Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food

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"Kukus Jer!, Anda Pesan, Kami Hantar, Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen!"

Have you been craving for kuih traditional nowadays, but it is so hard for us to get it due to the restriction movement control order? You plan to bake it yourself, but the preparation takes hours that by the time it is ready, the tea-time is already over? Or even when you have a surprise visit by your family and friends, but you have nothing special to serves them? No worries okay, because in this entry, I will be introducing to you, the Nuuri Food Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen that is currently viral in the Malaysia that will solve all the problem stated above.
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food 

About Nuuri Food

Nuuri Food was established earlier this year during the Restriction Movement Control Order nationwide in Malaysia. This brand has grown well in the market as within short period of 3 months, they have successfully recruited 15 agents and penetrate these products into 8 of the grocery stores within Peninsular Malaysia. Due to the good response by the market, Nuuri Team will soon expand their business in "Grab Mart" too.
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen
Agents are available at Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban (Nilai), Perak (Ipoh), Kedah (Kulim), Terengganu (Paka) and Putrajaya. 
As mentioned, you can get these kuih traditional Melayu frozen as well at the grocery stores;
  1. Az Zain Mart Shah Alam Seksyen 15
  2. Az Zain Mart Klang (Caltex Jalan Batu 3 Lama)
  3. Lesong Mart, Klang (Taman Desa Meru)
  4. Dr Zainol Mart, Sungai Buloh (Saujana Utama 3)
  5. Dr Zainol Mart, Sungai Buloh (Bukit Rahman Putra)
  6. CoopMart, Temerloh (Pusat Komersial Temerloh)
  7. Inn Grocer, Setia Alam (Setia Taipan 1)
  8. Yakin Mart, Bandar Baru Bangi (Seksyen 7)
Do you believe that they have their own Research and Development team that is really meticulous where they ensure that every single product produced here can last longer, able to satisfy the crave of each kuih traditional lover and made one's feel at home in every bite. 

Nuuri Food Kuih Traditional

At the moment, there are 6 Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen that available in the market; the Koci Pulut Hitam, Koci Pandan, Koci Labu, Lepat Labu, Lepat Pisang and Lepat Ubi. These kuih traditional were prepared using the homemade Malay traditional recipe and been prepared under hygienic and controlled environment. Therefore, you can have it without worries as this is a Halal product produced 100% by the Muslim community. 
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
Easy Preparation! Steam For 20 Minutes Only
The preparation was so simple that everyone can have it anytime, anywhere as long as you have it ready in your fridge. 
Take out your Nuuri Food Kuih Traditional Frozen and defrost it for 10 minutes, then steam it for 15 to 20 minutes and the kuih is ready to be served now. Easy-peasy, isn't?

Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
Koci Pandan Frozen (Not Steam Yet)
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
Lepat Pisang Frozen (Not Steam Yet)

What I Love About Nuuri Food Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen?

First of all, I really love this product because I no longer need to prepare this food that going to take me several hours, or to find this kuih traditional at the market which is really hard to do so especially at this pandemic era. All I need is only half and hour to prepare this and I can have it anytime, anywhere as long as I have stock in my freezer.
Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
My Personal Nuuri Food Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Stock
Secondly, although it was a frozen kuih traditional, the taste of the Lepat Pisang, Lepas Labu, Koci Pandan and Koci Labu were so authentic, and the both Koci texture were so soft and chewy. The plus point is that the level of sweetness was acceptable that it was suitably for everyone, especially the children and elderly. 

Based on the ingredient list, these products were mostly made from Glutinous Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Screwpine Leaf Juice (Pandan), Pumpkin, Coconut, Banana, Brown Sugar, Sugar and Salt. I don't see any preservative was added into these products.

The packaging of these products deserved a highlight as it was properly wrapped with the banana leaves and packed in high quality transparent plastic bag. During the preparation as well, the banana leaves were still properly attached and not damage at all. 

Lastly, you can have this favorite choice of Malaysian's kuih traditional easily by just contacting them at their Whatsapp number. Usually they will response to you within 5 minutes and take note on their fast delivery as well, where you can get your order on the same day. 

For more information about Nuuri Food, kindly visit their Instagram at Nuuri Food HQ Instagram or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nuurifood/

Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food
Delicious Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen

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  1. Makin mudah nak makan kuih melayu kalau dah ada yg frozen mcm ni. Tak payah pening fikir bahan & cara nak buat.

    Beli frozen, then ready to serve 😊

  2. wow menarik dengan banyak pilihan kuih tradisional...senang pasni simpan dalam peti ais je..nak makan boleh steam..

  3. This is so convenient! My mom's a big fan of all these traditional kuih, but they're so hard to find. U go pasar malam also sometimes cannot find them

  4. A very brave action opening a business during RMO. My favourite lepat pisang and kuih koci. Seeing your mukbang with that kuih koci really make me can't stand it

  5. Bagusnya kalau kita dapat simpan stok kuih tradisi kat rumah. Sambil tu boleh support produk lokal dan iks

  6. Uitt senangnya dah ada frozen, koci santan tu kemain nampak elok ajee.. mesti sedap tu..Kat Johor ni pun ada gak, tapi kejap ada jual, kejap takde jual, so susah nak dapatkan bekalan terus laaa...

  7. wow, this is a good concept. Kuih Traditional Melayu Frozen Viral by Nuuri Food can be kept in fridge and enjoy later. I go try it now hehe

  8. Wah bgusnya.. Betul pandemic ni i suka beli kuih frozen atau sennag macam ni. Yela duduk rumah lapar je.. Nak keluar beli kuih tepi jalan tak nampak sangat dah. Boleh usha nanti ni

  9. Weiii sedapnya ada kuih koci dan juga lepat pisang tak perlu nak nak cari susah yang frozen senang dalam peti sejuk jer hehehehe nak lah dapatkan kita suka kuih tradisional ni hehehehe...

  10. Lepat pisang and kuih koci are my fav kuih tradisional melayu ever. It taste so delicious. With these frozen products make life more easier. I shd try too.

  11. alamak sedapnya semua kuih tu. tu semua kuih fav iza tu. senangnya dah ada frozen macam ni. tinggal kukus je.

  12. Nampak sedap ni! Kuih-kuih tradisional Melayu ni, senang nak kukus je dah boleh makan. Boleh simpan berapa lama ya?