chunky Or Silky Peanut Butter Spread
Also there are two choices that you can choose based on your preference which is Chunky or Silky. But this time around, the one that I have is the Silky NUThing Peanut Butter spread. 
What I love about this peanut butter spread is the taste of the peanut butter that so pure, thick and delicious. This is also a healthier since it is less sweet and salty, hence a better choice for my family especially my parent with diabetes and high blood pressure. 
What are you waiting for? Grab your NUThing Peanut Butter now which is Rich In Vitamin, High In Protein, Zero Cholesterol. This product is suitable for Body Builder as well since it is high in protein without any other additives that lower its nutritional values. 
I Eat Healthy Now, How About You? Go For NUThing Peanut Butter!
(Extra Note: Since this product is made from 100% Pure Natural Premium Peanut, Hence The Taste, The Texture, The Color, The Aroma Might Be Slightly Different For Every Bottle.)
For more information about this NUThing Peanut Butter and their latest promotion, you can click the links below. 
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  1. Alahai .. Sal memang peminat tegar peanut butter tau !! Lagi kalau homemade ni memang sure sedap. Berbaloi beli. Nanti Sal nak try order

  2. i suka peanut butter tapi of course tinggi kalori. yang ni lebih sihat. thanks for sharing

  3. Yeah! love peanut butter so much. For the variation, I might try the silky one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yummy! I always love peanut butter. But this is the first time I heard of this brand. Btw, Nuthing peanut butter ads x dijual di super market like Tesco or Aon Big?

  5. I'm not too crazy about peanut butter but my mom is. Maybe I should get this as a healthier option for her.

  6. I am into 100% premium peanut butter! Can give this a try next. Let me finish my stock at home first hehe

  7. saya dah lama tak makan peanut butter.. nampak Nuthing Peanut Butter ni macam sedap pulak... untung dapat makan barang yang kualiti premium.. berbaloi bayar

  8. Wow peanut butter yang baru ni mesti lebih sihat dan lebih sedap hurmmm nak kena cuba sebab selalu peanut butter ni banyak gula jer kita suka yang ada banyak rasa ketul kacang-kacang bila kunyah rangup jer hehehehehe..

  9. Sedap juga mentega kacang ni kan. Tp brand ni lagi best sebab kaya dengan khasiat

  10. Sedapnyaa.. tengok pes kacang dia pekat betul.. ni kalau Sis yang beli, memang kejap aje laaa licin, sebab anak-anak suka ni...

  11. This looks absolutely delicious! I am sure the whole family will enjoy this healthy peanut butter at any time of the day. cant wait to try this for myself