Domino's Pizza Malaysia - The Gempak and Everyday Value Deals For More Saving!

November 12, 2020

 Dear Beloved Readers,

Now MORE For FREE With Domino's Pizza Malaysia's Everyday Value Deals

Domino's Pizza Malaysia is currently having the latest promotion, the Everyday Value deal that offers every pizza lover a greater saving, especially during this pandemic time where many have been affected financially.

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Hey guys! Why spend more on your meals when you enjoy greater saving with Domino's Pizza Everyday Value, right? While everyone is observing the SOPs during this pandemic time, I can opt for self-pickup with my orders delivered to my car window in front of the store entrance, creating an absolute seamless and convenient experience through the Pandu Ambil option for my take-aways! Got that extra RM5 to spend on? You can still order a Personal Pizza worry-free! Today I’m getting a minimum 50% OFF for the selection of Regular, Large or Xtra Large Pizza with the Take-Away Everyday Value deal. Want to have more variety of foods? Just opt for "BUY 1 FREE 2" now more to choose for 2 FREE SIDES! And whats more convenient is you dont even have to step out from your home cause its FREE DELIVERY! Awesome, isn't? Just SAVE MORE with Domino's Pizza EVERYDAY VALUE today. #ItsAllAboutYou #DominosMY #EverydayValue . . . . . #PelbagaiAnekaPilihan #VarietyForAll #ItsAllAboutYou #ZeroContactDelivery #CountOnDominos

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What Are The Latest Deals By Domino's Pizza?

Not sure what to have today with your loved one? Or busy until you missed the cooking time? Or even you just want to have a good personal me-time by resting awhile from "Dapur-Berasap"? This is the good news for you from Domino's Pizza, the "BUY 1 FREE 2" #VarietyForAll Everyday Value deal. 
Yes, you read it correctly guys. With this deal, you will get free 2 sides of your choices, it can be the bread sides, crazy chicken crunchies, chocolate lava cake or banana kaya dessert with a Regular pizza of your choice. Now you agree that I mentioned you can enjoy great saving while having more variety of foods, right? 
"Buy 1 Free 2" Everyday Value Deal by Domino's Pizza Malaysia
And more convenient is you don't even have to step out from your home cause you can opt for the delivery option and it's FREE DELIVERY, guys!. You can really enjoy your personal me-time or spending extra quality time with your family and friends while waiting for your delivery. 

Got extra RM5 to spend-on for the food? You also can order a Personal Pizza with RM5 only. What's more? You can get a minimum of 50% OFF for the selection of Regular, Large or Xtra Large Pizza with the Take-Away Everyday Value deal. 
While everyone is observing the Standard Operating Procedure (s) during this pandemic time, you can opt for self-pickup without the need to be physically present in the store because your orders will be delivered to your car window just right in front of the store entrance, this creating an absolute seamless and convenient experience through the Pandu Ambil option for your take-away!. I wrote about this before and you can refer to the article in this link Domino's Pandu Ambil - The New Way of Take-Away
It's All About You by Domino's Pizza Malaysia
So what do you think about this offers by Domino's Pizza Malaysia? For me, it offers me such a value for money meals, greater savings with more options and most importantly, it is so affordable and cheap. 
For more information about Domino's Pizza Malaysia or latest promotion, you can always refer to their official page at Domino's Pizza Malaysia Website, Domino's Pizza Malaysia Instagram or Domino's Pizza Malaysia Facebook

Special thanks to Domino's Pizza Malaysia for this collaboration and looking forward for more collaboration in near future. 

Spend Less With More Variety of Foods Only With Domino's Pizza

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
Stay Tuned For More Information. 
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  1. wow buy 1 free2 is a rare offer! So cheap and worth it! Ni la masanya untuk belanja kawan2 hehehe

  2. Wah......bagus lah ada value deals lagi. Boley lagi sekeluarga buat pizza party lagi. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cool offer! Been awhile since I had Dominos pizza. Come to think of it, been awhile since I had any pizza at all. Guess it's time to order some. ��

  4. Wahhh Lama tak makan dominos pizza.ehh betol ke offer free delivery. Uishhh ok jugak ni tak payah take away

  5. Gempak gile tawaran dia, Dominos ni memang tak pernahnya tak best tau kalau buat offer.puas makan pizza kalau beli dengan dominos ni...

  6. Sedapnya dominos.. sekarang ada offer ya.. ini yg x sabar nak cuba.. tq tau inform psl promosi ni

  7. Me & my family loves Domino's pizza!
    And we plan to buy tomorrow for our family gathering reunion dinner!
    Much much worth!

  8. Alamak i dah lama tak makan pizza. Tengok entry Nel ni terus rasa nak order hari ni..dominos pizza memang sedap

  9. Kelaparan terus tengok kitkat makan. Lama dah tak makan dominos. Syoknye beli 1 percuma 2.siapa nak bagi free kan

  10. Oh yeah oh yeah..!! Memang rite on time this weekend nak belanja family makan pizza. Great offer!

  11. memang gempak tawaran dominos ni..iena memang suka makan pizza dominos..setiap bulan memang wajib makan :D

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