Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia

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Systema, MOH and MDA Introduce CSR Campaign To Provide Oral Care Support To The Public and Frontliners

Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Systema Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth
Do you know that 94% of Malaysian adults suffered from gum disease based on the data collected from the National Oral Health Survey of Adults 2010? You might be one of them without noticing it due to the lack in term of the awareness. 
For you information, the main cause of the gum disease is due to the plaque formation, a soft sticky film containing billions of bacteria. When the plaque builds up between our teeth, along with the gum line and inside gum pockets, the harmful substance caused by the bacteria build up will damage the gum tissue. 
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
42% Gum Disease Caused The Extraction Of Permanent Tooth
Lion Corporation recently conducted a study known as Project Katsu back in 2017 on 450 Malaysian adults and the result showed that 80% of the respondents had at least one visible sign or symptom of gum disease, with the most common being bleeding and swollen gums, but only 1% realized that they have the gum disease. 
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Gum Disease Related Problem
Gum disease is highly prevalent, yet preventable. There is a serious lack of awareness of the gum disease and its potential impact to the quality of life. Generally, we always think that oral health is not as important compare to other health but do you know that oral health has a strong and proven relationship to our systemic health? 
Research studies showed there is a correlation between gum disease and general health including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and most recently, the Alzheimer's disease. 
Together, we can make a difference because preventive oral health measures such as early detection and treatment of gum disease can change the oral disease continuum, a means to address the cumulative public health burden. 
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
DSystema Anti Plaque System Comes With Anti-Plaque Toothpaste And 0.02mm Super Tapered Bristles Toothbrush For A Complete Oral Routine
If early detection and treatment of gum disease can help to lower the correlations of these life-threatening diseases, we should explore it. 

Thankfully, we have Systema, the gum health expert from Japan that is working with the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), and the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign. The collaboration is to help the public "Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth", to continuing and increasing its collaborative efforts from the previous years. 
In the year 2019, almost 50,000 people taken the online gum health check and more than 10,000 visited the participating MDA member clinics for free dental check-ups. 
The campaign is aims to educate Malaysians and  continue to uplift their oral care practices, working towards better gum health for all by reaching more than 2 million people with the fact-based and research-supported oral health information and free dental check-up to gradually reduce gum disease among adults by identifying and preventing oral health problems like gum disease before they become more serious. 
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Principle Director of Oral Health Ministry of Health (MOH), Dental Public Health Specialist, Dr Noormi Binti Othman (LEFT) and Director of Oral Health Policy & Strategic Planning Division MOH, Dental Public Health Specialist, Dr. Chia Jit Chie (RIGHT) Accepting 10,000 Trial Size and 9,000 Full Sized Systema Toothpaste On Behalf Of The Public And MOH Frontliner
The holistic CSR campaign includes;
  • 10,000 trial size Systema toothpaste to the public
  • 9,000 full-sized Systema toothpaste to the oral health frontliners
  • Interactive website that provides education on the signs and symptoms of gum disease at
  • Free gum health check assessment tool
  • Free dental checks-up via participating MDA member clinics
  • Engaging educational and awareness raising activities on social media
  • Deeply discounted Systema products to bring quality oral health products within everyone's reach.
A social media campaign featuring influencers and users to encourage everyone to Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth has started from 1st April 2021 to 30th April 2021
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Dr. Renukanth A/L Patabi Cheta Raman, Periodontist Specialist, Kuala Lumpur Dental Clinic
Systema and MDA is looking forward to provide support in contributing the products, educational materials, online and in-clinic dental check-ups, social media support and services to aid the public at this time when public dental clinics are stretched.
This campaign can help the Oral Health Program, MOH to educate more people on the critical need for better gum care and oral health, equip them with products and channel them to free dental health check-ups for assessment. 
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Ms Carmen Foo, Senior General Manager, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
"The pandemic has held us in "Survival Mode" for almost a year, but now it is time to refocus on important issues such as gum health again. Healthy gums and teeth are vital for better quality of life, so let's Gumbatte! Systema can help by making more people aware of the signs and symptoms of gum disease, that it can often be reversed during early stages by simply brushing teeth and gums twice a day." said Ms Carmen Foo. 

Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Dr. Chong Zhen Feng, Honorary General Secretary, Malaysian Dental Association (MDA)
"The MDA has been partnered with Systema on oral health campaigns, year after year. In Malaysia, gum disease is highly prevalent due to the low awareness on the importance of good oral health care. Through the Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth campaign, we wish to provide oral health care education across the country with the aim of improving the gum health and the general health of the nation. The number of people we will be able to impact by this initiative is very encouraging." said Dr. Chong Zhen Feng, Honorary General Secretary of Malaysian Dental Association (MDA).
Your gums, your responsibility. Remember to take control of your oral health by visiting the website to access your gum status and if needed, please visit the participating Malaysian Dental Association member dental clinics for your free dental check-up. The list is available in the link below. 

Free Dental Check-Up Available Here
You, together with your family members or your loved ones should visit the dentist at least twice a year!

This Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth campaign plays on the Japanese motivational cry of "Ganbatte" that means "You Can Do It" as a rallying call to get Malaysians to take charge of their oral health, even during the pandemic.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Visit now to take your online gum health check today. 
Systema Pledges To Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth with Malaysia
Check Your Gum Health Now

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