Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day With Q Jelly Themed Jelly Cake

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Q Jelly Introduced CNY-Themed Jelly Cake and Mini Bite With Its Signature Pandan Layer And Pandan With Longan

Chinese New Year 2021 is just few more weeks away from now where we going to see the Chinese community celebrating and welcoming the New Year from the Lunar calendar perspective. With the current pandemic situation, we might see that the celebration will be tone down and limited as we are working hard to break the virus spreading chain. However, the celebration still need to go on even we going to celebrate it in a very minimal way and following the SOPs and guideline set by the government. 
Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day With Q Jelly Themed Jelly Cake
Q Jelly CNY-Themed Jelly Cake And Mini Bites
Q Jelly Bakery Shop has introduced its CNY-themed jelly cake and mini bites earlier this week to ensure that we can celebrate the auspicious day with our loved ones with these lovely delicacies. These jelly cake and mini bites are made from Japan-imported Green Seaweed as the main ingredient. 

Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day With Q Jelly Themed Jelly Cake
CNY-Themed Jelly Cake - Signature Pandan Layer
Research found out that the green seaweed is high in fibre, low in saturated fat and cholesterol hence it is healthier choice product that suitable for all ages. Most importantly, the jelly cake does not contain food additives, does not contain animal-product based and purely made from 100% natural flavors by using only the fresh ingredient. The food color dyes are approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. 
Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day With Q Jelly Themed Jelly Cake
Pandan With Longan CNY-Themed Mini Bites
Since Valentine's Day is also falling on the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year 2021, Q Jelly Bakery Shop also introduced the lovely Valentine's Day themed jelly cake as well. The flavor of these jelly cake and mini bites are the Signature Pandan Layer and Pandan with Longan. 
Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day With Q Jelly Themed Jelly Cake
Valentine's Day Themed Jelly Cake - Signature Pandan Layer
Lovely isn't it? In conjunction of these festive seasons, Q Jelly Bakery Shop proudly offers us a special promotion where we can enjoy 10% OFF  when you apply this promo code "CNY2021" during your check out. This promo code is valid from 15th January 2021 to 28th January 2021 for all the CNY-themed jelly cake and mini bites. You can order the jelly cakes and mini bites by clicking the link below. 

Q Jelly Bakery Shop Website
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Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day With Q Jelly Themed Jelly Cake
Kitkat Nelfei Wish Everyone A Very Happy Chinese New Year 2021

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  1. Nice jelly cake you have there.looks great to sent to mum for chinese new year this year

  2. macam ni punya comel cake taktau la boleh makan ke tak. sayang pulak nak makan. cantik sangat ni

  3. Wow! I like how you are going all out by wearing such a beautiful costume to take photos with the cakes. By the way the cakes look colourful ad full of festive vibes.

  4. Nampak comel kek2 ni. Enjoy your festive tak lama lagi ya. Dengan norma baru, walaupun tak boleh berkumpul

  5. Very creative and all the jelly cakes looks so cute 😍 nak makan pun sayang lah 😆

  6. Omg the jelly cakes are so prettyyy! I'm tempted to get one for myself. Or maybe I should demand one for Valentine's. Heheh.

  7. kalau mcm ni punye cantik, tak tergamak sisyat nak potong :-)

  8. Ala ala ala. Why so cute one?
    I dare not to eat them coz so cute la the cakes.
    But then, if I don't eat them how la I can know the taste, right?
    So creative!

  9. comelnya! sayangnya nak makan hehe. semoga selepas ni dapat lah kita sambut perayaan seperti zaman sebelum covid.

  10. Aww comelnya!!! Halal tak ni Nel? Kreatif dan kemas je hasil mereka buat Jelly! I cannot la tengok makanan comel ni. Rasa nak beli semua!

  11. Wow! Sakan bergaya. Dah mcm memang celebrate Chinese New Year lak...rajinnya berhias!

  12. Kalau dapat kat Sis depan mata ni, maunya terus gagal 'cut sugar' Sis oii.. hahahaha.. comel sangat, mestilah sedap tuuu...

  13. omg cute giler the cakes, just look at those colours and the amount of effort that goes into making and perfecting them. i am sure the entire family will love it, young and old!

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