Celebrate Ramadan With The Chicken Rice Shop's Latest Menu Ayam Sedap Baq Hang

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The Chicken Rice Shop Is Eager To Give All A Spice-Tacular Meal To Share With Your Loved Ones On This Festive Season

Iftar @ The Chicken Rice Shop
The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) is very dedicated especially when it comes to the festive seasons where they will introduce their specially curated menu that suits the celebration theme so well. This eventually made me and other TCRS's fan eagerly waiting for what's next that will be served here at TCRS, right? 

And special this year as we are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan where our Muslim brothers and sisters are observing their 30-days of spiritual fasting leading up to the Syawal where Hari Raya Aidilfitri will be celebrated, The Chicken Rice Shop has introduced an all-new delectable meal - "Ayam Sedap Baq Hang". 
Ayam Sedap Baq Hang
This "Ayam Sedap Baq Hang" menu is available for limited time only as this menu will be made available at all outlets of The Chicken Rice Shop from 9th April 2021 until 13th June 2021
Fit the name given to this menu, the "Ayam Sedap Baq Hang" simply means delicious and it is curated with love that certainly going to give all Malaysians a hearty yet flavorsome fasting month and the upcoming Raya.
The chicken is generously seasoned with an unique blend of different spices, then perfectly grilled to perfection that it is flavorful from outside and juiciness from the inside. Not only the taste but also the presentable as the chicken is served with curry leaves and dried chilies topped the dish. 
Ayam Sedap Baq Hang
This mouth-watering dish is really worth every penny you paid for you and your family which will definitely leave you craving for more of it after your first try! Let us explore more about the meal choices that available for you to choose that has specially created to fit you and your family needs.
Ayam Sedap Baq Hang Menu Set
If you are break-fasting alone, you can opt for the single portion set which is Meal A and during my visit, I ordered the Meal B set which is suitable for 2 pax. But if you are visiting with your family and friends, you can order the Meal C set which is curated for 4 pax. 
The sets are priced at RM 25.90, RM 58.90 and RM 105.90 for set A, B and C respectively. I would say that the prices for these sets are pretty reasonable looking at the list of the dishes that serve in each menu. Oh yes, it is really worth every cent that you paid for it.
So, what's available in the menu list besides the two pieces of Ayam Sedap Baq Hang?
  1. Single Serve Chicken (Choice of Roast/Steamed/Soy Sauce
  2. Nyonya Pai Tee (Regular)
  3. Sai To Fish Ball Soup (Regular)
  4. Pak Choy With Oyster Sauce (Regular) or Spicy Savory Ladies' Finger (Regular)
  5. 2 Bowls of Rice
  6. 2 Soup of the Day
  7. 2 Dino Choco Malt
Single Serve Chicken (Soy Sauce) - My Favorite Sauce
Nyonya Pai Tee (Regular) - 4 pcs
Sai To Fish Ball Soup (Regular)
Pak Choy With Oyster Sauce (Regular) - My Favorite Sauce Too
2 Dino Choco Malt
Great deal, right? 
Ayam Sedap Baq Hang Meal B Set For 2 Pax
As we are still in the midst of combating against the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that many festive traditions had to be postponed like the ever-joyous open houses that held during the Raya celebration, hence TCRS is welcoming families to dine-in at any of their outlets to break their fast or to celebrate this upcoming joyous festivity with their hearty and wholesome meal.

 "This Ramadan, TCRS wants to reward customers with a divine Iftar while creating memorable moments with their loved ones. With this special meal made just for the festive season, we know our customers will visit us with their family and friends to Iftar as well as to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri." said June Song, the Head of Marketing of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd. 
The Chicken Rice Shop will continue to surprise Malaysians by introducing uniquely-created chicken dishes from time-to-time together with various local savory and at the same time staying true to its humble beginnings. With reference to their official tagline "Chicken Rice... and More", TCRS will keep this as their foundation of all their innovation and continue to serve ever so mouth-watering creations.
"Chicken Rice... and More"
Similarly this time, they believe that their hot-off-the-fire "Ayam Sedap Baq Hang" is undoubtedly worthy of its name. Why not plan your iftar today with your family or friends and your loved ones to enjoy this LIMITED TIME ONLY deal before the promotion ends. "Saya dah, anda bila lagi?"
I personally loved the foods that served here at The Chicken Rice Shop. To be honest, I am a big fan of TCRS since forever as long as I can remember! I never failed to enjoy their Butter Chicken meals whenever it is available during the festive season! And this time around, I am falling in love with their Ayam Sedap Baq Hang too. 
As mentioned, the chicken is truly flavorful and the spices are enough to excite my taste buds pretty well with just nice level of spiciness. Other than that, I loved how fresh the Nyonya Pai Tee was prepared! I always doubt when it comes to fried food due to the bad oily odor but I can assure you that I don't taste it here at The Chicken Rice Shop. 
Besides that, all the dishes are well-prepared and served hot upon your orders so you can have the freshest, hotly served meals at their outlet. Overall, I am truly satisfy with my dining experience here at The Chicken Rice Shop and recommend you guys to try it out too. 
Remember, don't miss to try this out ya! Else, you will be regretted and need to wait another round before it is ready to be serve again. 
The Chicken Rice Shop Welcomes You And Your Family On This Festive Season
That's pretty much that I want to share with you guys on my latest dining experience at TCRS. For more information about The Chicken Rice Shop, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Posting. 
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  1. The pictures making me wanting to get the dishes for berbuka kejap lagi. Sedapnya air choco tu!

  2. It's be a long time since my family and I dine at Chicken Rice Shop. Oh how I miss their Pai-Tees. Thank you for sharing your review. Will check on this later.

  3. meriah dengan pelbagai menu. macam-macam ada. Sesuai sgt dijadikan tempat makan satu family

  4. Lepas ni kalau rasa teringin kena order delivery le gamaknya, tak nyempat nak mencubanya..

  5. Menarik la set yang baru ni. TCRS memang tak pernah mengecewakan. Ni pun tengah dok mikir nak berbuka apa. So apa kata kita tutup dapur harini dan order je. Nak gak merasa Ayam Sedap Baq Hang !!

  6. I really want to try the latest promotion of Ayam Sedap Baq Hang. OMG the sight of it makes me drool. :D

  7. Yes i dah rasa ayam sedap baq hang ni. Memang sedap. Rasa rempah dan pedas semua tu, nad suka. Ni pkp boleh tapau atau delivery je la..hehee..

  8. Saw this the other day but haven't had a chance to try because my mind was already set on their mee kari. Haha. Definitely will try this on my next visit.

  9. Amboi... Menariknya menu baru TCRC ni... My family and I had always love the Pak Choy With Oyster Sauce and the Nyonya Pai Tee... Sedap beb... This time around I have yet to obtain the opportunity to try the Ayam Baq Hang... Will try it out soonest apabila dapat rentas daerah nanti...