Say No More To Paper Business Card! Go Digital Business Card With TAG (T-A-G MY)

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Share Your Contact And Social Media Platforms With Just One Tap

Have you ever encounter embarrassing moment before like you forget to bring your own Business Card or running out of it when you want to share it with your clients or friends that you just met during an event? Since you didn't have it with you but you still want to share your details with them, this is a great solution for you. 


Digital Revolution of Business Card with T.A.G. No more awkward moment after this ##TAG ##DigitalBusinessCard ##JustTapAndGo

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Or you still have your business card with you but the social media information or your contact have been updated, so the card that you have now will be voided and wasted, right? Plus, I found out that it is not cheap nowadays to make your own design and business card especially if you need a premium type of card. 
 Join The Revolution With One T-A-G Sharing - Be A TAG Now
Today, I have a great solution for you to avoid all these inconvenience caused that related to business card. As we are moving into the era of digitization, we are converting information such as contact numbers, emails, social media websites and URLs, addresses and others related information into a digital format. T-A-G is the solution!

The New Revolution Digital Business Card

With T-A-G, we can instantly and accurately update our information to save all our personal details that we would like to share with our friends and networking partners. Most importantly, we can go paperless where the information can be retrieved by the receivers with just one tap using their phone. 
How many of you eventually kept all the business cards that you have collected during an event or exchanges? Study showed that eventually 83% of paper business cards are often threw away after all the details have been saved. 
Like I mentioned before as we can go paperless now, we can eventually save the cost of printing your own business card or reprinting when details have changed. We can go GREEN and indirectly, saving the environment too. 

More Than A Digital Business Card

As we all know, traditional business card can only includes limited information due to the space constraint. The best with T-A-G is that you can share your information more than just basic contact details such as phone number and email, because now you can share your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, Pinterest and many more that you can named it. 
Some of us do have long and unique social media account name, so with T-A-G you can save your breath from explaining to your receivers or spell it out to them as with just one single tap, they can retrieve all the necessary details correctly without an error. 

Flexibility To Share One Or Multiple And Change Anytime

T-A-G is fully customizable as well where you can simple change and update the details that you want to share with your receivers with just a click away in the apps. You can select to share only one, multiple or all your profile and contact details depending on who you are meeting with and the relevant of sharing it with them. 
My Digital Business Card with T-A-G

Business Operators Level Up - Digital Menu & Reviews

Beside using T-A-G as Business Card, F&B operators can utilizes this T-A-G as their digital menu as well. This is part of the new normal due to the current COVID-19 pandemic to minimize physical contact or longer period of interaction time between staffs and the customers when it comes to ordering. 
With single tap, operators can easily direct their customers to the review pages such as Google Review, TripAdvisor and many more for them to drop a review without missing a valuable input from them. You are able to drive customers to LIKE & FOLLOW your brand page to increase brand followers too. 

Receiver Doesn't Even Need A T-A-G To Receive Details

Unlike others application where you usually need to have the same devices before you can retrieve details or information, your receivers or customers just need to have Near Field Communication (NFC) capable phone to retrieve your T-A-G details. Almost all type of mobile phone comes with this NFC. 
You can check if your phone do have NFC or not by just searching for it under your Phone setting. 
NFC Setting On The Phone

Safety & Privacy Assured

When I mentioned about NFC on the point above, I am sure many of my readers have this question on their mind, is it safe? Well, no offend because this is the first question I'm asking myself too when I first decided to use T-A-G. 
T-A-G is built with the safety of its user's privacy in mind. There is an ON/OFF features that you can easily toggle it to prevent any unwanted tap or sharing. NFC is the technology that used by your Touch 'n Go card, Singapore Easylink Card, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. So, you should have better assurance on this when I mentioned the above application, right? 


Lastly, you can also use T-A-G as your Wi-Fi tag where you can easily share wifi information with another person without the need to inserting the password manually. Now, they can gain internet access with just one tap too. 

This is indeed a very useful function where AirBnBs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, or any public WiFi providers can use this T-A-G function without the need to disclose your sensitive Wi-Fi password or many long password for convenience purpose.
My T-A-G
I have been using T-A-G for months and I personally really like it as it is convenient, customizable and my favorite part is the cost and environmental saving. If you are interested to purchase this T-A-G, you can just click the LINK below. 

Purchase T-A-G Here: Get Your T-A-G Now!
For more information about T-A-G and latest promotion, you can visit their social media platforms using the link below. 
Signing Out For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. it ia so go green campaign. i like this idea of using paperless name card

  2. Yeah! Am using TAG too, totally agreeing to your sharing esp am ago green supporter :) Wish more & more people will use TAG too, no more paper printing. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  3. Lepas nie dah tak payah create namecards dah. Senang kita nak share with friends and it has so many benefits too.

  4. Betullah jimat mdalam segi kos juga nak buat namecards semua.. sebab semua orang guna phone.. nanti nak share juga kat anak Sis yang kerja Proton tu, mudahkan kerja dia ni kalau guna ni..

  5. bagus sangat konsep digital card macam ni. sangat mudah dan praktikal

  6. This is so convenient, nowadays we don't have to print name card anymore and its faster to transfer info online.

  7. what a great and innovative idea! anything can be digitized today and this seems like such a simple yet smart product. cant wait to learn more about it!

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