The First Ready-To- Drink Cendol Beverage Launched by Cendolah in Malaysia

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The First Ready-To-Drink Cendol Beverage Is Now Readily Available In Malaysia Market And Targeting For Worldwide Market By "Cendolah"

Who doesn't love to eat Cendol especially during the hot sunny day, right? This iced sweet dessert is commonly topped with the green rice flour jelly, coconut milk or creamer, palm sugar syrup and generally with red beans or sometime, glutinous rice, seasonally with the durian especially the famous Musang King durian flesh.
This dessert is so popular in the Southeast Asia countries and each will have their own version of Cendol especially in Malaysia, it is often sold by stalls and roadside vendors. Hence, no doubt that this dessert was listed as the World's Top 50 Best Desserts by CNN and hold a special place in the hearts and taste buds of Malaysians.
Congratulation Cendolah For The Official Launching Of The First Ready-To-Drink Cendol Beverage In Malaysia
Special this week, our homegrown F&B company, the Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd is proudly introduced their new product for all the dessert lovers out there with the launch of the "Cendolah", the first in the country, the instant Ready-To-Drink Cendol beverage. Cendolah is made using the key ingredients such as the coconut milk caramel syrup, red bean and green rice flour jelly to make the refreshing experience, similar to the one that you had by the stalls or roadside vendors. 
Media Preview of "Cendolah"
The Cendolah will be premiering the refreshing taste of cendol that everyone is familiar with in the ready-to-drink concept for the very first time.  Look at the packaging, guys! It is so convenient in term of the storage as it is easy to keep and consumption as you just need to tear open the packaging, ready to sip or just pour it into a glass of ice to have it chilled.
The First Ready-To-Drink Cendolah In Malaysia
The Event Launching was successfully held at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur on the 7th April 2021 where the event was attended by the Founder of Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd, Mr. Vathumalaai Sooratanam @ Malai, representatives from Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd, representatives from Tateyama Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, Chairman of Koperasi Angkatan Wanita Bersatu Kuala Lumpur (KOOPNITA), Dato' Hjh Zurainah Musa, friends of media and bloggers. 
Opening Speech by Mr. Vathumalaai Sooratanam @ Malai
During his speech, he did shared that he has devoted over 30 years of his life to the food innovation, analyzing, researching and looking at innovative ways to make the local favorite foods, desserts and beverages into more accessible at the global market. 

"The idea behind Cendolah is to make cendol more convenient for the people by re-imaging it as an easily consumable, off-the-shelf beverage. Through the application of food technology and innovation, we were able to successfully replicate the taste of authentic cendol and I can confidently say that when you try Cendolah, it would remind you of the last time you visited your local neighborhood cendol seller." said Mr. Malai, Founder of Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd. 
Mr. Malai also took the opportunity to thanked the Malaysian government and other agencies for their unconditional support that they have given him to successfully develop this Cendolah. The big dream of Cendolah is push this product into the global market and they already working on this initiative as he speak.

"Being a homegrown SME company with aspirations to spearhead our local products at an international level, Cendolah was only possible thanks to the firm support of various government partners including MARDI, MATRADE, SMECorp, SIRIM, HDC, JAKIM and many more. We are also happy to have collaborated with a reputable partner like Tateyama Japan Food Industries, whose expertise in retort products helped the conceptualization and production of Cendolah." Mr. Malai concluded. 
Cendolah With 2 Years Shelf Life That Produced Using Retort Technology
To all dessert lovers out there, you will have peace of mind to consume this product as Cendolah is a proudly Malaysian product that certified Halal by JAKIM, came with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and MeSTI certification. 
Speech by Representative From Tateyama Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
During his speech, he did shared about the technology that used by Tateyama Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd known as retort technology to ensure the long shelf-life of the Cendolah which is two years. Besides that, the Cendolah's recipe was developed using the right balance of sugar, carbohydrate and protein, altogether creating a healthier version of the local favorite beverage.
The Launching Gimmick Of Cendolah
A launching event will not be complete without a gimmick, right?
VIPs of this event were invited to be on the stage by the emcee, master of the ceremony to complete the launching event with the gimmick prepared on the stage. The VIPs will be showing the friends of media how easy it will be to prepare the Cendolah drink from tearing the packaging to pouring into the glass, from pouring into the glass into consuming a glass of chilled cendol. 
The "Cendolah" Gimmick Launching Ceremony Completed
After the gimmick launching, the event continued with an exciting activity that open to all the media that attended this event. Everyone will be competing for the Fastest drinker to finish up the Cendolah and the winner goes to Mr. Reef Omar.
The Happiness of Having A Glass Of Chilled Cendolah
The event was concluded with the friends of media to witness the moment where Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd (Cendolah) with Koperasi Angkatan Wanita Bersatu Kuala Lumpur (KOOPNITA). Dato Hjh. Zuraidah mentioned that she is confident with the product and proud to be one of the sole distributor for Cendolah under the corporation. 
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Agreement Signature Session
Agreement Between Cendolah And KOOPNITA
Since this product is already readily available in the market, you can get them now at the price as low as RM 4.90 per sachet in the leading retail chain, MyDin. Besides that, you can purchase it through Shopee too. 

The company is actively working towards increasing its distribution channels by welcoming more retail partners onboard soon. Do you know that the production of Cendolah is targeting the production up to 1 million sachets in the coming few months? 
Let us together support the local product, go local and support local. "Beli Barangan Malaysia"!. 
The Official Cendolah Truck
For more information about Cendolah and their latest promotion, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 
Wanna know what is their thought about Cendolah? Why not watch this video that I embedded directly from the Cendolah Official Facebook page. Check them out guys.

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  1. Very interesting concept indeed especially for those who crave for the dessert. But I bet nothing really beats having the real cendol served immediately with the shaved ice and fresh ingredients. Still this is a great idea for those who want to enjoy cendol on the go.

  2. Cendol ni kalau minum waktu panas memang ngam. Senang la ada pek macam ni. Tuang dalam bekas berais dan terus minum. 1 pek tak cukup la. Kena banyak pek baru puas. Hehehe

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