Iftar Ramadan At D'Kayangan Steamboat Shah Alam

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Let's Iftar With Your Family And Friends At D'Kayangan Steamboat Shah Alam With Their #BestWey Ramadan Buffet

Iftar At D'Kayangan Steamboat Shah Alam
Weeks before Ramadan, I saw many of my friends in social media shared about their dining experience of visiting a grill and barbeque steamboat restaurant that located somewhere at Shah Alam. Based on their reviews, it seems like worth to plan for a visit too since we are allowed to dine out now.
As a steamboat dining lover, I decided to search for more details about this restaurant and I found out that D'Kayangan Steamboat BBQ Buffet offers "Sinaran Ramadhan Buffet" with the theme of "Salam Citarasa" during the holy month of Ramadan this year starting from 13th April 2021 until 12th May 2021, encourage to be there as early as 4.00 P.M. to look for your perfect seat.
Sinaran Ramadan Buffet #BestWey
What attracted me the most to plan for the visit during the month of Ramadan is their attractive prices per pax where Adult, Children Aged 4 to 11 Years Old and Senior Citizen Aged 60 Years Old And Above/OKU are priced only at RM 39.90, RM 22.90 and RM 35.00 nett per pax respectively. 

But you must be wondering what so special besides the prices right? Let me share with you the list of dishes that available here during the Ramadan. First, of course the assorted steamboat choice, seafood and also grill choice. Besides these, there are variety of dishes ranging from Bolognese pasta to "Ayam Masak Merah", curry meat and many more.
Assorted Steamboat Choice, Seafood And Grill Choice
Nasi Biryani
Variety of Choices - Pasta Bolognese, Ayam Masak Merah
What make it more interesting and worth every penny you paid for the steamboat is the 3 live cooking stations that available throughout the Ramadan; Kambing Golek station, Roti John station and also Kuey Teow Basah station
Kambing Golek Station
Looking for more in the list? No problem, guys! D'Kayangan Steamboat Shah Alam also serving assorted noodles and mee hoon, fresh eggs, variety of kuih-muih, cakes, fried fritters, few choices of vegetables, fresh fruits and even rojak too.
Assorted Noodles And Fresh Eggs
Fried Fritter And Fresh Fruits
Assorted Cakes
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Vegetables
For the drinks and desserts, they serves 6 different drinks from cordial to the yummilicious teh tarik, plain water and also ice if want your drinks to be served cold. To end the dinner with something sweet, you can go for ABC or even ice-cream too! 
ABC For Desserts
Few Choices of Ice-Cream
Here at D'Kayangan Steamboat, they served two type of soup based that you can choose between tomyam soup or the chicken soup. For us, we opt for one each so that we can taste both the broth prepared by them. 
Tomyam Soup For Steamboat And Grill Plate
Although the concept here is Eat All You Can with the fixed price that you paid earlier, please be reminded not to take too much, more that what you and your family can consume. Do not waste the foods, guys! Else you will be charged with RM 10.00 per every 100 grams. 

This included the butter that you need for the grill purpose. There are more people behind you that need this too, just take sufficient amount and top-up only when required. Please do the same too for the condiments and sauces as there are 12 type of sauces served here, I believe the choices are more than all you need.
Don't Waste Your Foods
Butter For The Grill - Take What You Need Only
Variety of Condiments And Sauces
Oh yes, since we are still fighting together with the frontliners to flatten the curves of the COVID-19 pandemic spread, please follow all the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)s that set by our Majlis Keselamatan Negara. Besides scanning MySejahtera, measuring your body temperature and sanitizing your hand, remember to wear your face mask at all time when necessary and using the hand glove provided whenever you want to pick up your foods!
Be a responsible citizen so that we can help to curb the spread while enjoying our normal lifestyle after this. I had my great time enjoying the wide spread of foods and networking with my friends over the iftar. 
For more information about D'Kayangan Steamboat Shah Alam, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

For booking purposes, you can click the link below to call or Whatsapp them. Remember to make your booking as early as 10.00 A.M daily to avoid disappointment since the demand is pretty high right now especially during the Ramadan!


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  1. Dah lama sangat tak ke D'Kayangan Steamboat. Lama juga tak makan buffet steambot. Nanti nak pergilah. Rindu nak makan semua ni. Last pergi masa sebelum pandemik.

  2. dah lama tak pergi ke sini. dulu selalu la jugak still wondering dalam tu masih berhawa dingin ya? situ banyak choice, dulu paling suka daging coffee dia. sedap!

  3. Lama tak ke d'kayangan steamboat. Jauh nak ke sana..kalau ada org bawak sis ok je..hehehe. Steamboat dia memang sedap

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  5. dah lama tak makan sini. makanan banyakkk sangat. best gak kalau berbuka steamboat

  6. Meriah dengan bermacam jenis menu! Sesekali buka puasa ni bagus juga. Nampak pun sedap belaka tu :)

  7. It has been quite a while since I went there with my friends. I love the food and the ambience there

  8. Wah ada nasi beryani. Suka makan kat sini. Banyak variety. Harga pon murah

  9. Alaa....Shah Alam, jauh la pulak. Kalau area KL gigih lagi nak terjah. Takpe, nanti Sal share dengan geng S.Alam yang tengok cari tempat tuk gather buka puasa.

  10. wah banyak yer pilihan. memang berbaloi sangat2 ni makan buffet kat sini dengam family dan kawan2

  11. Rindu makan kat sini. Suka dengan pilihan steamboat dia macam2 ada

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  14. Bestnya semua especially steamboat part. Love. lama betul tak makan. thanks for sharing this:)