ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single

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ALYPH Successfully Launched His New Single 'SWIPE' With A Music Video Directed By Shahrin Bahar And A Special Appearance Of Datuk Seri Vida (DSV)

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
Glad To Be Part Of ALYPH 'SWIPE' Press Conference At Dadi Cinema Pavilion 

Singaporean hip hop prodigy ALYPH achieved another remarkable milestone in his music career when he successfully launches his newest single, 'SWIPE', that showcased his growth in maturity and perspective that rivals the best of his peers. 

This single take on romance with confidence and aplomb, and the song is officially out now via Def Jam Singapore and Malaysia

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH Entertained Everyone Before 'SWIPE'

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH Performed 'SWIPE' Live During The Press Conference

ALPHY often associated with Southeast Asian hip-hop biggest names throughout his career in the music industry. Still, he confidently proves himself to have insight, pen and mic skills to elevate Singaporean hip-hop to the next level. 

As action speaks louder than words, ALPHY recently won the Young Songwriter of the Year award from the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (Compass) in 2022. 

His reemerges with 'SWIPE' highlight for an ode to rugged self-worth and confidence in an age of dating apps and isolation. 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH Reemergence With 'SWIPE' Want To Bring Confident Back To All 

It's hard to be confident sometimes, I wanted to make a song that could help with that. said ALYPH. 

ALYPH shared that even though the song immediately attracted the attention of all that heard the song on the track, it is still a hard-won masterpiece and not an easy task at the same time. 

He is glad that he roped in someone who he has felt embodied their unfiltered self for decades that can fully portray the story that ALPHY tried to bring in upon his newfound self-actualization. 

None others, ALYPH has chosen Malaysian entrepreneur and millionaire celebrity Datuk Seri Vida (DSV) as a close reference without hypocrite yet regularly covered in local tabloids and never failed to get the audience talking about it. 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH Chosen Datuk Seri Vida (DSV) As Reference And Makes Special Appearance In SWIPE Music Video

I needed people who are unapologetic about who they are and at the same time, had the scars and trophies to show for. She fits the character perfectly. ALYPH added. 

During the Press Conference, ALPHY's SWIPE movie video premiered for the very first time before the official release to the members of the media, fans and all the invited guests at Dadi Cinema. 

The music video started with Datuk Seri Vida spoken word line that captures the message that ALYPH's wanted to portray in SWIPE. The verse is "As long as you have a direction, who cares?". 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
Datuk Seri Vida Appearance In SWIPE Music Video

SWIPE's official music video is now officially launched on the Youtube platform on 28th October 2022 with more than 400,000 views since it premiered on this platform. 

It is indeed an eye-catching music video that was directed by Malaysian creative director and cultural force Shahrin Bahar who has previously worked with ALYPH's hip-hop peers. 

For the record, ALYPH who usually works on all facets of his projects alone found that working with a singular creative mind like Shahrin, it meant he had to let go and let give way for Shahrin to unleash his creativity in this music video. 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH x Datuk Seri Vida (DSV) In SWIPE 

Shahrin Bahar shared that the music video is inspired by and reflects ALYPH's vision and persona through vibrant colors, bold punchlines, quick edits and other surprises that all are curated for the fan's enjoyment while viewing the music video. 

SWIPE is a platform for ALYPH to ultimately showcase himself as a prolific artist, showcasing the elements which are synonymous with his vision and persona. Shahrin Bahar stated. 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH And Datuk Seri Vida Received Recognition For The Music Video Launch By Def Jam South East Asia 

I'm so used to wanting to handle everything by myself but this time I had ideas that didn't make it and more. That's what I learnt from working with an entire team and making sure everyone is on the same page including DSV. That was also quite challenging, but ultimately rewarding. ALPHY concluded. 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
Official Group Photo During ALYPH Press Conference 'SWIPE' 


Aku ada type
Kalau aku like, aku like
Kalau tak, aku swipe

Aku ada type
Tak kisah, hype ke tak hype
Kalau aku like, aku like, 
Kalau tak, aku swipe,

