We Want U Giveaway From U Mobile

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Be The Lucky One By Just Spend, Collect and Win Big Of RM3,000,000 In Prizes.

Ini Memang Epic!

Hey guys, I just came across an interesting posting recently on social media regarding the U Mobile latest contest, the We Want U Giveaway by U Mobile. The prizes was so epic, guys you can win prizes worth up to RM3,000,000 which including 3 units of Proton X70, 15 units of Proton Iriz, 100 units of Modenas Kriss, 100 units of iPhone 11 Pro, 100 units of Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G and last but not least, there are 3,300 units of Shopee Voucher worth RM100 each. Awesome isn't? 

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Hey guys, come and join the "We Want U Giveaway From U Mobile" contest that is currently on-going. Do you know that you can stand a chance to win awesome DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY jaw-dropping prizes worth RM3 million? Let me spill the tea, guys! There are 3x Proton X70, 15x Proton Iriz, 100x Modenas Kriss, 100x iPhone 11 Pro, 100x Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G and 3,300x Shopee Voucher worth RM100 each. Epic giler, right? Well, what you need to do is just to SPEND, COLLECT POINTS and WIN. Here is some example on how you can earn points for this contest. • Port in to U Mobile's Giler Unlimited or Unlimited Hero Plans • Subscribe to any Postpaid Add Ons • Download and Login Daily to MyUMobile App • Pay your bills via MyUMobile App There are actually many other exciting ways on how you can collect the points, guys! Check it out here at www.u.com.my/wwu or the link in my bio (https://bit.ly/2HVO1mV) #WeWantU #3MillionGiveaway #UMobile @umobile

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Here's How You Can Start Scoring Points Today! (For Postpaid Users)

As mentioned earlier, you need to collect points from all your spending when you using U Mobile service provider. Let me list down some of the interesting ways on how you can collect points daily!

For new Postpaid U Mobile user or you port-in your POSTPAID line by switching it to U Mobile, you can earns the following:
  • Sign Up Now or Switch Now to Unlimited Hero P139 (Earn 160 points)
  • Sign Up Now or Switch Now to Unlimited Hero P99 (Earn 120 points)
  • Sign Up Now or Switch Now to Unlimited Hero P79 (Earn 100 points)
  • Sign Up Now or Switch Now to GX68 (Earn 80 points)
  • Sign Up Now or Switch Now to GX50 (Earn 40 points)
  • And earn 48 points, 38 points, 28 points when you Sign Up Now/Switch Now to P48, P39 or U28 plan respectively.
You earn additional Bonus of 20 Points when you SWITCH NOW your plan via Online and exclusively for users that subscribe to Unlimited HERO P99 and P139, you will get additional 100 BONUS Points too.
You also can purchase Add-Ons to earn point like earning 10 Points when you purchase Postpaid Booster 1.5 GB, 5 Points for GX Turbo Booster and 3 Points for Additional 3GB Hotspot Data @ RM3 for 3 days! Good news that you can earn extra 5 Points when you subscribe the Add-Ons through the MyUMobile App. 
You will get 40 Points as well if you made your U Mobile bill payment of minimum RM40 and this is limited to first 5 successful bill payment in a month through the website. Additional 5 Points will be credited if you make payment via the MyUMobile Apps.
Spend, Collect Points and Win Jaw-Dropping Prizes! (For Postpaid Users!)
You can earn more points by up-sizing your current plan to Unlimited GX68, Unlimited Hero P79, Unlimited Hero P99 or Unlimited Hero P139. For up-size RM100 and above, you will earn 250 Points, 200 Points for RM50 - RM99.99, 150 Points for RM20 - RM49.99 and last but not least, 80 Points for RM5 - RM19.99. 
Are you planning to buy the latest device? Why not Sign Up for a Device Bundle with Unlimited Hero package to earn 300 Points and 150 Points for RM0.99 Package.
Getting an insurance plan? Check out the GoLife10, GoLife5 or GoInsure3 via MyUMobile App to earn 10 Points, 5 Points or 3 Points respectively.
Other ways is through SHARE 20 to earn 80 Points and every RM1 spent you earn 1 points when you buy on Google Play directly with your U Mobile number (this is capped at 5 points per day).
Have you heard about GoPayz before? If you open a new account, you will get 5 Points or you upgrading your premium, you will get 10 Points and 5 Points for the in-app transaction of min. RM5. 
I have been mentioning about MyUMobile App through my ways on how you can earn points right? Good news to you if you have downloaded this app. You can earn 20 Points when you activate the Auto-Debit, 10 Points for your First Time Login and 1 Point when you login daily.  

How About Prepaid User?

Fret not, guys! Because for Prepaid U Mobile users, you can earn Points like the Postpaid user too. For more information, you can visit https://bit.ly/2HVO1mV now to check you the way to earn more points and be the lucky one to win the prizes!
Spend, Collect Points and Win Jaw-Dropping Prizes! (For Prepaid Users!)
What are you waiting for guys? Quick join me to participate in this We Want U Giveaway From U Mobile starting today until 8th January 2021. Have fun and looking forward to hear the good news from you if you are one of the lucky winner! 

Signing Out For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again!
Stay Tuned For More Update!
For collaboration or inquiry, feel free to email me at kitkatnelfei@gmail.com

(*Photo Credit: https://bit.ly/2HVO1mV)

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  1. This is really a great promo with attractive giveaways from U Mobile, esp those required for additional network support during this extended CMCO. Thanks for sharing it. Cheers siennylovesdrawing

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  7. Are you tempting me to change sides now?
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  12. banyak giler kan hadiah diorg tawarkan. x70 tu bukan satu ya. sampai 3. giler lahmemang all out habis U Mobile kali ni.

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  15. Hadiah dia bukan biasa2.. Kereta, telefon.. Huhuhu.. Siapa nak join boleh la rujuk umobile. Kita dh lama tak guna umobile..

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