Pringles® Mr.P Ready To Mingle After Makeover

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With A Mind Popping New Look For Pringles®, Mr. P Is Ready To Mingle

Pringles® Mind Popping New Look

Pringles® Mr. P New Look After Makeover

Do you feel sad leaving behind the year 2020? The year that was really a tough year for everyone. Well, you know why right? But it is time to let bygone be bygone and let focus on something more exciting for 2021. There's a big news coming from the lovely Pringles® Mr. P, the much-loved mustachioed mascot that has a Glow Up! 
Who doesn't love a makeover, especially after 20 years right? 
Wanna know how does Mr.P looks like in 2021?  
Pringles® Mr. P New Mind Popping Look
The iconic Mr. P has been given a revamp in a bald new direction while he didn't cut bangs or grow a beard but the New Mind Popping Mr. P has less hair and more style now. His brows, even more expressive are now out and proud over twinkling eyes. 
That signature mustache is sleeker and more dynamic, with his bow tie as crisp as ever. So, you won't miss it when he gives you a cheeky wink because Mr. P's come out of his shell and isn't afraid to get playful. 
Are You Ready To Mingle With Mr.P?
He's Pringle and ready to mingle now. 
Although Mr.P has it latest makeover recently, the iconic pop and crunch that is the unique Pringles® snacking experience hasn't changed. The same inventive flavors that we all know and love, still taste the way we remember!
"We spent the last two years experimenting with Mr. P's style, Pringles®has created this fresh, bold and modern look that is anything but subtle." said Bose Sanjib, Marketing Director of Kellogg's South East Asia. 
Bose Sanjib, Marketing Director of Kellogg's South East Asia
The new Pringles® look will begin to make its way across all shelves and online in Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy, Cheesy Cheese and many more mind popping flavors in 147 gram and 107 gram Sharing Packs and 36 gram On-The-Go packs. 
Pringles® 147 gram Original Flavor

Pringles® 147 gram Saucy BBQ Flavor

Pringles® 147 gram Hot & Spicy Flavor
Pringles® 107 gram Cheesy Cheese Flavor

Pringles® 107 gram Sour Cream & Onion Flavor

Pringles® 36 gram Sour Cream & Onion Flavor
Pringles® 36 gram Original Flavor
Interesting, right? 

For more information about Pringles Malaysia, you follow them on their official social media platforms on the links below. 

 About Kellogg Company

At Kellogg Company (NYSE:K), we strive to enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter. Our beloved brands include Pringles®, Cheez-It®, Special K®, Kelloggs's Frosted Flakes®, Pop-Tarts®, Kellogg's Corn Flakes®, Rice Krispies®, Eggo®, Mini-Wheats®, Kashi®, RXBAR®, MorningStar Farms® and more. Net sales in 2018 were approximately &13.5 billion, comprised principally of snacks and convenience foods like cereal and frozen foods. Kellogg brands are beloved in markets around the world. We are also a company with Heart & Soul, committed to creating Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030 through our Kellogg's Better Days global purpose platform. Visit or 
In just over 60 years Pringles® has grown to become a global snacking sensation. First invented in 1966 in the USA and officially launch nationwide in 1975, Pringles quickly became a nationwide sensation driven by the unique saddle shaped, stackable chips and cylindrical can packaging with the iconic Mr. P. The iconic Pringles® chips are now sold in over 140 countries and are available in over 140 iconic flavors. Pringles® has grown to US$2B Brand worldwide. 
 What do you think about the latest look of Pringles® Mind Popping Mr. P now? 
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  1. Alamak post ni pulak keluar. Kena cari jugak Pringles nanti. I suka yang sour cream tu.

  2. eh! baru perasan dah new look lah hahah comel je! terus rasa nak makan sekarang nanti ada juga yang khai cari esok haaha

  3. Comel lah new look Mr. P ni! Tak perasan pulak dah bertukar sebab dah lama tak beli Pringles. Nak beli lah nanti

  4. who doesnt like pringles?! my fav is yang original. simple dan just nice. packaging baru ni lawa jugak.

  5. Selama akak makan Pringles tak perasan langsung perubahan kecil kepada design mata tu. Bila Nell blog about it, akak tunjuk kat anak akak mata Mr Pringles ada ekspresi. Mereka ketawa. Kiutnya ibu potato ni.!!!!

  6. Ehh knp xperasan design baru ni... Heheeh nampak lebih menarik laa.. Suka makan pringles ni sampai skrg layan

  7. Hahaha weii baca sini baru tau dia dah tukar, sebab baru je semalam makan dalam kereta hahaha.. adeiii mana pun tetap suka perasa tomato hahahaha

  8. Selama ni tak perasan pun dah tukar design. Kita tau makan jer.. HAhaa
    Suka sour cream. Tak cukup 1

  9. Alahai comelnya packaging dia suka tengok. Fav akk ni. Nanti boleh cr kat pasaraya

  10. Haha it's so cute that Mr.P got a makeover. My fav flavor is always sour cream & onion and Mr.P's expression on that one perfectly demonstrates how I feel when I eat it.

  11. OMG! Look at how cute his expressions are! It is great to revamp the brand to be present at the right time. Good job Mr. P

  12. i lama gila tak makan pringles sebab isu apa tah viral dulu...
    dia punya bos punya misai memang tak boleh dilupakan...
    heeee nanti nak check out la ehh

  13. wow definitely loving the new look. cant wait to check them out in the supermarkets!

  14. Wow nice! i like their new look, anyway also buy Pringles coz i like snacking.