Staycation Planning at The Terrapuri Heritage Village

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Staycation Plan At The Land of Palaces With the Architecture of Lost Kingdom

Day Tour To Terrapuri Heritage Village
I was really thrilled when I received the itinerary from Tourism Terengganu that I will have a chance to visit Terrapuri Heritage Village. It was my desire to experience a staycation at this resort after I saw lots of great posting about it. Unfortunately, the time is not right yet at the moment. But been given a chance to visit this place for a short tour during my 5 Days 4 Night Beautiful Terengganu trip arranged by Tourism Terengganu is really enough to make me the happiest tourist in Terengganu. 
One of the Entrance, Feeling Bali?

About Terrapuri Heritage Village

How does this place get its name as Terrapuri? Well, Terrapuri is known as "The Land of Palaces" where Terra brings the meaning of Land in Latin and Puri  means Palaces in Sanskrit. Interesting isn't it? Brilliant idea by the owner who brought up the idea to preserves the heritage, this is a conservation and restoration project of Terengganu Malay Classic houses. This resort features 29 antique hundred years Classic houses. 
The layout of this resort is inspired by the 17th Century Terengganu Palace and its surrounding. What do we have here in this resort? Well, out of the 29 Malay Classic houses in this resort, 20 of the houses have been restored to an exclusive villa and each villas are name after the place of origin. There is also a gallery, beach houses, restaurant, reading room, meeting room, spa and swimming pool.
Terrapuri Swimming Pool
The Terengganu Classic houses were aged between 100 to 250 years old have been refurbished resplendently and reassigned luxuriously as residential villas with air conditioning and ceiling fans. The heritage villa feature unique traditional decoration. As you all may have already known, from 2nd to the 16th century, Terengganu was part of the Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka, so this explained pretty much on the design of these villas. 
One of the 20 Villas, this is Rumah Dusun

Let's Explore Rumah Dusun

During the tour, I was been given a chance to visit one of the villa, the Rumah Dusun and was really impressed by everything in it. It does not look like a house that aged more than 100 years, guys! This air-conditioned villa comes with a king bed, spacious attached bathroom with both standing shower and bathtub, balcony and terrace and basic mini bar with free bottled water. 
Luxurious Interior With King Bed, Fan and Air-Conditioned
The Wooden Bath Tub
Spacious Bathroom - Standing Shower and Look At The Open Glass Window!
Mini Bar (Coffee/Tea Making)
Interesting place to stay, right? The interior and the staycation vibes are so different from the hotel around here. That pretty much that I would like to share about this place, maybe next time if I get the chance to stay here, I will be sharing my entire staycation experience again including the activities that we can do, okay?

Terrapuri Heritage Village, Wait For Me Ya!

Just a fun fact to share! Do you see this place familiar to you? Do you know that this was the place where Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa was filmed? And during this tour, I eventually found out that this place was so famous as a filming spot. If you get to know any other movies that filmed here, feel free to share with me at the comment section, okay? 
For more information about this place or latest promotion from them, you can visit this Terrapuri Heritage Village Website.

Address: Terrapuri Heritage Village, Kg. Mangkuk, 22120 Setiu, Terengganu Malaysia (Terrapuri Heritage Village Google Map)

Contact Number: +609-6245020/+6096312081

Emergency Contact Number: +6012-9888399 (Ms. Maslina)

Fax: +609-6228093


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  1. Wowww such a unic and classic place to visit and staycation. The bathtub also cute lahhh can be use or not? πŸ€—

    I love this place, kalau bergambar mesti cantik ala ala style orang lama with the batik selempang.

  2. Feeling classic everytimw I goes to a classic place. And start to imagining my life as shown in Merong Mahawangsa's movie πŸ˜‚

  3. tempat ni memang super awesome bagi saya. dah berapa kali pergi n stay sini. memang perfect staycation n holiday..

  4. wahh design and interior klasik sangat. menarik untuk rasa suasana kampung dan klasik. palibg suka wood bath tub tu

  5. Cantik kan Terrapuri. Ini diantara tempat menarik yang Ruby sentiasa cari di Terengganu. Nanti nak mai lg. Rindu travel ke sana. Hehe.

  6. Geram plak tengok view tenang macamtu...adeiii selalu pergi Trengganu tapi tak kesempatan nak bercuti macam ni...memang nak kena pergi gak le ni gamaknyaaa

  7. ok masuk dalam bucket list dah , teruja nak pergi sebab bath tub dia tu klasik sangat diperbuat dari kayu , memang menariklah tempat nih untuk bercuti ....

  8. Yes this one kena masuk dlm bucket list 2021 nnt. Persekitaran dia sangat fresh, tenang & selesaπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Sangt sesuai bg sesiap yang nak relax2 & hilangkan stress. I wanna go one day. InshaaAllah

  9. architecture of lost kingdom? it sounds really niceeee to be explored one day!

  10. wow i almost can't believe a place like this exists in Malaysia! thanks for sharing!

  11. Woww..menarik design villa tu. Mmg mcm dapat balik ke zaman dulu2.
    Must try la ni nmpak gayanya 😊

  12. Serious I memang teringin sangat nak duduk kat Terrapuri ni kalau habis PKPB ni memang terus pergi bercuti dalam negara terutama kat Terengganu lama tak pergi sana jambatan angkat pun tak pergi lagi bestnya....

  13. Kalau nak stay suasana melayu classic emang sesuailah stay sini. Bath tub tu memang lawa lahh. Lain dari yang lain

  14. wow.. syoknmya kalau dapat merehatkan fikiran ke tempat macam ni.. menginap di rumah dusun tu mesti best kan.. nak pulak tengok pemandangan yang cantik .. TB tertarik denagn ciew dalam gambar Terrapuri Swimming Pool tu.. cantikk