Just Seafood At Sunway Giza Introduces "Ramadan Feast" For This Year Ramadan

April 04, 2021

 Dear Readers, 

Let Break The Fast With The "Ramadan Feast" At Just Seafood, Sunway Giza

The popular style of eating the seafood likes Crabs, Clams, Prawns and others by spreading it all over on the table, creating a huge mess and everyone enjoy it by hands is really famous in Louisiana, a state in United States of America. This trend has quickly spread to Malaysia and we can see this ideal setting to host the different races of Malaysian to all sit at the same table to feast using just hands together.

So, eating seafood is just meant to be messy, so let yourself loose and come to enjoy a great feast with your family and friends at Just Seafood, Sunway Giza. Here at Just Seafood, Sunway Giza, they serve only the imported and freshest seafood to their customers.
Hey guys, since dining out is permitted now and Ramadan is around the corner, why not looking for something different this year to break the fast with your family and friends? Just Seafood that located at Sunway Giza has something interesting to share with you this year.
Enjoy The "Ramadan Feast" By Just Seafood Sunway Giza
Just Seafood Sunway Giza has started their business 7 years ago and became one of the well-known seafood restaurant that available in this region. Just before the upcoming Ramadan, they have introduce the new menu in their list, the Baby Lobster that imported fresh from the States. 
Fresh Baby Lobsters From The States
Now, you can enjoy the fresh Baby Lobster here in Malaysia without the need to travel abroad. The CAJUN ORIGINAL is the best seller sauce where the sauce is mixed using original ingredients from Louisiana to create the authentic taste with minor modification to create the "CAJUN ASLI SEAFOOD ASLI" that suits our local Malaysians taste buds.
The current prices of this Baby Lobsters are based on the orders; it can be 1/2 KG around 12 pieces at RM 80 whereas 1 KG around 24 pieces at RM 150 only.
The CAJUN ORIGINAL Baby Lobsters
Do you know that most of the customers that order seafood with the CAJUN sauce gave positive feedback about it? Well, this including myself as I do really like it after tasting it during my last visit. Check it out my personal review video below or click the link here to view it from Just Seafood Official Facebook page.

Besides Cajun Original, there are other three extraordinary choice of sauces that available for customer to choose; the BUTTER CREAM MILK from the 100% pure butter, the GOLDEN SALTED EGG from the delicious salted egg yolks and the SIGNATURE CURRY from the mixture of curry spices.
The Original Cajun
Signature Curry
Golden Salted Egg
Butter Cream Milk Sauce
To order the Signature Set is pretty simple where Step 1, you  just need to choose the size of this dish whether it is for 2 pax, 4 pax or 6 pax. Generally, the set will comes with prawns, clams, mussels, vegetables and with or without the crabs. 

For Step 2, choose the sauce from the selections; The Original Cajun, Signature Curry, Golden Salted Egg or Butter Cream Milk, and Step 3, choose the level of spiciness to suit your preference; it can be Normal, Medium, Hot or Super Hot
As for the prices of the Signature set that you choose on Step 1, you can refer to the picture below for your reference. 
Prices of the Signature Set
If you want to add on to your Signature set, you can do so as well because Just Seafood do offers variety of other seafood such as Mud Crab (Ketam Nipah) from Indonesia, the fresh Flower Crab (Ketam Bunga) all the way from Sabah that caught and delivered to Kuala Lumpur on the same day, live Oyster from Washington, USA, clams from Indoesia, Thailand, Japan and even Chile, prawns and squids from Sabah and last but not least the baby Octopus from Japan. 
Mud Crab (Ketam Nipah) - Just Seafood Sunway Giza
Flower Crab (Ketam Bunga) - Just Seafood Sunway Giza
Huge, Clean Cockles - Just Seafood Sunway Giza
Oysters - Just Seafood Sunway Giza
You can refer to the price list below for your reference.
Signature Set Add-On Options
Another "Must-Try" and recommended dish offers here at Just Seafood is their Signature "Nelayan Platter". The Nelayan Platter is the steam seafood platter that topped with the sauce recipe originated from Bali, Indonesia. During my visit, Abg Marcus did explained on how they get the idea and inspired by the Balinese fishermen's seafood cooking technique.
The team from Just Seafood actually learn carefully through the cultural learning experience and discovery of the traditional cooking recipe. They did bring back the recipe and able to serves the authentic and original taste of Nelayan Platter now at Just Seafood. 
Interesting Sharing Session by Abg Marcus About The "Nelayan Platter"
Each set of the Nelayan Platter consists of the crab, prawns, squids, baby octopus, clams, mussels and cockles that prices at RM105 and suitable for 2 to 3 pax. You can opt for without the crab with the price of RM 65 only. 
The Signature "Nelayan Platter"
The Authentic And Original Recipe Of The Nelayan Platter Topping
The Complete Signature "Nelayan Platter"
If you are a big fan of Steamboat, Just Seafood do have the steamboat set with the prawn soup based that suitable for 2 to 3 pax that priced at only RM 49. The set comes with prawns, squids, clams, mussels, lobster ball, assorted vegetables like cabbage, straw mushroom, Shitake mushroom, corn, tofu and also tofu skin. 
I couldn't share much about it or any pictures since we did not have it during the last visit. Maybe I can come back and try this out, right? 
For the drinks, you can refer to the picture below for your reference. 
Just Seafood Beverage List
As I mentioned earlier in my entry, Just Seafood do have something special to share with you right? Well, the moment of truth. It is their Ramadan Feast that will be made available starting today until the end of Syawal. Interesting, right? 
The Ramadan Feast is priced at RM129 ++ and served for 2 pax that comes with 350 gram of crabs, prawns, lala, mussels, corn, potato and carrot.  Similar to how you order the Signature set, you will need to choose the sauce and level of spiciness for this feast. 

