My Rewards Goal Hunter by Touch 'n Go eWallet

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Be A Smart Spender And Reward Yourself With Every Ringgit You Spent Using Touch 'n Go eWallet

I just claimed my TESCO cashback e-voucher last weekend from My Rewards The Goal Hunter after collecting two stamps from the transactions that I made using Touch 'n Go eWallet. Isn't that cool that you will be rewarded with cashback e-voucher with every ringgit that you spend? Let check it out guys on how you can be a smart spender like me!
Accomplishing The Mission To Collect More Stamps To Unlock My Rewards

My Rewards The Goal Hunter Loyalty Program

My Rewards The Goal Hunter is a loyalty program that has been introduced by Touch 'n Go eWallet earlier this year during April 2020. This program will reward every users with cashback e-voucher when users successfully achieve certain goal and collecting the stamps to unlock the rewards. 

There are several merchant partners that collaborated with Touch 'n Go eWallet to reward the users such as 7-Eleven, Shell, Lazada, Tealive, Hermo, Family Mart and Tesco.
Cashback e-Vouchers by Touch 'n Go eWallet Merchant Partners

How To Participate In This My Reward The Goal Hunter Program?

Start to be one of the My Rewards Goal Hunter today! You just need to first launch your Touch 'n Go eWallet application. If you don't have it yet, you can download it at Touch 'n Go eWallet Google Playstore  or Touch 'n Go eWallet Apply Store.
  1. Click the "My Rewards Goal Hunter" banner on the Touch 'n Go eWallet interface
  2. Be sure to click "Start" to become the Goal Hunter
  3.  Spend a minimum of RM10 per transaction to unlock 1 stamp.
  4. Collect every 2 stamps to unlock the Reward of your choice.  
That is it, guys! 4 simple steps only right? But you have to take note on the Step 3 where you will need to spend minimum RM10 per transaction to unlock 1 stamp. To collect the 2nd stamps, you will need to perform 2nd transaction of minimum RM10, okay?
Not that you spend RM20, then you will receive 2 stamps.
Transaction Made At 7-Eleven To Achieve My Goal Hunter's Goal (2 Stamps)
How many cashback e-voucher(s) that you can claim within the campaign period? The answer is that you can claim up to 5 Rewards of your choice every month, so as long as you made 10 transactions using Touch 'n Go eWallet at the merchant, you will entitled 10 stamps to redeem 5 cashback e-vouchers. 
My Rewards Goal Hunter Goal Progress For This Month
Cashback e-Voucher Claimed
Hey guys, one more awesome information to share with you guys here. There are total of 250, 000 Touch 'n Go eWallet merchant nationwide, okay? You can check them out in this link Touch 'n Go eWallet Merchants List.
Check Out The Merchant List and Start Collecting The Stamps To Achieve Your Goal
Don't miss this awesome opportunity to reward yourself with every Ringgit you spent, okay! Be a smart Touch 'n Go eWallet user and intelligent spender!

For more information about Touch 'n Go eWallet, on-going campaign or future promotion, kindly visit their website at Touch 'n Go eWallet Website, Touch 'n Go eWallet Instagram or Touch 'n Go eWallet Facebook.

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. pembeli yg bijak..hehe. bagus sebenarnya e wallet mcm ni..menjimatkan malah menguntungkan jugak kan

  2. Ohh those literally are easy peasy to join and redeem! Good to know the details about this, will check out my Touch n Go app later hehee

  3. Thanks ajar cara2 camne nak participate. Nanti kak min usha dan nak join heheh rugi tak join ni

  4. Wow!!!!!! Bagus reward yg you dpt dgn touch and go eWallet. Need to share your tips with my Dad. He is using touch and go eWallet too.

  5. Jimat duit boleh redeem dari tng e wallet ni. Duit boleh saving utk future

  6. Never knew about this loyalty program before. I'm a sucker for coupons and cashbacks, so I'm gonna check it out.

  7. Touch n Go e-wallet. Sounds great but always sometime not alert. Ok we'll try our best to be one smart spender. Lagipun 7 kolaborator tu tempat yang kita sering pergi beli barang.

  8. Jarang sekali guna di tempat lain kecuali Family Mart aje.. sebab mudah.. ingat lepas ni nak try kat Shell plak laa, sebab selalu isi minyak Shell..

  9. The truth is, I only love shopping. But, reward after shopping make me love more

  10. Menariknya! Baru akk tahu sebab akk mmg ada guna ewallet hehhe.. tq kit 😁

  11. Bestnya Touch n go eWallet buat macam ni. At least dapat la penjimatan a few Ringgit kan

  12. Dah ada tng nti blhlah try join sekali tgk mmg menjimatkan

  13. wow another exciting feature by the app! cant wait to try this one out and enjoy the benefits

  14. wah menarik apps utk cashback voucher..tq share..nanti i nak download.

  15. Omg just knew about this and I have been using TnG ewallet. Thanks for sharing

  16. oh..baru tahu ni.. TB pun dah start guna tng ewallet tapi tak perasan ada penjimatan macam ni.. terbaiklah!

    - Tengkubutang

  17. Dah lama tak guna touch n go ewallet ni. Tak tahu pulak ada macam2 benefit boleh guna ya. Tq sharing.

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