realme Emerges As No.1 Choice In The World's Mobile Industry

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realme Sweeps Over 200 Global Awards In 2020 Through Value And Quality Of World-Recognized Products

realme Awarded with 181 Awards In 2020
2020 has been a tough year for everyone but realme Malaysia made 2020 a remarkable year that worth to be remembered as it scooped up awards and create international fame in terms of quality products and its business milestones.
The success of realme in 2020 showcased its real strength in all areas as it not only navigated through the tough year, but expanded against the mobile industry's expectations. 
5 Top International Media and Institution Awards or Credentials
realme's commercial, corporate and innovative success attribute to a clear and precise vision in providing a cutting-edge technology and trendsetting design entirely in one package.
The affiliation of the company to its target consumers who are the global youth  between the age range of 18 to 25 was created by sharing the same brand values with them. 

With that, realme has gained 17 brand awards, 159 product awards and 5 top tier design awards worldwide in the year 2020 underpinning the strong support from realme's fans.
5 Best Brand Of The Year Awards
At the global level, the youthful team led by its founder and CEO, Mr. Sky Li has lived out its values as this team has been awarded by notable organizations and media as "Brand of the Year" across countries such as;
  • Indonesia (Best AIoT Brand 2020 - Titans Award)
  • India (2020 Tech Brand Of The Year - Dainik Jagran Hi-tech Awards)
  • Egypt (Best Smartphone Brand in 2020 - Mobizil)
  • Poland (Launch of the Year -
  • Pakistan (Best Smartphone Brand of the Year - Brandsynario).
realme also showed an excellent performance where the brand achieved Top 5 in the Market Share in 12 countries and it has successfully expanded realme's market to 61 countries globally.
These milestones reflect reports and features by notable media and research organization. Counterpoint Research hailed realme to be the "fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world" and the esteemed Financial Times has affirmed that the company commands a leading position across Asia Pacific. 
Fastest Growing Brand Credentials
Remember end of last year realme achieved one of their major milestone in 2020 where it was crowned as the fastest company to reach 50 Million shipments according to the Counterpoint Research. For the detail, you can read it here realme Ranked 2nd In Malaysia With Great Result Of 50 Million Sales.
As a "Dare to Leap" brand, realme has adopted the strategy of feeling leapfrog performance and trendsetting design-driven quality products that resonate with its young crowd at affordable and attractive price points. 
Emerging Brand Awards
"At realme, we live out our philosophy, which is to dare to leap into the forefront of innovation, design and product value, something the young people can identify with." said Mr. Sky Li, CEO of realme. 
realme's trendsetting image and product reputation has contributed to building customer trust and brand awareness, making this achievement not just a one-off anomaly but rather something to expect of the young company. 

realme's also focus on product development and attune it to consumer desires and demands. This is an evident that realme really delivered it as they also won more than 17 awards from the youths in 3 different continents, clearly showing that realme is the first choice brand ranked by the youths globally. 
17 Most Popular Brand Among Young People

Although realme is very young brand compare to others, it trendsetting designs have caught the attention of the international design community. As a result of this, realme has won 5 Top International Design Awards;

  • realme X Master (German Design Award and Good Design Australia)
  • realme X20 Pro Master (Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award 2020)
  • realme X50 5G Master (Good Design Australia, Good Design Award 2020 and Golden Pin Design Award)

5 Top International Design Awards

World class design is augmented by cutting-edge technology as realme is known to be the first brand to introduce 5G technology to many markets within competitive price ranges.
For instance, the global launch of the realme 7 5G which costs less than USD 300 only. The well-known mobile authority, GSM Arena has rated realme as the first mid-range all rounder mobile phone for 2020. 
159 Global Product Awards
This strategy and market leadership is heartily affirmed the company's consumers. In India, realme has successfully sold over 1 million smart individual audio devices, reaching third spot in market share in Q2 2020 as a new entrant.

With such strong momentum gained in 2020, realme is poised to leap into 2021 even stronger and faster as a rising new force in the industry.
For more information about realme Malaysia, you can check them out in the link below. 

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