Looks Good and Feels Great With Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric Shirt

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5 Smart Functions That Make You Looks Good and Feel Great With Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric Shirt

Do you still remember when Malaysia was put under Movement Control Order (MCO) last year for the very first time when everyone need to stay home and work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
That was the new norm for everyone back then but time flies, I have been working from home for the past one year now. Working from Home is no longer a new normal for us, right?
Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric Shirt
Even working from home, we still need to dress up professionally since most of the time we will  need to attend online meeting with client, with our colleague and of course, wearing office wear at home will eventually elevate our morale and as a motivation for the rest of the day.
So, I choose Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric shirt after I get to know about the smart functions of its material that make me look awesome and feel good all day long. 

These are the 5 smart functions that I love the most about this Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric Slim Fit shirt. 
  • The shirt material is made from Bamboo fabric. It is the softest and most comfortable fabric that you will ever find. Beside soft and comfortable, bamboo fabric also a smooth material, eco-friendly and perfect for hot and cold weather. 
  • Breathable layer is used in this shirt as this layer is able to release trapped heat and moisture. Therefore, no more sweat stains and unbearable body odor. 
  • The shirt is designed to be stretchable for greater flexibility. Hence, the shirt will remains neat and wrinkle-free regardless how you stretch it while wearing it. 
  • Bamboo fabric is also an easy-iron fabric. Thus, you spend less time at the ironing board and have more time pursuing your goals and dreams. 
  • The material is also quick-drying as you wash today, you can wear it tomorrow. Maintaining shirt hygiene has never been easier as this. 
Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric Shirt Available In 6 Colors
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Emmer Zecna Bamboo Fabric Shirt For Only RM8.90!
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For more information about Emmer Zecna, you can visit the links below. 

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  1. Bior betul promo gift tu? rm8.90? Eh nak laaa cuba, kot dapat belikan untuk Suami. Nampak selesa sangat nel pakainya..

  2. The shirt looks good on u. Love the color. It suits with ur skin. The fabric looks easy for ironing too. Would love to buy one for me and grab the discount. Very cheap !

  3. Wahhh pakaian dari bamboo! Dulu pernah dengar pakaian jenis eco friendly ni tapi tak pernah try beli. Nice jugak buat hadiah

  4. brand ni bunyi macam nak sama dengan perfume tu kan hehe. anyway nampak u comfortable sangat pakai baju ni. material pun sedap pakai ni

  5. Ok. You got me at easy iron and quick drying. Pastu tengok plak harga murah. Apooooo!!! Terus berdesup nak tengok. Bye!

  6. Nampak cantik material dia, menarik ni cepat kering and easy iron..mujur takde suami kalau ade suami dah beli untuk suami dah huhu

  7. Wow rm8.90, seriously? I wish they had women's wear too. The fact that it's wrinkle free, quick-drying and eco friendly is very appealing.

  8. such a nice promo!cheap!loves the variety of colors..
    follow you#31

  9. Smart tengok bajunya.. Suami kita tak kerja pejabat so mmapun tengok jela.. Hehehe. Bagusnya ada promo.. Memmag sesiapa mencari baju kemeja kene grab la

  10. i cant wait to get this for my boyfriend. it is so important to be able to work comfortably in a shirt with breathable and good materials, and this definitely it!