A Day Trip Itinerary to Pulau Kapas, Kuala Terengganu

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 Let's Enjoy The Beautiful Beach Vacation With Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort

A Perfect Day Trip At Ombak Kapas, Pulau Kapas, Terengganu Malaysia
In this entry, I will be sharing my day trip experience to Pulau Kapas, Kuala Terengganu during my last August trip to Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia. Just to recap on my trip, I was there on the 6th August 2020 until 9th August 2020.
My first 2 days and 1 night was spent perfectly at Lang Tengah Island. Have you heard about Lang Tengah before? If not, you definitely need to check it out my staycation experience at Lang Tengah Island; Lang Tengah Island - The Little Known Paradise in Terengganu, Malaysia.
Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island
The rest of my staycation at Kuala Terengganu, I stayed at the pretty well-known business class hotel at Primula Beach Hotel Kuala Terengganu, you also can check it out my entry here at Primula Beach Hotel Kuala Terengganu.
Beautiful Beach View From Primula Beach Hotel Kuala Terengganu
Alright, so now back to the main write-up for my Day Trip Experience to Pulau Kapas with Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort. From the hotel, it took approximately 20 - 30 minutes to reach the Marang Jetty to Pulau Kapas.
So guys, this is the important thing that you need to take note. To visit Pulau Kapas, you need to search for Marang Jetty, not the Merang Jetty (jetty to Redang Island, Lang Tengah Island, Bidong Island). So, don't get it wrong okay.

If you are driving to Marang Jetty, you will see this signature signboard "Jeti Pulau Kapas" on the road and there are plenty of parking lots just behind this building. This is the ticketing counter where you will get your trip tickets, life jacket and also shops available here for you to buy anything you need before your island trip. I get a pair of nice "Croc" rubber sandal for me since there will be a hiking activity when we arrive at Ombak Kapas.  
Ombak Kapas Counter 4, Marang Jetty
After collecting our tickets and necessary items for the trip, we are now ready to depart to Ombak Kapas Resort from the Marang Jetty. The trip from Marang Jetty to Kapas Island Jetty takes approximately 10 minutes by a sheltered speed boat. 
Sheltered Speed Boat From Marang Jetty To Kapas Island Jetty

Introduction to Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort

Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort that located on the Kapas Island is an ideal choice for people like us that who want excitement during the island trip. There is a white, long sandy beach just walking distance from the resort and this resort has 72 units of chalet that comes with basic facilities like the seminar hall, prayer hall, cafe and many more. 
Ombak Kapas Resort With Lush Jungle As A Backdrop
We went directly to the Reception Counter just few steps from the arrival jetty. During this trip, we got one of the chalet for day use to keep our belonging and freshen up ourselves after the snorkeling trip.
Reception Ombak Kapas Counter
**(You need to check this with the counter if the daily use chalet is included in your day tripper package)**.
This might be an extra that arranged by the Tourism Terengganu team for us. 
Wooden Chalet (With Beds, Air Conditioned, TV and Bathroom)

 Activities At Pulau Kapas

After dropping all our belonging in this wooden chalet, we are now ready to kick start our activities. The activity boat will pick us up from the Ombak Kapas Jetty and send us to another side of the beach for the hike to Bukit Singa. 
Waiting For Our Activity Boat For Hiking and Snorkeling Trip
Ready For The Hike and Snorkeling! But Before That, Let's OOTD First
Before the entire hiking journey starts, our guide roughly brief us on the Do & Don't and safety briefing. Supposedly, there will be more than 1 guide but unfortunately one was not feeling well. So guys, whenever you go for a trip like this, please follow the instruction and respect them. It is not easy for a teenager guide like him to handle big crowd. I specially highlight this because there are few hazardous situation observed when someone eventually do the hike before the guide arrives at the hill slope. 
Safety Briefing Before We Start The Hike
The hiking journey is not that hard but you need to be extra careful because you will need to walk with minor climbing skill along the jagged slippery rock on the beach. You might need to walk cross the knee-deep water too. This is the part that I mentioned you need to have a good pair of shoes for this activity. 
We Walk, We Hike, We Climb For Bukit Singa
Depending on the speed and the crowd I guess, we manage to complete the hiking process and reach the destination in less than 30 minutes. Actually, for the perfect view, you need to climb up the slope but without proper shoe, I decided not to continue the hike and spend more time exploring the place and taking some photograph. You will know why they named this place as Bukit Singa. 
Bukit Singa ( Because This Rock Looks Like A Lion Head?)
Bukit Singa, Pulau Kapas
Some of the Adventurous Guys Even Climb Up The Cliff
I eventually discover another unique spot when I turn back my head to bid goodbye to this place. In this panoramic picture, do you see what I see?
The Lion Head and The Mystical Creature With Horn Looking At One Another?
Good news about the hiking is when you want to return, you no need to hike back to the starting point as the boat fetches us from the mid point. This is not the end of the activity because we will continue the snorkeling activity. There is an option for you to choose on the snorkeling point, either at the beach or further bit from the beach.
Snorkeling By The Beach
For better view, of course further bit from the beach will be awesome but due to the peak season and lot of people snorkeling there, we decided to snorkeling at the beach area only. From previous experience, when snorkeling in big crowd, your pictures will be spoil with extra legs in it. Trust me and some more the place is like Titanic sinking scene! 

