Lang Tengah Island - The Little-Known Paradise in Terengganu, Malaysia

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The most popular island tour at Terengganu that is well known to the local and international tourists are the Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. My friend and I were planning for the island trip but unfortunately, both the islands were fully booked. Not to cancel the trip, we were introduced by the Beautiful Terengganu Malaysia team to visit another island that located at the same state.

In this entry, I will be sharing with you my 2 Days 1 Night staying experience at the lesser-known paradise, the Lang Tengah Island that located 40 km North East of Kuala Terengganu on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu Malaysia


We were lucky as we manage to bought the Airasia Unlimited "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" Pass during Airasia sale earlier this year and we booked our return tickets for this trip at only RM24.00. 

We took the earliest flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) and landed at Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu. The flight journey took around 1 hour as we arrived at the airport around 8.15 A.M.

From Sultan Mahmud Airport, we were transferred to Merang Waterfront Jetty (make sure you not confused with Marang Jetty) and this is the new jetty as the old Merang Jetty is used for arrival only. 

Transfer from Airport to Merang Jetty
Merang Waterfront Jetty

At the Merang Waterfront Jetty, we head to the Summer Bay Resort Lang Island counter that located on the last booth on your left from the main entrance. 

The boat service was operated by Summer Bay Boat Services Sdn. Bhd. and the one-way boat ticket was priced at RM100.00 per person. The same fare applied to both adult and children. 

My boat transfer was departed from the jetty at 11.00 A.M. Due to the current pandemic situation, the schedule might be affected and it is recommended to check with them for the departure timing to avoid any inconvenience causes.

Summer Bay Resort Lang Island Counter

This resort adheres to the very strict health and safety procedure on both the employees and customers. Before we are ready for the departure, our body temperature were checked and registered in the registry log that kept at the counter, followed by the sanitizing process on the belongings and ourselves.

Sanitizing Process on Belonging
Sanitizing Process

Once the process is completed, we were instructed to board the speedboat and our belongings were properly sorted by the crew at the jetty. We been informed that our belongings will be sent to our designated room upon arrival. That's so cool as I no need to carry or worry about carrying my luggage bag here and there. 

Luggage Bags Handled By The Crew

Once everyone boarded the speedboat, the life jacket was given to us before we started the journey heading to Summer Bay Resort Lang Island jetty. So guys, are you ready to discover the little-known paradise that awaiting for you just 30 - 45 minutes ahead?


Summer Bay Resort Lang Island is one of the four resorts available here in the Lang Tengah island that is known for its beauty and tranquility combined with coconut trees overlooking the crystal clear water, white sandy beach and well-preserved marine life around it.

This is a place where you can take full advantage for a chance to rest and relax from the hustle of the city. What a perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of this paradise, breathe in the fresh sea breeze of the South China Sea and soak up the sunshine. 

Arrival At Summer Bay Resort Lang Island Jetty 
The Paradise At Summer Bay Resort Lang Island

Entrance to the Resort from Jetty

I am still speechless from the moment I arrived at the jetty as I was really wowed by this paradise. It is just amazing like the others well-known islands around this region.

Without wasting our time, we quickly head to the hotel lobby for the check-in procedure but before we enter the waiting area, we need to go through the human sanitizer tunnel just right in front of the hotel lobby.

Another Sanitizing Process Upon Arrival

We were guided by the crew to the waiting area and served with welcoming drink. That's really a right timing to quench my thirst. Once settled down, we were briefed by Miss Ong about this hotel facility and information that we need to know during our stay. 

Briefing Session

Summer Bay Resort Lang Island Check-In Counter
After the briefing, Miss Ong showed us the way to our room and I will be staying in Deluxe Pool Family Room for 1 night. I was wowed once again by the room concept, it was really spacious and suitable for family or friends that travel in group of five. There are two Queen Beds and one Single Bed with two en suited bathrooms that come with standing shower. This is so convenience especially when you travel in big group.

2 Queen Beds + 1 Single Bed - Family Room

Two En Suited Bathrooms With Standing Shower
The highlight of my room was the attached private balcony with the direct access to the Standard Olympic Length swimming pool here at Summer Bay Lang Island Resort. Isn't that cool, guys? 

Balcony With Swimming Pool Direct Access From The Room

Standard Olympics Length Swimming Pool

This room also comes with sufficient room facilities, i.e. air conditioner, ceiling fan, LCD TV with satellite channel, safety box, hair & body shampoo, wardrobe, mini fridge and big bottle of drinking water, etc. to ensure my stay was a good, comfortable and great one. 

Foods and Beverages

There are four dining area in this resort namely the De Lang Restaurant, Summer Court, Sunset Bar and the Warung Mamak Lang Tengah. During my stay, I only visited two restaurants for my breakfast, lunch, dinner and hi-tea. 

All the meals were served in buffet style but due to the current pandemic situation and the resort is following the SOP set by the authority where the resort crews will be serving you at each food stations.

Serving Crew At The Buffet Foods Station
Lunch Buffet at De Lang Restaurant

Hi-Tea Buffet At Summer Court

These are some of the dishes that served by De Lang Restaurant and Summer Court. Basically, they served wide variety of foods and beverages at this resort that definitely going to satisfy your crave and won't let you go hungry before bed. Why? 

