Celebrate CNY 2021 Reunion Meal With Victoria Station Gong Xi Bundle

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Victoria Station Brings You A Special Feast Package For Your CNY Celebration At Home This Year

Chinese New Year 2021 celebration going to be so different compare to the previous years before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Due to the effort to control the outbreak, government has introduced once again the Movement Control Order and one of the restriction is that dining out at the restaurant is not possible for now and we are unsure until when it will be lifted.
For family that normally celebrate their CNY Reunion Lunch or Reunion Dinner outside at the restaurant instead of cooking at home might not be able to do it traditionally again this year. But fret not guys because Victoria Station has just introduced their VS GONG XI BUNDLE package that allows you to celebrate the CNY Reunion with your loved one safely at home. 
VS GONG XI BUNDLE @ RM388 Worth RM440 - Take Away Only
This Gong Xi Bundle package is available until 28th February 2021 only and this bundle meal can serve for 10 to 12 pax. It comes with the following dishes: 
  • VS Seafood Bag contains various seafood and condiments such as a nos of whole Atlantic Lobster, white prawns, clams, calamari rings, broccoli, cauliflower,  6 pieces of corn of cob, potato, 5 pieces of dinner roll and a tub of garlic butter sauce.  
You can view the link below where VS Executive Chief Hj Jean-luc Lundy will show you What's In The VS Seafood Bag and how you prepare it.
  • VS Norwegian Baked Salmon (800 gm apprx) with VS tartar sauce
  • VS Smoked Duck Rice (4-5 pax) inclusive of a tub of VS citrus sauce
  • VS Chicken Lasagna (4-5 pax)
  • VS Belgium Gold Rush Chocolate Cake (1.2kg apprx)
Beside VS GONG XI BUNDLE, Victoria Station also introduced the  Victoria Combo Take-Away @ RM98 Promotion where the normal price of this combo is RM135.70. Similar to the above promotion, it is available now until 28th February 2021. This Combo Take-away includes a 1/2 Lobster Thermidor with Steak or Chicken, 1 Crab-meat soup and 1 mini Chocolate cake. 
This set is suitable for you to surprise your loved one during the Valentine's Day. Psst! It comes with the VS Food Warmer bag to keep the foods warm and fresh.

VS Combo Take-Away @ RM98.00 Promotion (NP: RM135.70)

Lovely promotions by Victoria Station isn't it? So guys remember that the order must be made at least 2-days prior to the delivery date with a full payment is required. For Early Bird Promotion, you will receive two bottles of VS Prosperity Fruits which is the lychee peach when you place your order by 1st February 2021. You can place your order via online at victoriastation.com.my or Whatsapp them at https://wa.me/60172828666.
Overall, I do really satisfied with the foods served by Victoria Station. I would say the food portions are really generous, freshly prepared as per order, professionally kept in the box and food warmer bag to keep the foods warm at all time, delicious that suits my taste bud and I really recommend you guys to try it out.
I really feel so heart-warming when the Victoria Station staffs eventually offer me a pair of helping hand to assist me to lift all my orders to my car during the food pick-up at their outlet. 
Victoria Station At Station Ampang Outlet

For more information about Victoria Station Restaurant and latest promotions, you can visit their official websites and social media platforms at the links below. 

Contact: +60172828666 (Vivien)

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  1. Meriah ye makanan dia. Kitkat perlukan teman untuk yee sang tak nanti? I sedia memeriahkan suasana haha

  2. dasyat siap bagi food warmer. takyah tunggu nak celebrate apa2 nak makan sendiri kat rumah pun best ni.

  3. Nampak menyelerakan semua makanan tu. Makan ramai-ramai satu keluarga mesti syok ni.

  4. Ada mcm2 hidangan dalam set ni. Meriah dan seronok betul

  5. Been a long time since I went to VS. I remember the last time I went, it was for a romantic dinner. Hehe. Always good food and good service at VS.

  6. First time tahu pasal Victoria Station ni. Macam best je seafood bag dia. Lasagna pun nampak sedap

  7. wow, even victoria station has chinese new year reunion package now. so totally impressed and i love their pork-free options too!

  8. VS? Ehhh lama giler tak kesana! Akak rasa masa akak zaman bujang selalu makan dengan kawan-kawan uni kat sana. Environment di VS best. Makanan sedap.

  9. Berbaloi sangat pakej dia jual tu haa.. cukup sesuai kalau beli tapau makan di rumah masa CNY kann.. ramai kata dan komen sedap, terus rasa one day nak cubanya..

  10. Wah so happening la dengan package macam tu untuk CNY. Makan still kena makan kan.. kalau tak bukanlah raya. Stay safe yea...