How You Can Spend 5 Days 4 Nights To Celebrate Your Friendaversary Trip Like We Do!

 Dear Beloved Readers, 

A Good Friend Is Like A Four-Leaf Clover; It Is Hard To Find And Lucky To Have! 

-Irish Proverb-

While scrolling on the web, I saw this proverb that strike deep into my heart and that make me decide to write something about my previous trip as memory in my blog. This trip happened on the 23rd September 2020 until 27th September 2020, thanks God that we make it happen before another wave of Lock-down on our district. 
YMB 2nd Anniversary 5 Days 4 Nights Trip
Before I jump into the itinerary of the trip, it is good for me to introduce you guys who we are, right? This is our 2nd friendaversary trip so the story starts on 2018 when we all met one another during the Gegar Vaganza 2018 concert from strangers to friends as a fans of Billy Zulkarnain. Who is Billy Zulkarnain? Well, this is the duo from the Phyne Ballerz and let not getting there, else it will sounds like another gossiping! Chop!
Spot Us In This Picture :) Kenangan Gegar Vaganza 2018
Back to our main topic, we have planned for this trip earlier this year but to our disappointment, the entire country was put under Movement Control Order and everyone has to stay home without any outdoor activity, do you remember that?
Well, that actually give us ample time to discuss and plan for a perfect, flawless trip. Thanks God that we manage to complete our trip safe and sound to Pulau Tioman, Kota Tinggi and Melaka in 5 Days 4 Nights although there are some incidents that we need to overcome during the trip. Sesungguhnya Kita Hanya Mampu Merancang, Tuhan Yang Menentukan, right?

Day 1-3: Kuala Lumpur - Mersing - Pulau Tioman

We departed from Kuala Lumpur heading to Mersing Jetty Interconnection to Pulau Tioman harbour and this road trip usually took around 4 to 5 hours depending on the traffic. Our journey starts at 7 A.M in the morning and we are expected to reach there around 12.00 P.M, there are still ample of time for breakfast stop at RnR and lunch at the jetty before boarding the ferry. 
Road Trip With 5 Adults and 2 Children (See How Many Luggage Bags We Have)

Information You Need To Know About Tioman Island Ferry Trip

There are two ferry terminals that connecting you to Tioman Island which are the Mersing Jetty from Johor and Tanjung Gemok from Pahang. So, you will need to decide which jetty that you want to depart from that is convenient for you. As for us, we choose Mersing because our next destination after Tioman Island is Kota Tinggi, so Mersing is the best choice. Here at the terminal, you will need to collect your ticket at the ticketing counter and pay RM5 for the Taman Laut Tioman.
Mersing Harbour Center
For the ferry ticket and schedule, you can either go for Bluewater Ferry or Cataferry. These two websites are the ferry service provider that you can book your ticket to Tioman Island. You can refer to their website for the schedule that suits your traveling time. The ferry will stop at several jetties along the island namely Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC, Panuba, and Salang. So, you need to know where your accommodation is located so that you will not disembark at the wrong jetty.
Interior of Cataferry (New)

Accommodation at Tioman Island

This is the second time I repeated my staycation at Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort that located at Kampung Paya, which is the second stop after Genting Jetty. During my first visit, I stayed at the standard chalet but since we are traveling in larger group this time, we choose the Deluxe Suite Beach Front room that able to fit all 5 of us with additional two kids with extra charge of RM40 per children.
Welcome To Kampung Paya, Tioman Island
The Deluxe Suite Beach Front featuring 2 luxurious rooms suite that designed specially for honeymooners or group traveler that looking for a spot of tranquility along with balconies that overlook the lush rainforest. There is a second balcony with private bathtub and outdoor shower that offers an exclusive, breathtaking view of the majestic South China Sea. 
In this room, there are 1 king size bed with 1 Queen Size Sofa bed and it comes with two bathroom. Other amenities are provided as well such as refrigerator, TVs, towels and others that you can check it out on their website.
Entrance To Our Deluxe Suite Beach Front Room

 Activities Planned For 3 Days 2 Nights Here!

