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Seamless Food Ordering Apps And Get Rewarded With Your Every Spends

Kuala Lumpur is once again put under Movement Control Order 2.0 (MCO 2.0) which has been extended to 4th February 2021. One of the restriction during this MCO is that dining out is not possible. Due to this limitation, I will need to either go for Pick-Up or the best option is Delivery where foods will be delivery to my doorstep without the need of myself going out to the restaurant. While searching for the F&B apps, I found this Aliments app, a seamless food ordering application. 
Aliments App
The interface of Aliments is pretty simple and user-friendly. Upon launching the application, the front page is showing the Order option where you can either choose for Pick Up or Delivery.
Aliments App Interface
If you are working outside and want to collect your order while you are on the way back to your home sweet home, you can select the Pick Up option. Under this option, you can choose either you want to go for Counter Pickup where you can pick up your orders at the store counter or Drive Thru where the restaurant staff will send the orders to your car. You just need to insert your contact number, car plate number and describe your car (i.e. car model and car color).
Since I am staying and working from home since the MCO 1.0 again, of course I will opt for the Delivery option. Upon clicking the Delivery tab, a list of merchants nearby will be popup and available for you to choose.
Choices of Restaurant Option Interface - Aliments
You can either scroll through the list or if you have some choice on your mind, you can use the "Search" function. To know more about the restaurant, you can click the "!" and details such as Address, Operating Hours, Phone Number, Email Address, Direction, Restaurant's Social Media Platforms and other information will be available for you to access.
Information About The Restaurant
Once you have confirm which restaurant to order from, just click the selection and the app will launch the menu that offers by the restaurant of your choice. Tap on the food that you want to order, pick the option if available then click the "Add to Basket". When you have done with the selection and satisfy with your order, click the "Yellow Bar" button on the bottom that showing "No. of Order". Select the correct address for the delivery under the "Choose A Place" interface. 
Review your order and check if the details are correct before proceed with the payment. Make sure the details such as From and To delivery points and the list of selected meals are correct.
Order List For Checking - Aliments
It is time to proceed with the payment when everything is confirmed. Aliments app offers various of payment options such as credit card, debit card or e-wallet like Touch 'n Go eWallet, Grab Pay, Boost, Shopee Pay or even using the Aliments point. Convenient, isn't it?
Payment Options - Aliments
The integrated, real-time timeline interface will popup when payment is done and the food ordering is confirmed. A detail information will be shared in this interface such as the rider contact number, timing when the order is in preparation, when the rider pick-up your order and the current location of the rider in the map format. You can track the location of your food and ready for the collection from the rider.
Order Tracking Interface - Aliments
Just sit back, relax and your food will be delivered to your doorstep. This Aliments app is really easy to use, convenient and offers me hassle-free food ordering experience. As mentioned earlier, the interface is simple hence very user-friendly that only few buttons are required to complete the order. The integration between all necessary system is so seamless and straightforward. I can also earn Aliments' points from time to time and earn cash voucher with every successful referral. 
So guys, download this Aliments apps now and experience it yourself. You can download the apps from the link below. Remember to use this referral code "9020242" to enjoy RM5 OFF on your first order "
Enjoy Suki-ya At Home With Aliments
For more information about Aliments app, you can visit the links below. 

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. Wow. More and more online food delivery are coming up. Meaning more choices for us to choose from. So, mana yang bagi best service memang jadi pilihan la kan.

    Sedapnya Sukiya

  2. sekarang ni app macam ni memang banyak kan. memudahkan orang ramai nak membeli makanan. tambahan kedai-kedai pun tak boleh buka lama sekarang

  3. Wahhh makin banyak delivery apps dari mall. Boleh la order sukiya jugak guna aliments ni yeayyy

  4. Hey,...this is a very good apps. Thumbs up! I need to download aliments on my phone and ipad too. Thank you for this information.

  5. More food delivery apps available nowadays, easy for us to order food while staying at home during MCO 2.0. Anyway, thanks for the info.

  6. Wow we now have even more delivery services at our disposal. It is easy to use, navigate and track. Will check it out.

  7. Love the point accumulation program. That's a good way to reward customers!

  8. Senangnya sekarang kan, semua order online jee, Sis dari buta IT nak guna apps, sekarang dah pandai dah hehehe.. keje membeli aje.. ni kalau ada kat JB, Sis dah order gak hehehe

  9. nampak menarik food ordering apps ni. interface dia comel sangat. senang nak guna pulak tu. paling best boleh collect points. nak dw lah juga.

  10. Masa sekarang ni kita kena all out business menggunakan apps dan online ni kerana orang sekarang dah beralih kepada yang digital nak makan kat kedai pun tak boleh kan mudah giler ada apps macam ni nak cuba beli lah....

  11. another food app with amazing selection and promo. cant wait to try this out soon!

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  13. Semuanya mudah sekarang. Nak order makanan dah ada macam-macam apps yang kita boleh pilih and guna. Yang penting, jimat masa dan tenaga kita :) nice. thanks for sharing this.

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