Just for this feast, it comes also with 2 glasses of beverage that you can choose between Iced Lemon Tea or Lemon Grass Cooler, 2 plates of rice and free Kurma, 4 pieces of Baby Lobsters and 2 pieces of Amaris Portuguese Egg Tart.
Ramadan Feast by Just Seafood
So what are you waiting for guys? Plan your visit now or during the holy month of Ramadan for your Iftar or even dinner with family and friends during the Syawal. To avoid disappointed during the walk-in, why not make your reservation now by clicking the link below. 

Make Your Reservation Here: Book Your Table Now
As for my personal review, I personally really love to dine here because of several reasons. First, the quality of the seafood as Just Seafood only served the best and freshest seafood to their customer. Hygiene was at the tip top condition that you can see the cockles are superbly clean and big. Customer convenient is their priority that they even provide every customer one disposable adult bib. The tastes of each dishes are perfect, delicious and suits my taste buds really well. Last but not least, the ambient and environment are very welcoming plus Just Seafood do have really friendly and helpful staffs. 
Scrumptious Dishes Served During My Visit To Just Seafood Sunway Giza
Special thanks to Just Seafood Sunway Giza for having me. Really appreciate for the invitation and guys, you can find more information about Just Seafood or their latest promotions at their social media platforms from the links below. 

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post.
For Collaboration Or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Email Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com.

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  1. Nampak geram tengok lobster yang dihidangkan tu. Comelnya baby lobster tu. Sesiapa teringin nak makan seafood bulan puasa ni dah tahu nak makan kat mana kan?.

  2. Peminat makanan laut mmg wajib datang cuba menu kat sini.

    shell out pun nampak menyelerakan. mesti puas hati makan sebab portion nampak banyak

  3. Yummy........look at the crabs and the lobsters. This looks like a good package for family iftar. Thank you for sharing bro.

  4. last time dah pergi just sea food tapi waktu tu dulu tak ada lagi ala ala shell out ni lagi.. sekarang dah ada kan.. nak tanya lah offer untuk 2 pax tu kan.. boleh tak ambil untuk 2 dewasa 2 anak kecil.. sebab anak kecil ni bukan makan banyak pun tapi kalau tambah extra rice okaylah kan heeeee

  5. I know who I will be bringing for the birthday celebration here soon. The food choices are vast and I know my friend will be over the moon with the choices

  6. OMG, kenapalah di JB takde ni.. kalau ada, dah memang Sis nak cubanyaa.. Sis suka makan seafood okay.. adoii kecur terus nengok..

  7. fuhhh ketammmm. fuhhhhhh seafood dia menggoda betul. bayangkan bulan ramadan makan kat sini. fuhhhh slurrrpp slurrrpp bersila lah kita makan. hahaha. nell review memang buat akak meleleh ailio. hahaha

  8. cantiknye view dia. Harga ok jugak. Rambang mata tengok seafood. Pet friebdly tu boleh bawak pet ke?

  9. Seafood galore amog.. mmg puas hati kalau dapat makan kat sini. Macam3 ada

  10. wahh sedapnyaa! dah lah khai suka seafood. hrmmm terliur dah tengok nanti ada rezeki nak jugalah pergi

  11. Wow, rm129 for 2 pax is not bad, right? I used to think that this place was super expensive, since they serve all these expensive seafood like oysters, baby lobsters and all that.

  12. meriahnya seafood dia , ni kalau tak fikir alergik memang terjah dah nih , tapi mungkin akan terjah juga walaupun akibatnya nanti kena tanggung sendiri...hahahaha

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  14. Sedap nya semua Makanan Dia. Tgk ketam tu je dh mgiurkan je.

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