Iftar Ramadan At Kontiki Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur

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Let's Break Fasting With The Ramadan Buffet Offers By Kontiki Restaurant @ The Federal Kuala Lumpur With The Theme Of Selera Kampung Tiki

"Pejam Celik, Pejam Celik", we are entering the 3rd phase of the fasting month as we have completed the phase of Grace on the first 10 days of Ramadan and the second phase of Maghfirah or also known as phase of Forgiveness on the next second 10 days. Now, we only left 10 more days to go before our Muslim brothers and sisters are celebrating to welcome the month of Syawal or commonly known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. How is your fasting month so far, guys? 
Iftar Ramadan At Kontiki Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur
In this entry today, I will be sharing with you another recommended Ramadan Buffet spread that offers by The Federal Kuala Lumpur at their very restaurant, the Kontiki Restaurant. With the theme of Selera Kampung Tiki, you will be spoilt with the mammoth spread of more than 100 traditional dishes for you to choose from, ranging from the authentic Kampung delicacies to the traditional delights complemented with the favorite local flavors. 
Mammoth Spread Of Dishes For Kontiki Restaurant Ramadan Buffet
These dishes are prepared following the well-beloved recipes from the traditional favorites to the famed hawker fares, oh yes, this including the ever-lasting favorites from Tunku's Kitchen belongs to our Malaysia's beloved first Prime Minister, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj. 
During the 30 days of Ramadan, the menu will be rotated daily with 8 set of menus. You won't get bored with the dishes serve here because the possibility of you and your family having the same menu on the second, third or fourth visits will be lowered.  
Interior Decoration - The Celebration Mood
Let's get started with the menu, okay? First on the list is of course the appetizers that include gado-gado, rojak buah, ulam-ulam kampung, selection of ikan masin, tauhu sumbat, pulut kuning with serunding, acar buah acar rampai, tempeh goreng pedas and many more. 
Appetizers - Ulam Ulam Kampung
Appetizers - More Choices
Appetizers- Gado Gado
Appetizers - Pulut Kuning
Appetizers - Tauhu Sumbat
Special this year, Kontiki Restaurant has setup the Kampung style live-action stalls and few Pasar Malam style food stalls just next to the poolside, decorated with the pelita and lights to enhance the festive celebration mood in the dining area. 
Stalls Setup Beside The Swimming Pool
The stalls include the Gearbox Soup/Sup Campur, Nasi Bukhari, Ayam Tempayan, Hot Soup in Bowl, Char Kuey Teow, Lamb & Chicken with Lebanese bread or pita bread, Roti John, Murtabak, Roti Canai with condiments, Ais Kacang plus the famous Kontiki's Teh Tarik and ice cream. 
Live Action Stall - Lamb & Chicken with Lebanese bread
Live Action Stall - Roti Canai
Nasi Bukhari
Ais Kacang Condiments
Next stop at the BBQ Cylinder station, they serve the hard shell prawn, tiger prawn, fresh water prawn, flower crabs, mussel, sotong, kembong fish, Pari (Stingray) fish, chicken drumstick, beef tenderloin, whole lamb, taufu bakar, beef and chicken satay, otak-otak and many more. 
Fried Flower Crab, Sotong and Prawns
Other Fried Items - Sausage, Prawn, etc.
Beef Tenderloin

Whole Lamb (Kambing Golek)
The scrumptious buffet list continues with both the local and continental savories for you to enjoy after a long-day of fasting. The list includes the sushi and sashimi from the East, roasted and steamed chicken, soup corner that offers cream of mushroom, four treasure with crab meat, cream of tomato, seafood chowder, minestrone soup, hot and sour soup, bubur lambuk, etc, and last but not least the hot dishes include Pucuk Manis Lemak Keledek, Ikan Goreng Serai (Favorite Dishes From Tunku's Kitchen), Daging Kicap and Kacang Pis (Favorite Dishes From Tunku's Kitchen), Sambal Udang Petai (Favorite Dishes From Tunku's Kitchen), Kari Ayam, Braised Assorted Mushroom With Vegetables, Fried Squid With Dried Chili, Grilled Lamb Cutlet On Ratatouille, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Potato Masala, Dalca Kampung and many more. 
Bubur Lambuk
Pucuk Manis Lemak Keledek
Daging Kicap
Sambal Udang Petai
Chicken Curry
Braised Assorted Mushroom With Vegetables
Braised Assorted Mushroom With Vegetables
Fried Squid With Dried Chili
Grilled Lamb Cutlet On Ratatouille

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Mussel Masak Assam Pedas
Before ending the perfect meal of the day, let's complete the day with mouth watering desserts that included 20 types of Malay kuih, dodol kampung, wajid kampung, agar-agar, fruits pudding, assorted French pastries, Malaysian fresh fruits and many more. 
Assorted Malay Kuih
Assorted Malay Kuih
Assorted Malay Kuih
Assorted Malay Kuih
Assorted Cakes
Assorted Cakes
Assorted Local Fruits
My All Time Favorite - Bread Pudding
That's pretty much about the spread that offers by Kontiki Restaurant @ The Federal Kuala Lumpur during this 30 days Ramadan Buffet. With these mammoth spread of dishes, it is really reasonable as the Selera Kampung Tiki Buffet Dinner is priced at RM 98 nett per adult, RM 60 nett per Senior Citizen and RM 48 only per Child. If you would like to organize a family dinner or iftar with your colleagues and friends, you can make your booking now to avoid disappointment as the restaurant is operated at reduced capacity due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
Mobile Number: +6018-3712080
Direct Line: +603-21489166 (ext 2239)
Dining Environment At Kontiki Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur
Oh yes, as part of the initiative by the management just for you and your loved ones to have peace of mind while dining here, all the foods and drinks will be served by the waiter and waiteress at each station, so all the serving spoons will have minimum contact by every diner in the restaurant. You just need to observe the requirement of scanning MySejahtera and body temperature at the entrance, sanitize your hand frequently while you are in the premise and most importantly, observe the recommended social distancing distance between one another. 
Selamat Berbuka Puasa At Kontiki Restaurant @ The Federal Kuala Lumpur
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Posting.  
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