Anytime, Anywhere, Kembara Bersama - Instant Real Food , Self Heating Kembara Meal

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Convenient Meal That You Can Have It, Anytime, Anywhere, #KEMBARABERSAMA

Busy At Work? No Time To Prepare Lunch? No Problem! Kembara Meal Kan Ada!
In this entry, I will be sharing with you a convenient meal pack that I just received recently. Speaking about convenient, this meal can be prepared by just adding water, literally any kinds of water that you have, i.e. river water, mineral water, etc. With that, you can have it anytime, anywhere you want as long as you have the water source to activate the food warmer.

About Kembara Meal 

Kembara Meal is a premium brand of outdoor food that made in Malaysia. They are keen to bring new energy to the food industry with healthy, shelf stable, self-heating, ready to eat, anytime, anywhere meals with no preservative and can be eaten on the go.
With KEMBARA, you can now heat your meal pack without fire or stove as you just need to add any liquid and you will be ready to enjoy the delicious hot meal. Kembara Meal packaging is lightweight, flexible, waterproof and fit into any size of backpack or bag. As a result, they have become the sought after brand for outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, travel agencies and government relief agencies worldwide. 
Kembara Meal Packaging

Kembara Meal Technology

The technology used behind the Kembara Meal pack preparation was originally developed by NASA for their astronauts food consumption in the space. The technology was designed to preserve the natural flavor and maintain the nutrition in the freshest ingredients. The meals are thoroughly cooked from scratch then vacuum sealed and finally sterilized in a high pressure and temperature. This process kills all commonly occurring microorganism and bacteria, hence extend the shelf life of the food and preventing it from spoiling. 

Kembara Meal Preparation Using Food Warmer

Each of this Kembara Meal pack contain a pack of rice in the GREEN packaging, the tender caramelized beef braised in flavorful and aromatic mix of spices and coconut mil packed in the SILVER packaging, a pack of food warmer and set of cutlery and serving plate. Isn't that convenient that you can have this food Anytime, Anywhere, Kembara Bersama
  1. Open the Kembara Meal Bag and Remove All Contents
  2. Tear the Warmer Pad and Place In Kembara Bag
  3. Insert Food Pouch and Ensure Food Warmer Pad Stays On The Bottom
  4. Add 200 ML of Any Liquid To The Fill Line and Quickly Seal The Bag
  5. Keep The Pack Standing For 7 to 10 Minutes And The Food Is Ready To Be Served
Kembara Meal Ready To Be Served
 (Caution: The Kembara Meal Will Be Very Hot While Steaming and While Handling)

Kembara Meal Pack With Food Warmer

There are few CAUTIONS that you need to take note when preparing the food with food warmer. 
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use near fire of flame
  • Extremely hot risk of burning or injury
  • Do not microwave
  • Do not use while on the aeroplane
  • Do not consume water after heating
  • Do not activate in a closed space
  • Do not consume the heater pad 
After finished your meal, remember to place all the waste in the Kembara Bag for disposal. 

Interesting isn't it guys? As a traveler and working adult, I do really recommend to have this Kembara Meal pack ready with you. This is also very convenient to bring together with you when you are traveling outside of Malaysia where Halal food is limited. I can envision that this meal will be my best partner during my next Switzerland trip. 

If you would like to purchase this Kembara Meal, you can do so by click the link to access Kembara Meal Shopee Official Store. << Buy Here >>
For more information about Kembara Meal, you can visit their website at or their social media page at Kembara Meal Instagram 
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  1. Last travel tahun ni pi Bangkok, yaaa Sis beli yang ni 2 pek.. kalau sebelum ni yang Brahims tu, tapi sebab area uma ada orang jual ni, so bawa ni, ookay juga, senang dan mudah, rasanya pun sedap...senang dah ada jual kat shopee..

  2. macam makanan askar packing macam ni.hehe. menarik ni..sesuai la kalau siapa yg sllu travel nk jimatkan duit poket

  3. In fligt menu ke tewwww. Hehehe. Rasa macam naik kapal terbang dapat makan menu gini kan. Bleh la bawa travel menggantikan mee maggi. Akak takleh kalau takda nasi. Lapar gilaaaa. Bleh cuba Kembara Meal.

  4. kalau travel memang senang bawa instant food macam ni, nak sediakan pun mudah dan jimat masa.

  5. So convenient. No need to bring all the periuk belanga. Just cook in the package

  6. the pictures make me feels hungry hahaha anyway the pack is so convenient like you can just prepare the food instantly and eat it right away

  7. wow this is so creative and fun! food these days are just getting easier to cook :)

  8. Bagus kembara meals ni.. Nak sediakan pun mudah.. Pergi travel, cmpaing takyah bawk maknan banyk2.. Bawk ni kembara meals je cukup.. Nad pernh rasa ayam rendang dia.. Sedap

  9. okay this will definitely be in my travel list kits later on. so easy to carry and eat whenever, wherever !

  10. senang La kalau macam ni nak pergi travel ke mana-mana. jimat pun ye jugak.

  11. Every time I go for a hike, I usually only bring ready-to-eat food, usually bread, chocolate, or granola bars for an energy boost. But those are mostly sweet. I prefer savory. So, I think this would be the perfect treat for me for my next hikes.

  12. Now it is even easier to enjoy scrumptious meals especially if you can prepare it that easily right? This is so convenient.

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