Tak nak jaga hati
Lebih baik aku jujur
Dah banyak situasi yang ku mengalami
Biar takde yang ku kesali
Dulu diorang beritahu kena buat macam ni
Kalau tak, confirm takle pergi
Bila aku tak dengar
Mereka kata ego tinggi
Tak pandai bawa diri
Korang boleh pergi m-

Baby, aku ada type
Kalau aku like, aku like
Kalau tak, aku swipe

Aku ada type, 
Tak kisah, hype ke tak hype, 
Kalau aku like, aku like, 
Kalau tak, aku swipe

Ngada Ngada
Bagi secubit nak segenggam
Skarang aku nak segalanya
Buat Kebaikan masa depan, kau kena letak jawatan
Aku nak susah kan hidup kau? Tak
Kau da terbiasa orang dengar cakap
Kau da leka, itu sebab kau stuck
Bagi otak, aku lap, aku wipe

Bagi lega, lega
Lega lega lega lega lega
Kau dibebas dera
Kau dapat nikmati warna senja (Ooouu)

Itu aku like, 
Pada hujung hari
Aku susun sepuluh jari
Moga yang tak bersetuju akan buka hati
Korang boleh pergi m-

Aku ada type
Kalau aku like, aku like
Kalau tak, aku swipe

Aku ada type
Tak kisah hype ke tak hype
Kalau aku like, aku like
Kalau tak, aku swipe

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single
ALYPH and Datuk Seri Vida Made SWIPE Unique At Its Own Way


From humble beginnings to being one of the most successful hitmakers in Southeast Asia, ALYPH's story is an exceptional one. The Singapore-born rapper, producer and songwriter cast a long and storied shadow in Southeast Asia, reaching a pinnacle in his career where every tune he touches turns to gold. 

The song he last produced and co-wrote with K-Clique, Mimpi, fast became one of the biggest songs to shake Malaysian hip hop, standing at 45 million views on the Music Video to date. 

With a total of 218 million views and 45 million streams on the song he's produced, written, and performed, ALYPH's role in defining hip-hop in Malaysia and Singapore today is indisputable. 

ALYPH emerged with one of Singapore's most influential hip-hop duos, SleeQ, going on to establish himself as a solo artist and producer that has blessed the music of a sprawling list of icons such as Joe Flizzow, Kaka Azraff, K-Clique, Zizan Razak, De Fam and Adira. 

ALYPH's upward trajectory began in the place that matters most: Home. 

Born into a family that valued music and the arts, his love for music was amplified by one defining encounter, Discovering the pioneering Malaysian hip-hop duo, TooPhat. 

Watching the air and condenser on display when Too Phat performed on television showed ALYPH that hip hop could shape and inform local identity. It could come from home, be about home and be meaningful to the people at home. 

Over the years, ALYPH has developed his distinct production alias Magic Potions, risen to the forefront of made-in-Singapore hip hop with SleeQ's breakout 'Pilihlah Aku', and blazed his artistry across borders. 

ALYPH Asks For A SWIPE With His New Single - #AkuSwipe
ALYPH, Singapore-born Rapper, Producer And Songwriter

About Def Jam Southeast Asia

Since its game-changing launch in 2019, Def Jam Southeast Asia has a growing roster of fresh talent and is home to young, multi-racial and multilingual ground-breaking artists such as Yonnyboii of Malaysia, Indonesia's A.Nayaka, RIGHT based in Vietnam, IronBoy from Thailand and 8 BALLIN' from the Philippines along with the likes of Yung Raja hailing from Singapore. 

The label has evolved the hip-hop movement in the scent with 28 exciting talents throughout the region and has quickly widened its footprint with significant milestones including the Coach x Def Jam SEA Virtual Concert which showcased 13 artists across four countries, as well as the JDT collaboration for the football club's official anthem titled 'Pioneers' with Malaysia's very own hip-hop maestro, Joe Flizzow and the legendary Snoop Dogg. 

Def Jam Southeast Asia is leading the future of Asian hip-hop as the label continues to elevate the next wave of artists at the forefront, on a regional and global level. 

For more information, kindly visit the Def Jam Southeast Asia website

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