My Breakfast
My Lunch 

My Hi-Tea

My Dinner

Because if you are hungry, you can visit Warung Mamak just in front of the hotel lobby where this mamak store will be operating until 11.00 P.M just nice and great for your supper. 


After lunch, we took a short walk to the iconic Long Bridge Linked To The Sea for some photo-shooting session. This is the place that you must visit when you are here at this resort. 

Iconic Long Bridge Linked To The Sea
The Best View Point At Summer Bay Resort - Look for the Mooncake Coral Here

An island trip is not complete if you did not go for a snorkeling trip to explore the wonder of the sea and underwater world that awaiting for you. The Summer Bay Resort package come with the complimentary Lang Tengah Deep Sea Snorkeling trip. 

We were told to gather at the gathering point for snorkeling gears collection and ready for the short briefing at 2.45 P.M. The session was divided into two groups, the Mandarin and English speaking safety briefing by the crews. Our trip started sharp at 3.00 P.M and the entire snorkeling trip took around 2 hours and exploring two snorkeling points. 

Snorkeling Point Before You Jump, I Jump
Ready To Discover The Underwater World - Peace Yo!

Team KiteJalan at the First Snorkeling Point

Underwater World - The Beautiful Corals
Sea Life With The Corals Ecosystem

Black and Yellow Striped Coral Fish

It is really a good timing that after the snorkeling, just head to clean up yourself and make sure you are dry before heading to the Summer Court for your hi-tea. Be sure to have a sunset walk along the beach to catch the best sunset view at this resort. 

Do put on some insect repellent before the walk to avoid insect bite, i.e. sand fly. etc.

Oh yes, you can keep the snorkeling gear with you and return it back during check out just in case you want to use it for snorkeling at the beach area. 

Am I Too Early To Catch The Sunset View? :)
The Best Spot For the Sunset View - Long Way To Go For The Sunset
More Instagrammable Spots by the Beach

Depending on the weather, at night right after dinner, there will be a Blue Tears tour at 9.00 P.M where the Summer Bay's friendly staff will bring you for a night stroll along the beach to spot the shiny dazzling blue light on the sea-surface at the jetty area. 

Jetty - Blue Tears Tour Location

As mentioned by the staff, the blue light was emitted by the bio-luminescent phytoplankton that really sensitive to the light. So, remember to turn of the flash light when you are approaching the jetty. It is really hard to capture nice picture here especially in the dark and the blue-light source was so limited as well. 

Although I was bit disappointed as I couldn't capture any nice picture from the Blue Tear tour, but I learn some skills from the staff about capturing the best picture like the night-sky using our phone camera by setting it using the Pro mode. The picture below was taken with Huawei P30 Pro with ISO 3200 and Shutter Speed at 30 S.

Night Sky Captured Using Huawei P30 Pro

There are more that you can discover here at Summer Bay Resort such as the Jungle Trekking Trip, Scuba Driving, Canoeing and Island Hopping that you can check it out. Our trip was short and I was unable to explore all these activities to share my experience with you. Hopefully I can do it and repeat this trip again in near future. 

For more information, you can always visit this Activities Counter just right in front of the Check-In Counter. 

Activities Counter
Info-Graphic About Lang Tengah Including Snorkeling Points

Check Out

After breakfast, we straight away proceed for the check-out at the counter and return all the snorkeling gears at the designated area. A boat-transfer back to the Merang Jetty will be assigned to you and be alert as announcement will be made when the boat is ready for you to board. 

Well done to the Summer Bay Resort team for the great coordination and make our trip a smooth and hassle-free. It truly touches our heart when the staff even personally board on our boat just to bid goodbye with announcement to check on our belonging. Small action but means a lot of us.

Boarding Announcement By The Staffs
Goodbye Speech by Miss Ong


This resort offers an attractive packages that you can choose based on your requirement and also a diving package is available here. The packages are customized according to the room that you have booked with them. 

There is also simple package such as Room & Breakfast or Optional Services but I would said that you will save more when you take the Holiday Package (recommended).

For more information about the package, you can visit their website at

Attractive Packages

Well, this is all that I have to share with you guys on my experience staying at Summer Bay Resort Lang Tengah Island. 

You can check out for more information at their official website at and social media pages for the details. 

Reservation Office: 219-E 1st Floor, Wisma Cemerlang, Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, 20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Malaysia

Reservation Tel: +609-6313366 / +609-6239911 / +6019-9344666

Fax: +609-6319911

Mobile: +60199344666

Jetty Person In Charge: +6012-9819491 (Mr. Woo)

Email Address:


📱Miss Wong:
📱Miss Tan:
📱Miss Yong:

Special thanks Summer Bay Resort especially to Mr. John and all the friendly staffs for the great hospitality during my stay here at Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island. Thanks to Beautiful Terengganu Malaysia for the suggestion and arrangement as well. Not forget, my lovely travel-buddy from Team KiteJalan.

Before Departure Back to Merang Jetty - A Paradise That I Will Always Remember
Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
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