Better Be Safe With Care Condoms Than Sorry!

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Using Condoms Can Reduce The Risk of HPV Infection by 70%

Recent years we have heard a lot about Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV) but have you heard about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) before? HPV is the most common sexually transmitted diseases similar to HIV but it is usually harmless and less deadly compare to HIV that leads to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
HPV often shows no signs or symptoms and most of the time the infections will be clear on its own. As there are more than 100 strains of this virus and around 40 of them affect the genital areas, if the viruses remain, it may turn into genital warts and cancers. People detected they have HPV either when the genital warts appear or when they are diagnosed with more serious health issue like cervical cancer. Other cancers related to this HPV are vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, penile cancer, anal cancer, rectal cancer or throat cancer.
The HPV will be transmitted from the infected person to his or her partner with any kind of intimate behavior that involves genital contact, intercourse is not necessary but that is the most common way how an individual get the virus. 
Prevention Better Than Cure! Better Be Safe Than Sorry With Care Condoms
Similarly to HIV, currently there is no medicines for the HPV treatment but it is important for every adults that is sexually active to get the HPV vaccine to protect yourself. Another way, studies show that using condom can reduce the risk of HPV infections up to 70%. So, it is time to be a responsible person and take necessary action to protect yourself and your loved one. 
Valentine Gift Box
In conjunction of the upcoming Valentine's Day, Care Condom Malaysia is launching their Valentine Gift Box with a very special offer at the price of RM38.00 only (N.P: RM73.50). In the box, there are three boxes of condoms;

Care22 which is the "The Malaysia Book of Records" holder of the thinnest latex condom made in Malaysia on the 2019. The thickness is just 0.04mm skin thin and it aim to provide the utmost lovemaking sensation, it is so thin that it's barely there! It comes with 3 premium quality lubricated condoms in the box.
Care50 is the G Spot Tropical flavored G condoms that specially designed to stimulate the G spot and heighten over sensation. It comes with 12 premium quality lubricated condoms in the box. 

Care Triple Valentine Pleasure (Limited Edition) that triple your pleasure with Care22, Care42 and Care28. Care42 is contoured dotted condom with perfume and Care28 is the perfectly fit condom with vanilla fragrance. 

When you purchase this Care Valentine Gift Box now, you will get the FREE item such as the hand sanitizer, dice, soap rose and most importantly, FREE DELIVERY guys! Don't miss this opportunity and get yours now at the link below. 

Better Be Safe Than Sorry!

Protect Yourself and Your Loved One!
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  1. nice packaging, if u tak explain i might not know its a condom. yess we need more awareness for using condom. jangan malu. like u said better be safe

    1. Ni packaging has for coming Valentine's Day ni.. bukan nak mengalakkan but yes, better be safe than sorry kan.. good awareness for the public sebenarnya... lagi2 the information about the diseases, selalu dengar about HIV, AIDS, but first time i read about HPV..

  2. Hey.........condom review huh? Interesting! Lovely pacakge. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I guess not a condom review kot sebab single mingle tak pernah try and cannot review about it.. hahaha.. aduiii.. actually just to raise an awareness about the importance of protecting ourselves and our loved one from diseases like HPV,etc.

  3. Condoms (and other forms of contraception) should no longer be a taboo subject. It's important to spread awareness. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly, so agree with your statement too sis Ummi.. Very true! And there are lot of debates about this but after all, it's all about better be safe than sorry kan...

  4. Sis tak pernah guna alat ni, Sis guna implano..
    Tapi ada kawan Sis guna ni, pun mengandung juga, pelik jugaa..

    1. Ha'ah yes pernah dengar juga situasi yang sama, either benda tue bocor ataupun rezeki kawan sis untuk dapat anak kan.. :) but benda ni tak dapat prevent 100% but at least dapat reduce risk of any unwanted diseases.

  5. betul tu...kegunaan condom untuk mengelakkan sesuatu buruk yang terjadi..dan brand ni mmg trusted

  6. Cantik packaging dia..haha yang belum kawen ni memang tak tau la tu condom kalau u tak bagi tau..

  7. Thank you for the awareness. Cantik packaging dia. Ada pro and cons kewujudan condoms ni kat pasaran

  8. Wah pertama kali baca org review tentang kondom sbb selalu org segan kan tpi u berani... thumbs up!

  9. Bagus perkongsian ni. Setuju. Mencegah lebih baik dari mengubati. Sekurangnya kita dah usaha utk elak dari unwanted disease kan.

  10. first time orang post about kondom kan? such a brave guy and yes, benda ni penting jugak untuk elak sebarang penyakit atau yang family planning kan

  11. you said nothing but the truth in this article. there are just too many diseases in the world today, gotta start taking all the necessary precautions!

  12. Its good to share the awareness and also reminders coz prevention is better than cure.

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