Pop Meals Introduced Number One Best Seller Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken

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Let "Lagi Banjir, Lagi Ong" With Pop Meals Golden Egg Fiesta Number One Best Seller, The Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken

Pop Meals Ong Combo At Only RM18.88
Recently before Chinese New Year, I saw an advertisement at the social media platform about the Number One Best Seller, the Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken promotion from Pop Meals. As a big fan of Salted Egg sauce, how can I resist from ordering this and give it a try right? Since it is the best seller what!
In conjunction of the auspicious celebration, Pop Meals launched their Golden Egg Fiesta starting from 25th January 2021 by introducing the prosperous ONG Combo for only RM18.88. This combo comes with a steamy hot rice, crunchy popcorn fried chicken with creamy golden salted egg sauce and a cup of refreshing Iced Mango Lemonade. 
I personally really love this combo so much. First, the rice smells good and best having it hot, the popcorn chicken tastes nice and juicy but if increase a bit on the portion will be better, the sauce was purely flavorful and last but not least, the drink was the best to quench my thirst.
Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken
Hey guys, want to be rewarded while you enjoy this Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken? Let me share with you how you can do it. 
  1.  Order yourself the ONG Combo from https://popmeals.com.my/kuala-lumpur/menu
  2. Before checkout, apply this code "BETASTY24464". (For First Time Order)
  3. Upload a video you "POUR your Golden Egg Sauce" over the ONG Combo meal
  4. Remember to tag @popmeals_my on IG Story/Post
  5. Plus hashtag #POURsperityChallenge
Simple as that and you will receive your surprise from Pop Meals once you have completed the steps above. So "Lagi Banjir, Lagi Ong!". I did mine, how about you? Join me now okay.
Lagi Banjir, Lagi Ong!

dahmakan Rebranding To Pop Meals

At the same time, I was wondering about Pop Meals as this was the first time I heard about this food service provider. Upon checking for more details, I found out that...... 
dahmakan rebranding to Pop Meals
There was a major rebranding of this food service provider from dahmakan to Pop Meals, a one-of-a-kind, "Netflix of Food" that was designed to offer you the popular food at even more popular prices.

Do you find out this question to be the toughest one especially during lunch time with your colleague or dinner time with your family when you decided order foods? The question is "What To Eat Lah?". 

Starting from 2nd November 2020, Pop Meals can helps everyone to solve this tough question easily because you can undoubtedly decide what to order based on Pop Meals' exciting features like Popular Meals Chart. 
Pop Meals Latest Logo, A Fresher Look
Popular Meals Chart - Updated In Weekly Basis
Interesting, isn't it? 
For more information about Pop Meals and latest promotion, you can visit their official social media platforms. 

 Do check it out the post below on my personal POURsperity Challenge, okay?
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. Oh yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This golden salted butter egg meals look so yummy. Bonne appetite. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

  2. wahhh comel je buat konsep macam ni. Membantu sangat kalau yang clueless nak makan apa. The cream looks thick.

  3. Oh no! Now you making me wanting to have 'lagi banjir, lagi ong'. And yes - this will certainly helps with 'where/ what to eat' question. Haha

  4. ohh rebranding dari dahmakan ker. before pernah jugak order dengan dahmakan , memang sedap2 dan healthy menu dia. Yang ni nampak sedap jugak , lagilah dengan golden salted egg dia yang nampak menyelerakan sangat.....bolehlah nanti nak cuba.

  5. Omo! That golden salted egg sedapnya! My fav ni. Makan dengan nasi putih panas. Alaaa sedap! Lapar pulak baca entry ni.

  6. Kalau salted egg ni kdgkala ada yg kurang sedp. Kalao cukup semua mmg terbaik! Baru tau rebranding dr dahmakan.

  7. Oh yumsss! i can't wait to try Pop Meals Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken.

  8. OMG Nell oii.. Sis ni pantang nampak salted egg, memang kesukaan.. nampak sangat menyelerakan uii... Mana nak cari ek kat pepagi ni huhuhu

  9. argh! so tempting! i wish we had this pop meals in kota bharu area!

  10. Woww. Nyummynye. Banyak kuah tu. Suka makan kuah banyak. Bolehla cuba nanti

  11. diorang dah rebranding kan? dulu pernah juga order and yes salted dorang sangat sedap tapi tu lah kuah kedekut naw! hopefully with this brand new name sudah improve la ya

  12. i still think that the salted egg butter chicken is one of the most amazing creation in the world. i cannot wait to give this dish a try from pop!

  13. Wah meriahhh salted egg dia.. suka tengok. Ni kalau makan mmg puas hati

  14. Omggg, I love my nasi swimming in gravy like that. The more, the better. And who doesn't like salted egg, right?