We finally arrived at Kampung Paya Jetty around 4 P.M. and we directly proceed for the check-in. There will be resort staffs that standby at the jetty to transfer your luggage bag to the Reception Counter, so you no need to carry it on your own. The resort is about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the jetty. 
Us At The Kampung Paya Jetty
The first activity here was the sunset hunting, so we went to beach just right in front of this resort. The weather was kind of cloudy that day and we couldn't take nice picture of the sunset view.
Sunset View From The Beach
When the sun has finally set and we went back to our room to get ourselves ready for dinner. There are several dining restaurant or cafe available here at the island but of course don't expect it to be the fancy, luxurious type of restaurant. On the first night, we went to the Aunty Tioman Paya Seafood Restaurant for seafood dinner. The foods portion was really big and enough for 5 adults and 2 children and it costs around RM260. To me, it is reasonable enough as on my previous trip, I have 3 dishes for 3 adults and it cost around the same as well.
Aunty Tioman Paya Seafood Restaurant Behind The Resort
Seafood Dinner
Dinner At Aunty Tioman Paya Seafood Restaurant
Back from the dinner, it is almost time for us to take some rest as on the second day, we will have a full day snorkeling trip around Tioman Island. 
Pillow Talk Session As Usual
On the second day, we had our breakfast as early as 6.00 A.M. sharp because the snorkeling trip will starts at 9.00 A.M. We booked the snorkeling trip with Mbeling Boat Service Kampung Paya at the price of RM500 per boat and this is a personal boat that cater for us only.  This trip starts at 9.00 A.M and will end around 3.00 P.M depending on you on how long you want to snorkeling on the last snorkeling point. 
Taman Laut Tioman
The trip will brings you to 4 snorkeling points around Tioman Island and 1 lunch stop that you can choose either Tekek or Salang. What is the different between Tekek and Salang? Food wise, I will suggest Salang although there is only 1 restaurant but the food is nice and delicious. You can took lot of pictures as well after lunch at Salang as there are lot of instaworthy spots just right in front of the restaurant.
For Tekek, there are many choice available here but the food is not as good as the one that I have in Salang. But if you need to withdraw money or buying duty free items, Tekek is the place you need to go. 
Salang, Pulau Tioman
Snorkeling At Tioman Island
Rich With Sea Life Creatures
Beautiful Coral
For booking purpose, you can contact Mbeling Boat Service at +6017-7505850. Abang Jono is really a friendly, helpful guy that helps us a lot on this trip to ensure everything goes well. Let's support him if you are traveling to Tioman Island, okay? All the snorkeling kit and life jacket are provided.
Snorkeling Trip with Mbeling Boat Service, Tioman Island
Well, everyone was really exhausted after the snorkeling trip and we did not go for second sunset hunting. Instead, we took some rest before going out for late dinner around 9.00 P.M. Nothing much by then and we just have simple, kampung-style dinner at the small stall just on the right side of the jetty. 
Second Night Dinner In Black
Finally, it is our last day which is the third day on the island. We woke up early for the breakfast and before going back to pack our stuffs and ready for check-out, we decided to go for a hike to the Rockfall Waterfall. It is just a simple hike that took around half and hour to reach this place.
Rockfall Waterfall at Kampung Paya, Tioman Island
After the hike, we went back for the packing and ready for the departure from Kampung Paya, Tioman Island back to Mersing Jetty at 1.00 P.M. There are lot of good spots for picture here in this resort, so you can spend some time taking picture here while waiting the ferry. 
Entrance of Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort

Day 3-4: Pulau Tioman - Kota Tinggi

Our ferry arrived at Mersing Jetty around 3.30 P.M and we decided to continue our journey to Kota Tinggi directly without making any stop to catch up the check-in at Sea Horizon Resort, Kota Tinggi. This resort was built tall above a breath-taking cliff side overlooking the South China Sea. Guess what guys? This is also the home to the 1st Cliffside glamping by the sea, where you will be the first to experience the sun-rise just right in front of your glamping side. 
Sea Horizon Resort On Top Of The Cliffside
But of course, I did not experience the glamping staycation on this trip as we were traveling in larger group and we booked the Family Room here. The air-conditioned family room was spacious enough to fit all of us and it comes with 6 single beds.
Kampung Style Within The Resort
There are so many activities that you can do here within the resort as there is swimming pool but you will need to book for your slot due to SOP, football field, kayaking or you can even trekking down the cliff to the beach.
Actually we did not do much here at this resort because after getting ourselves refreshed, we went all the way to Johor Bahru and the entire return trip took around 4 hours. We arrived at the resort in the late midnight. The next morning, we just get ready for the breakfast prepared by the resort and go for the simple hiking down the cliff to the beach area.
Mini Mangrove Site Below The Resort Cliff
Swimming Pool At Sea Horizon Resort, Kota Tinggi
We Actually Travel All The Way To Johor Bahru
For more information or booking purpose for the Sea Horizon Resort, you can visit their website at Sea Horizon Resort Website.

Day 4-5: Kota Tinggi - Melaka - Kuala Lumpur

It has finally come to our last destination which is Melaka before the friendaversary trip comes to an end. We were actually planning to stay at few viral staycation places around Melaka but unfortunately, it was fully booked. No choice, we have to go for AirBnB this time and we booked a 3 Bedroom Townhouse which is just 10-minute driving distance from Jonker Walk. That is our main reason why we book it as it is near to the attraction that we plan to visit. 
From Kota Tinggi to Melaka, the road trip took around 2 -3 hours as we arrived at Melaka around 2.30 P.M and we directly go for lunch at Ee Ji Ban before check-in at the AirBnB. I think everyone knows about this famous chicken rice ball shop that was really went viral once upon a time. 
Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant
Similar to Kota Tinggi trip, we did not explore many places here in Melaka due to the bad weather and not convenience for us to travel around. We just planned for the seafood dinner at Parameswara Seafood Melaka that was suppose to be just half and hour from our location.  But ended up it took us around 2 hours to reach the destination and we had our late dinner here.
Us At Parameswara Seafood Melaka
Celebrated Along Nizam's Birthday
On the last day before we heading back to Kuala Lumpur, we make our final stop at Pantai Klebang for some leisure time together. To our surprise, Pantai Klebang was so lively with food trucks along the road and people spending their family time together but of course observing the social distancing and other SOPs.
Us At Pantai Klebang

That pretty much on how we spent our 5 Days 4 Nights together to celebrate our 2nd Friendaversary. If you would like to know in detail on certain activities that we do, feel free to drop your comment or just email me and I will get those details for you too. 

I am looking forward for the next trip together which suppose to be the Tambun Trip but due to the current situation, I think we will postpone it again. Anyway, I do hope that we will celebrate many more friendaversary trips together in near future. 


Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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