Total Fit+ and Total De+ Halal Slimming Drinks by Total Beaute

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Let Detox with the Halal Total Fit+ and Total De+ Slimming Drinks by Total Beaute

Many of us having the same issue where we have been putting on weight recently during the Movement Control Order, plus several Enhanced Movement Control Orders at my district area. For safety purpose at the condominium, the common area has been closed down and every resident do not have the access to the gymnasium facility, swimming pool and even the jogging path. How can I did not gain weight right? 

But now, I have been worried free after taking my favorite slimming drinks, the Total Fit+ and Total De+ by Total Beaute and as mentioned on their official page, these drinks are effective that you can see the difference as early as 7 days after the consumption. I take this as a challenge for a better appearance of myself, so remember to stay tune for the result, okay? 

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Putting on weight while working from home is the norm nowadays including myself. But I have been worried free now after taking my favorite slimming drinks, the Total Fit+ and Total De+. I need to kick start my day with a good coffee before work and yes, Total Fit+ is the Cappuccino flavored drink that keep me stay awake and fresh, while making me feel fulls and helps on fats burning that will assists on my weight lost! At night before sleep, I take the Total De+ that comes in Orange flavor and helps me on detox, solving constipation issue (if you have this issue) and most importantly, it helps to flatten my belly too. This drink contains Vitamin C that helps to strengthen our immune system especially during this pandemic time and also on the skin brightening. You can see the result as early as 7 days and I deliver the best result with slight exercise! Psst! This is a Halal product and "Buatan Malaysia", proudly support local product. Interested right? You can get these products at Shopee or Lazada and enjoy the RM5 OFF on both platform with the code "TOTALFD01". For more information, you can visit their Facebook page at or Instagram @total.beautehq. #TotalBeaute #TotalFitDe #DahDetox #DahSlim #DahBurn #FatsAway #KitaSupportLokal #Rexer . . . . . . . #Halal #HealthyDrink #SlimmingDrink

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What is Total Fit+? 

Total Fit+ is a Cappuccino morning diet mix drink that helps on the fats burning and also making you feels full. But as for my rule of thumb, breakfast is the most important meal as our body need to have enough nutrients from the foods we take to fuel our body for all day long. These drink will help me to reduce the amount of food intake after breakfast and therefore, assists me on the weight loss management in a healthier way.  
The ingredients in the Total Fit+ consists of: Cappuccino powder, L-Carnitine, White Kidney Bean, Inulin, Manjakani, Non Dairy Creamer, Soy Lecithin, Konjac Ceramide. 
To prepare it is pretty simple, just dissolve 1 sachet of this Total Fit+ in 150 ml - 200 ml of room temperature water. Shake well and if you prefer to drink it cold, you can add in ice cube too. 
For those that having a habit of starting a day with a cup of coffee, you can replace this drink with this Cappuccino-flavored drink. Based on my personal experience, it helps me to stay awake and fresh to kick start my day. 
Total Fit+ Morning Diet Mix

What is Total De+?

In the evening before I take my good night sleep, I take this Total De+ Night Detox Mix and it comes with the Orange flavor. The main function of this drink is to helps on the detox and flatten your belly. For those having constipation issue, this will be one of your solution too. As mentioned this is an orange flavor drink, it contains Vitamin C which will help to strengthen our immune system and indirectly helps on the skin brightening too. 

The ingredients in the Total Fit+ consists of: Orange Powder, Psyllium Husk, Fructooligosaccharide, Spinach Powder, Apple Powder, Green Tea Extract, Oat Fiber, Guar Gum, Mix Fruit and Vegetable Powder.

Similar to Total Fit+ in term of the preparation, just dissolve 1 sachet of Total De+ in the 150 ml to 200 ml of room temperature water. Shake well and for better consumption experience, just add in ice cube to drink it cold. 

Unlike other detox product, I do not feel any sign of sickness like stomach ache in the morning, abdominal pain or any discomfort issue. But do expect that you will poop more often (as per my observation, not to disgust but that is the reality). 
Total De+ Night Detox Mix
Oh yes, before I share the link on where you can purchase these drink, I would like to assure you that these products are Muslim-friendly as it has Halal certification and GMP certified. 
To purchase these product, you can go to this link Buy Total Fit+ and Total De+ Here and remember to checkout with the PROMO CODE "TOTALFD01" to enjoy RM5 OFF of your total purchase. 
Slimming Drinks Product by Total Beaute
For more information about these product or about the Total Beaute company, kindly visit their official pages:
Day 1 with Total Fit+ and Total De+

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  1. Huwwaaa benar sekali. Waktu PKPB ni makin gemuk. Boleh la cuba minuman kesihatan ni. Memang amat memerlukan untuk detox dan lancarkan saluran saluran dalam badan ni. Hahahha.

  2. no doubt that this quarantine makes up gain more weight than usual. I really need this slimming drink so wont feel hungry 24/7

  3. betul.Musim PKPB ni cepat betul badan ni naik.Badan pun dah rasa tak selesa.Nak exercise kat luar pun tak boleh.Nasib baik ada slimming drinks ni.At least taklah kumpul lemak banyak sangat😁

  4. Need this especially during this PKPB hahaha. PKPB shud apply to house kitchen and office pantry too LOL. worries no more with this drink :P

  5. PKPB ni kena do banyak Zumba dan Fit Dance. Follow je dari Utube. Pemakanan pun kena kawal dan jaga agar berat badan tak terbabas. Dan detox is good sebagai salah satu cara mengeluarkan all item yang tak perlu ada dalam badan. Stay Fit!

  6. berbulan duduk rumah ni dah memang kena minum detox drink macam ni la huhu

  7. Cappuccino favourite i. Menarik jugak minuman diet versi cappuccino ni. Haishhh memang badan mengembang sekarang ni. Kena diet balik

  8. Macam rasa kawan ada minum brand ni laa, nanti Sis tanya. Memang nampak dia slim dan fit jee.. Kalau betul, Sis pun mencubanya nanti..

  9. Wah cant wait to see the result. Suka part Boleh kenyang lama tu. Tak lah asyik nak cari makanan je kan. Nak consume pun mudah.

  10. Yes. I experiencing the same thing too - my weight increases. And it seems that the drinks does not induces stomach aches, that’s the way I like it. Thanks for the code!

  11. Dah lama tak detox badan ni.. Nak juggak start regim kuruskan badan jugak.. Produk ni dari segi packaging dia pun dah daboom.. Mesti banyak permintaan ni..

  12. Ramai betul tengok kawan-kawan consume produk ni. nampak macam boleh cuba nanti ni.. nanti share lagi ya lepas penggunaan sebulan hehe