The Venue Shah Alam Introduces Nostalgia Desa Ramadan Buffet This Ramadan

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The Venue Offers Attractive Package For This Year Ramadan Buffet With The Themed "Nostalgia Desa"

Ramadan Buffet With The Themed "Nostalgia Desa" At The Venue Shah Alam
Finally, we bid good bye to the very challenging year of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has put everyone in a very stressful situation. Regardless how bad the situation going to be, thankfully that we finally have the vaccine ready and Malaysians going to enter the Phase 2 vaccination program soon.
Till then, we still need to live in the new normal, be part of it now and please observed closely the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by our Ministry of Health (MOH). 
Ramadan Buffet Review - The Venue Shah Alam
While everyone is patiently waiting for the good news for their turn to be part of the vaccination program, I have two (2) good news to share with you guys, especially those staying at Shah Alam and nearby. 
I believe that everyone is missing the last Ramadan as we celebrated it in a very low-key celebration due to the pandemic. But this year, after a year has passed, finally Ramadan al Mubarah is just few days away now. Special this year from The Venue Shah Alam (The Venue), they will be offering you and your family or your loved ones a very special and attractive Ramadan Buffet package with the themed of "NOSTALGIA DESA".
The Venue Shah Alam is located at the strategic location in Seksyen 15, Shah Alam. The full address is No. 15, Jalan 15/23, Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Since we are yet to get the green light that interstate traveling is permitted, this theme is so suitable with the current situation for those who missed the hometown dishes. They will bring the famous delicacies from all around Malaysia to satisfy your crave. 
The main highlights that The Venue Shah Alam will serves during the "Nostalgic Desa" Ramadan Buffet are Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Ayam Berlado, Sambang Udang Petai, Kerabu Taugeh Kerang and many more!
Daging Masak Lemak Cili Padi - The Venue Shah Alam
Ayam Berlado - The Venue Shah Alam
Assorted Kerabu - The Venue Shah Alam
Kerabu Taugeh Kerang - The Venue Shah Alam
Besides these main highlights, The Venue will have 13 stalls setup in the serving area during the Ramadan buffet. These stalls going to serve Nasi Arab Morocco (Lamb & Chicken), Sup Mamu Penang (Sup Tulang for Monday - Thursday, Gear Box Soup for Friday to Sunday), Kambing Golek Menangis, Ikan Bakar Pantai Remis, Steamed Dim Sum, Aneka Mee Kak Mas, Shell Out Seafood, Cucuk-Cucuk Steamboat, Apam Balik Abang Zam, Desserts and Fruits, Aneka Jeruk-Jeruk, Aneka Keropok and Ulam-Ulaman Kampung with Sambal.
Nasi Arab Morocco (Lamb and Chicken) - The Venue Shah Alam
Kambing Golek Menangis - The Venue Shah Alam
Ikan Bakar Pantai Remis - The Venue Shah Alam
Shell Out Seafood - The Venue Shah Alam
Apam Balik Abang Zam - The Venue Shah Alam

Assorted Kuih Muih (Cara Berlauk) - The Venue Shah Alam
Assorted Kuih - Muih (Rainbow Gao) - The Venue Shah Alam
Assorted Kuih-Muih (Talam Cendol) - The Venue Shah Alam
Assorted Kuih-Muih (Seri Muka) - The Venue Shah Alam
Assorted Crackers and Pickles - The Venue Shah Alam

Since this Ramadan buffet going to run for full whole month, fret not guys because The Venue will change the menu in rotation basis, so they will ensure you will have different menu every time you visit them for your iftar. 

During your visit, the environment in the dining area will be enliven with performances by the young-talented live band where they will entertain you while you enjoying your break-fasting. 

Performance by Young Talented Live Band - The Venue Shah Alam

Let find out how attractive the package that offers by The Venue Shah Alam for this year Ramadan Buffet, okay? 

Early Bird Promotion

Book now until 12th April 2021 to enjoy the promotion. 
Adult: RM 65 per pax
Children (Aged From 7 to 12 Years Old): RM 35 per pax
Senior Citizen (Aged 60 and above): RM 45 per pax
Group of 8: RM 500 per table
Social Distancing Observed - The Venue Shah Alam

Price and Package

From 13th April 2021 onward, the price will be as below. 
Adult: RM 75 per pax
Children (Aged From 7 to 12 Years Old): RM 40 per pax
Senior Citizen (Aged 60 and above): RM 50 per pax
Group of 8: RM 580 per table
Early Bird Promotion And Normal Price - The Venue Shah Alam
Hey guys! Here come the second good news that I want to share with you. When you made your booking for your upcoming iftar with The Venue Shah Alam, you are entitled to participate in their Lucky Draw with prizes worth up to RM10,000 including the Grand Prize of 2D1N Staycation at Avani Gold Coast Sepang to be won. Awesome, isn't it? What are you waiting for?

Book now before 12th April 2021 to enjoy the Early Bird Promotion! Click the LINK below for reservation/booking purpose. 
For your information, The Venue Shah Alam is a famous event space that you can organize your engagement or wedding ceremony, birthday celebration, product launching, reunion, seminar, graduation ceremony or even corporate events. Let me share some information about the packages available here.
Corporate Clients - The Venue Shah Alam
Wedding Package 
RM12,999 for 250 pax
RM27,999 for 1000 pax.
Other Package
RM 63 per pax with minimum 150 pax 
During this Ramadan buffet, they also offer package for bigger group that utilizing their Grand Ballroom. At the moment due to the restriction and SOP, the Grand Ballroom can fit up to 400 pax per event per session. 

This Grand Ballroom is fully air-conditioned that can ensure your comfort and also your convenient with the facilities that they have here at this venue. Prayer rooms at Level 1, washrooms, free parking space handled by RELA and designated smoking area. Oh yes, this event space is also OKU-friendly as there is elevator provided to access the other floors in this building. 
Other event halls (SOP Followed):
Second Grand Ball Room: 1,500 pax (Buffet Event), 350 pax (Seated Arrangement)
Event Hall: 500 pax (Buffet Event), 150 (Seated Arrangement)
Ground Floor Grand Ballroom - The Venue Shah Alam
This year, The Venue would love to extend the invitation to the Corporate customers that would love to organize Corporate Ramadan event at their event space. This will be a better option as the buffet will be held at bigger area and separated from the on-going Ramadan buffet. This package offers attractive price of RM 95 per pax only with minimum 80 pax
In conjunction of The Venue Shah Alam's 6th Anniversary, they proudly offering you a rebate promotion up to RM1000 for every booking with minimum of 500 pax. The slot for 2022 booking is also open now. So if you have planned for an event in 2022, you can do it now. 
Farlisa Yaafar, Founder And Manager of The Venue Shah Alam

Raya Buffet

I know that it is kind of too early since Ramadan still around the corner but I am already talking about the Syawal planning. Just for your information, The Venue Shah Alam is already open the booking for the Raya buffet with the package as low as RM 75 per pax for minimum 100 pax. 
For more information about The Venue Shah Alam, you can visit their official social media platforms at the links below to view photo and videos of the previous event or look out for their latest promotions. 
Contact: +6018 388 4845
Contact: +6018 386 4845 (Whatsapp)

Special thanks to The Venue Shah Alam for having us. Hope to see you again real soon during the Ramadan. 
Team #KiteJalan At The Venue Shah Alam

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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