Anyway, done "bebel" about that. Let's see what are the shot that we got from Pulau Kapas snorkeling point okay.
Some Fishes Approach Us But We Forget To Bring The Breads To Attract Them
Some Of The Corals Available By The Beach
Other Sea Life Creatures
Extra Shot! Fish Kisses?
Be ready when you want to snorkeling here at Pulau Kapas, be ready for what? The tingling sensation which I believe it is because of the plankton in the seawater. Correct me if I am wrong guys or feel free to share your experience about this phenomena. 
Gambar "AIB BETHOL" As I Was Screaming From The Stinging Sensation!
We ended our snorkeling activity earlier as we requested for 1 hour only as we need to catch our time for next activity at Kuala Terengganu. So, we went back to get ourselves clean up at the chalet provided for us. Too bad we couldn't experience the staycation at the chalet, I do really hope that I can repeat the trip and stay at least a night here at Ombak Kapas Island Resort. 
Ombak Kapas Dining Area
After everyone cleans up, it just nice as the time is around 12.30 P.M. and our lunch is ready to be served. Again, you need to check when you book your ticket as some of the package might only come with packed food and not the buffet style like this. 

Buffet Lunch At Ombak Kapas Dining Area
Lunch Served In Buffet Style (Local Dishes)
While waiting for our speedboat to arrive, we were invited by the owner to have food and drink at the cafe. It was indeed a very pretty cafe with beach vibe decoration.
Ombak Kapas Cafe
We Had These As We Were Still Full From The Lunch Earlier
There is also a mini mart just next to the cafe but of course it only offers some beach's essential items only. Oh ya! You need to bring extra cash with you just in case you want to purchase anything here as there is no ATM machine around.
Mini Mart and Cafe at Ombak Kapas Beach Resort
That's pretty much about my Pulau Kapas Day Trip experience here at Ombak Kapas Beach Resort. I would like to express my gratitude to Tourism Terengganu and Ombak Kapas Island Resort for having me and the team for the short day trip. 

For more information about Ombak Kapas Island Resort or latest promotion, you can visit their website at Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort
Contact Number: +60109091901
Kapas Island Address: Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort, Pulau Kapas, Marang 21600 Terengganu Darul Iman. 
Kapas Island Jetty: No. 4 Jeti Peranginan Pulau Kapas, Marang 21600 Terengganu Darul Iman.
Email: sales@ombakkapas.com
Iconic Instaworthy Spot At Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort
Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  1. SubhanaAllah the nature is sooo beautiful. Wahh hopefully 1 day i have a chance to go there too🤲🏻

  2. Salah satu Pulau yang selalu baca, lihat, survey tapi belum ada rezeki nak sampai lagi..next memang nak jelajah pulau aje bercuti..dan Pulau Kapas akan menjadi salah satu destinasinya, senang nanti Sis refer sini ajaa

  3. Wahhhh indah sungguh pemandangan. Salah satu pulau yang saya teringin sangat nak pergi. Mungkin selepas negara betul2 dah pulih dari covid bolehlah merancang.

  4. Pulau kapas is one of my fav island. Pantai sgt cantik dan bersih

  5. saya lebih teruja nak snorkeling jer tapi dapat hiking pun best jugak ...memang batu tu ada macam bentuk macam kepala singa....habis jer PKPB memang nak terjah sini sebab rindu dah nak bau bayu laut ...

  6. I've never been to Kapas yet. How does it compare to Perhentian or Redang, in your opinion?

  7. Pulau2 kat tganu mmg cantik2 tp belum ada rezeki ke sana. 1 fine day maybe boleh sampai 😊

  8. Aww..you make me miss my Kapas trip last month. I had 2 night stay at Ombak Kapas too but Bukit Singa is cool right? And snorkeling time is so much fun!

  9. Cantiknyaaaaa.....pantai yang cantik, air yang jernih resort dia pulak cantik-cantik belaka. Bak kata orang ganu terbaikkk bohh

  10. Ramai dah pergi pulai kapas ni.. Memng best la tengok tempat dia.. Banyak aktiviti boleh buat deka sini. Nampak tak boring la.. Cantik