Banngkok Street Food, A Place Where You Go For Thai Street Food With Thai Street Vibes

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The First Thai Street Food With Thai Street Vibes At Platinum Walk, Setapak Kuala Lumpur

Banngkok Street Food is a Thai street food restaurant that located at Platinum Walk Setapak Kuala Lumpur and the ambient and environment really resembles the Thai street vibes. This restaurant really make you feel like as if you are traveling and dining at Bangkok, Krabi, Hatyai or any of the Thailand famous street food streets. 

As we all know that Kuala Lumpur has been put under Movement Control Order (MCO) again from 12th January 2020 until 26th January 2020 with regards to the cases spike of the COVID-19 in this region, Banngkok Street Food still operating as usual during this period from 12.00 P.M. until 7.00 P.M. daily but not available for dine-in purpose.
Dinner Ordered From Banngkok Street Food
In order to satisfied my craves for the Thai street food, these are the menus that I had ordered for my dinner from Banngkok Street Food. 
Khao Mok Kai is the Thai style briyani paired with the roasted beef strips. The spiced rice was really aromatic and make it blend perfectly with the juicy beef strips. For better experience, spice it up by dipping it in the chili sauce.
Khao Mok Khai (Thai Briyani)
If you loves to eat oyster, then you need to try this Hoy Tod which is the Osyter Omelette rice. This menu comes with generous amount of fried oyster with the omelette and fragrant white rice.
Hoy Tod (Oyster Omelette)
Kuai Lai Pii is basically the striploin boat noodles or commonly known as kuey teow soup here in Malaysia. The highlight of this dish is the flavorful soup that comes with the generous amount of the noodle plus few sides.
Kuai Lai Pii (Striploin Boat Noodle)
MAMA Thaley is the must order meal in the list, the famous seafood tomyum instant noodle. It comes with squid, tiger prawn, fish balls, eggs and topped with cheese on it. Similarly to Kuai Lai Pii, just pour everything into the tomyum soup to enjoy a bowl of delicious spicy and flavorful seafood instant noodle. Psst! If you want to have extra tiger prawn, you can add-on too!
MAMA Thalay
Not enough of the beef strips from the dishes above, why not order also the Sua Rong Hai, the Crying Tiger Beef. Wanna know how this part of the beef get its name based on the myth? Anyway, this set serves alone without any rice or noodle. You can either have it alone or paired it with the fragrant rice. 
Sua Rong Hai (Crying Tiger Beef)
Last but not least, how can we have the main dishes without proper desserts right? Thai street food is famous with these Banana Pancake and Niaw Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice).
This banana pancake is like a newfangled version of roti canai here in Malaysia. The special banana pancake is slathered with the Nutella chocolate spread and topped with sweet corns, crushed peanut and raisins.
Special Banana Pancake
Mango Sticky Rice is the tradtional Thai dessert made from the glutinous rice and served with the mango topped with the coconut milk. This is my favarite "must-have" dessert whenever I travel to Thailand or "must-order" dishes at any Thai restaurant. 
Niaw Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)
During this MCO 2.0 period, although we cannot dine-in at the restaurant, Banngkok Street Food comes out with three convenient options for all Thai street food lovers where you can order the foods using the Banngkok Drive-In, Take-away or Delivery. 
Banngkok Drive-In option is similar to the Drive-Thru option that everyone is familiar with where Banngkok Street Food has prepared a designated parking space at their outlet that allows you to park your car. The staff on-duty will approach you and you can place your orders with the payment directly. You just need to wait in your car as once your order is ready, it will be deliver to you without the need to get out from the car.
Convenient, right? You just need to Park, Order, Pay and Wait with this option. 
If you would like to order ahead from your arrival at this outlet, you can check out for the Self Pick Up (Take Away) option with this link:
Order from home? No problem as well, because Banngkok Street Food also offers the Delivery option and you can make your order using this link:
And good news if you choose the delivery option as you can enjoy 15% OFF discount  when you key in the Promo Code: STAYHOME15 and this is capped at RM15 with minimum order of RM30. Don't wait longer, enjoy this promo code now!
Order Your Favorite Thai Street Food Now From Banngkok Street Food
For more information about Banngkok Street Food and their latest promotion, you can visit their social media at the links below.

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  1. wahhh orang Thai pun makan nasi beriyani rupanya! Banyak lagi makanan orang Thailand yang belum diketahui. Sedapnya tengok!

  2. seriously i miss bangkok and of course the foods. kalau khao mok i suka ayam. next time nak try beef

  3. Why am I reading this during night time and when MCO 2.0 has just been extended?
    Now you are making me missing Bangkok!

  4. Thai beriani tu nampak sedap giler.. lama x makan makanan dr bangkok. Baca entri ni trs jadi rindu

  5. It looks yummy! Nak cuba jugak la. Maybe in my next cheat day. Yezza.

  6. Alamakkk terus teringat makanan Bangkok yang i makan di sana tahun lepas.. semua sedap-sedap.. kat Johor ni takde macamtu huhuhu..

  7. Sedapnya nya semua makanan sini best giler dapat makan sedap-sedap ni walaupun tak dapat pergi sana dapat rasa makanan pun dah ok kan heheheheh nak sikit...

  8. omg, all the dishes look so colourful and delicious. i am so tempted to try their range of sweet desserts, especially that banana pancake i am drooling just looking at it!

  9. wa so many Banngkok Street Food to indulge with! I miss it too. can consider order this for dinner later la

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