Solution to my Itchy Skin - Hurix's Itchy Cream

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Let Hurix's Itchy Cream Be Your Instant Relieve To Your Skin Itchiness Problem

Hurix's Itchy Cream, My Itchy Skin Problem Solver!
Do you have skin-related problem like itchiness that causing uncontrollable sensation that makes you want to scratch your skin to relieve the feeling? That scratching bring instant relieve and satisfaction, right? But sometime, over scratching can cause skin damage and bleeding. Long standing of itchiness can affect your quality of life such as sleep disruption and concentration problem. 
There are many possible causes of this skin itching problem such as dry skin, food allergy, diaper rash, allergic reaction, contact dermatitis, flea bites, hives, allergic eczema, rashes, body lice, bites and stings, ringworm and many more!
Scratching Not The Solution!
Thankfully that I get a chance to try this Hurix's Itchy Cream recently and I have found my solution whenever I have skin itchiness problem. I just need to apply thin layer of this cream on the targeted area and it gave me an instant relieve to my itchy skin. This is a traditional cream-based cream that used traditional herb ingredient in tackling skin-related problem. Although it made from herbs, it still smells good and give minty, cooling effect as well when applied on the skin. This medicine was easily absorb into our skin and does not leave our skin looks oily or greasy

Some Information About Hurix's Itchy Cream

This itchy cream can stop the discomforting skin irritation as it is formulated with selected natural herbs that used traditionally to relieve the skin itchiness. This anti-itch cream can help treat itching caused by ringworm, rashes and dry skin. 

Application: Apply a thin layer of this medicine on the itchy skin, 4 times daily. 
(Guess what? I just apply 1 time on my skin and my itchy skin problem has been solved, but of course this depending on individual and the level of the skin problem).

Precaution: It is dangerous to place any camphor containing product into the nostril of children. A small amount applied this way may cause immediate collapse. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. 
!!So Please Used With Care!!
This is a traditional medicine but if the symptoms persists or worsen, please consult the pharmacist, doctor or your dermatologist immediately. 
Hurix's Itchy Cream
You can purchase this product at Shopee by just click this link >> Hurix's Itchy Cream From Hurix's Shopee Official Store
at the price of RM19.90. 
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  1. Very familiar with this brand of Hurix because I take toothache medication from this brand. Btw, just followed this blog #19.

  2. Oh nice! I know someone with itchiness problem who might benefit from this product. Will suggest this to her.

  3. Hurix selalu familiar dengan ubat batuk je. Hehe
    Tp kali ni dah ada ubat gatal camni. Bagus la. Boleh simpan 1 kat rumah incase ada isu gatal2 ni.

  4. Macam-macam produk hurix rupanye. Selalu guna ubat batuk dia. Baru ni beli cream ulser. Ni ada cream gatal plak

  5. Bagus ni, beli simpan dalam bag untuk kecemasan..kalau biasa guna vicks ada khas untuk gatal kena beli ni..Hurix pun jenama bagus..

  6. I should try this as I always allergic of like everything in this world

  7. akk pernah fun abrand ni tapi rasanya macam ubat batuk...ada krim utk hilang kegatalan ya..nanti bolehlah mencubanya sendiri

  8. Itchy cream dari hurix ni iena tak pernah guna lagi sebab takde masalah itchy tapi kalau ubat batuk and selesema dari hurix iena selalu guna..malas g klinik beli hurixs je :)

  9. Yes. I have to get one and store it inside my bag - easy to bring anywhere. And I itches easily too so this will be a great help

  10. Oooo... Baru tahu HURIX'S ada produk lain juga. Ingat dia ada ubat batuk jer. Memang berkesan ubat batuk dia. Nanti boleh laaa try Cream ni pulak. Jenama yang diyakini.

  11. I should try this one. lately my itchyness getting worse due to dry skin. Hopefully its work on me.

  12. What I scare the most is scratch scratch then got scar.. Everytime also like this... I think I should buy this to put at home for my convenient

  13. sekarang ni saya hadapi masalah gatal2 gitu...jadi boleh la cuba produk ni.. esok gi cuba cari la.

  14. I suka makan yg selesema punya. Memang serasi tapi tak tahu pulak ada untuk gatal2. Kebetulan sgtlah kulit i allergic seafood ni. Boleh cuba nanti

  15. baru tahu produk hurix ada mcm mcm. tapi produk ni nampak best. boleh cuba jugak nanti