My First Blogging Inspired By Great Bloggers And Influencers From The Social Media

Dear Bloggers, 

Who Is Your Influence In The Social Media Platform Including Blogger? 

Every thousand miles journey starts with single step! That's pretty true, right? I still remember when Facebook and Instagram got it famed over the years, everyone is talking about it in all corner of our society. You must have an account in either one of the platform or even both to catch up with the era of social media modernization and this including the Blogging community. 
When I Started To Blog Using Blogger
At the beginning of that era, I have created my own accounts and actively shared about my lifestyle activities in all the social media platforms until I treated it as a digital version of life journal. It can be the places and attractions that I have visited or even cafe and restaurants that I have dine-in before, I just loved to share it out and make it beneficial to others as a future reference!
While enjoy sharing all these information on my social media platforms, my networking with others social media activists have been widen and broader now. I have pick-up another interest from the recommendations from friends which attracted me so much which is to attend the movie premiere screening way before the movie is released to the public. 
Review After Movie Premiere Screening
With all my unintended works, I slowly received invitations from the Public Relation (PR) of a brands and agencies to collaborate especially on reviewing or promoting their products with my honest reviews, attending events or products launching or to raise awareness on certain topics to the society by using my platform.
Now, from sharing about my daily activities in my online journal, I am now working with various well-known brands covering almost every niches such as foods and beverages, restaurants, skincare routines, staycation, traveling, technology and many more that I think it suits my followers' need. 
Event Launching
But everything has changed my direction starting last year when the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard that almost everyone in the industry was affected, either it can be physically, mentally or even financially too. While everyone has been been forced to just stay at home and we have been stopped from performing any outdoors activities including attending the premiere screening, events or products launching, no cafe hopping and many more, I started to explore another opportunity that I see there is huge potential and room to explore!
I started to create a blog account using Blogger when there are great bloggers in Malaysia or even worldwide that inspired me with their works. I see it is a waste when I don't utilize this platform to share my resources with other that might be useful for them as a reference  and similar in return where blogs are resources that I used to find useful information as well.
What’s motivate me to stay active and continue to blog is the encouragement from all the famous bloggers here in Malaysia, especially  Livelifelah ( that always share opportunities with me, Bella Jamal ( has motivated me to continue to blog and stay valuable when she wrote about the TOP 100 Blogger in Malaysia using the Worth of Web, Sis Lin ( when she shared about her pageviews that influenced me achieve the same as well, a travel blogger, Ummi ( for her marvelous traveling blog, Fadima Mooneira ( that nominated my blog for her Sunshine Award earlier this year and many more in the list.
For the TOP 100 Malaysia Bloggers list, you can click here.
Do you know that there are many more influential icons that always shared about their life journey that might change your life as well? Recently, I just read about an article from the blog about Stephanie Worth sharing about “Influencer Marketing”.
There are lot of opportunities that available nowadays in the social media platforms that might help to change other life, it can be financially with the paid-job opportunity or even through motivational sharing. The only matter is either you want to explore it or not. For example, Clarissa Rankin uses her experience as a truck driver for motivational speaking and many more successful stories that might impact you too.
So, if they can, we can do it too right? Let’s together venture into the new opportunity for better future and growth together in the community. 
That's pretty much that I want to share with you guys about how I started my journey in blogging and day by days, I am looking forward for all kind of opportunities to grow together with the other famous bloggers as well. 
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Email Me At

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  1. I love your blog and I would like to see you to share more of parquet flooring repair and also other renovation services if possible! Thank you!

  2. Sis mula tahun 2019, rasanya pencetus inspirasi masa tu Red Mummy kot. Apa yang penting, content kita share boleh bagi inspirasi kat mereka di luar sana.

  3. i pun inspired from few bloggers yang pioneers. lets work hard and keep writing

  4. you are so positive! Keep it up ya. Wish to attend events like the good old days la

  5. Samalah..sis pun mula saja nak coret kisah sis tapi lama2 dpt invitation dr pr..terus sis tersuka dgn keja macam ni

  6. Kagum with all bloggers who keep on writing and sharing - it is where I'll find amazing knowledge from. I started blogging just to share my love for photography and then I started reviewing movies.

  7. Marsha mula blogging tahun 2009..Masa tu just share hal sendiri. Sekarang dah amik niche lifestyle

  8. Well every blogger have their own story about how they 1st blogging for suka-suka only before it become career & generate money.
    Keep blogging & stay humble everyone.

  9. A lovely sharing of your blogging journey, let's us all continue the love to write & share ya :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. Yayy.. keep positive and keep writing and sharing.. Sis banyak dah lalui zaman jadi blogger ni sampai ada stop kejap dua tahun, now lebih suka menulis dengan apa yang kita rasa nak tulis.. taknak push diri dan biar natural..

    Keep it up Nel.. makin habt Nel sekarang..

  11. i love blogging///

    akk boleh menulis everyday any topics..sebabb akk suka menulis..even bukan utk advert..tapi it just like..i suka ada platform sendiri untuk menulis apa sahaja

  12. I start 2009 with blog makan2 then bz keje asyik outstation so blog kelaut. Pastu comeback with bebelancikmin hehe

  13. Wah Tq ad juga selit blog Kak Bell. Semoga suksess selalu.