The Best Seafood Restaurant in KL - Ombak Kitchen

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Ombak Kitchen is "The Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar". They invariably present you with "The Best Halal Seafood in Bangsar" and genuinely serve up  affordable seafood, fresh from the shores. Ombak Kitchen is a fun-filled family restaurant with the famous seafood boil concept originating from the state of Louisiana, USA to maintain the freshness and juiciness.

Kitkat Nelfei Dining At Ombak Kitchen, Bangsar
Everything that you love from the sea poured onto a covered table, waiting for you to dig in and lip-smacking with their daily fresh seafood and premium dishes such as the Alaskan King Crab, Canadian Red Lobster, XL Live Premium USA Osyter and XL Live Mud Crab!

Alaskan King Crab

Canadian Red Lobster
XL Live Mud Crab

Since 2018, Ombak Kitchen has had the pleasure of serving local and international guests from all walks of life for the finest and freshest seafood with their incredible range of signature sauces, chief among them is the glorious Ombak Crazy Cajun sauce that you will definitely love it! Their seasoned chef has three decades of extensive hands-on experience in the world of culinary and his team team will always make sure that you get only the best from their kitchen.

Ombak Kitchen, Bangsar Outlet
I was excited last week because my friends invited me to have lunch together at the Ombak Kitchen, Bangsar outlet and this was my first dining experience here. As usual, we need to go through all the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that set by the government like scanning the MySejahtera, body temperature scanning and sanitizing our hands before entering the premise.

Ombak Kitchen Adheres To Standard Operating Procedure

We have been introduced with several "Must-Try" dishes by the owner and she did explained about the facts that every customer need to know about this restaurant especially on the seafood and method of preparing the dishes.

Sharing Session Regarding Ombak Kitchen

Here at Ombak Kitchen, the conventional utensils are optional as diners are encouraged to indulge everything on the table using their God-given good hands for a holistic and extraordinary dining experience. It's all about getting your hands dirty which is align with their tagline #PakaiTanganJer.


Let's check it out for the Premium Combo Menu that been customized for 2 pax to 6 pax that offers by Ombak Kitchen, Bangsar.

Premium Combo Menu

As per the recommendation, we ordered the spread seafood with their Signature Crazy Cajun Sauces and Buttermilk Curry together with a set of the 3 Cheese Fresh Baked Oyster. 

Shell-out With Ombak Kitchen Signature Crazy Cajun Sauce

Shell-Out with Ombak Kitchen Buttermilk Curry Sauce
3 Cheese Fresh Baked Oyster

Beside the sauces that we ordered, you can choose other sauces based on the spiciness level that suits your taste buds. Other sauces are the Cheesy Zesty Lemon, Creamy Tomyam, Peranakan Seri Nyonya and Apple Cilantro Sauce. 

Selection of Sauces
Ombak Kitchen is also known as "The Best Restaurant for Birthday Celebration in Bangsar". Let's celebrate your birthday with their great birthday packages. They will present you with their "Ombak Kitchen Signature Art of Dessert", a new concept in the art of dessert featuring local and international fruits and fried nutella donut. This desserts can be drawn based on the inspiration of the chef's creativity for any happy occasion including for the Birthday Celebration.

Check this out for the Ombak Kitchen Birthday Packages here!

Ombak Kitchen Signature Art of Dessert

Ombak Kitchen "Happy Birthday" Packages

We had great dining experience here at Ombak Kitchen with the team and we will definitely going to repeat dining here for next celebration. 

Let's me share with you some of the other customer experiences as well for your reference. 

#PakaiTanganJer (Basic Utensils Including Plate Are Optional)
Spread Seafood With Signature Crazy Cajun Sauce
Dining at Ombak Kitchen - Fun-Filled Family Restaurant
Birthday Celebration At Ombak Kitchen - Ruhainies King Crab Cake?
Dining Experience with Team KiteJalan
Team Lunch at Ombak Kitchen, Bangsar

For more information about this Ombak Kitchen, kindly visit their website at Ombak Kitchen.

HQ: Bukit Jelutong

Address: No.5.G.01, D'Vida Business Centre Jalan Bazar U8/100, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor. (

Contact Number: +603-7734 4699 / +6010-220 5946

Operating Hour: Open Everyday 4 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. (Monday to Friday), 12.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. (Saturday-Sunday, Public Holiday)

Branch: Bangsar

Address: 12, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Garden, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (

Contact Number: +6010-216 5946

Operating Hour: Open Everyday (12.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M.)

Special thanks to Ombak Kitchen (Bangsar Branch) for having me and the team for the great dining experience. 

Friends of Blogger Lunch Dining Experience At Ombak Kitchen, Bangsar

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!

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  1. OMG Look at that king crab! I'm a sucker for seafood and this makes me hungryyyyy!

  2. Ombak Kitchen ni fav kalau nak makan shell out mesti pi sana. Sedapnya bila teringat sos mereka tu.

  3. Bestnya makan seafood! I love seafood! Dekat dengan rumah ni nanti boleh pergi ke sana

  4. area bangsar ni memang banyak kedai-kedai up to date dan cafe-cafe hipster. harga pun boleh tahan. tapi sekali sekala pergi mencuba tak salah kan.

  5. Tak pernah lagi makan kat sini. Tapi tengok pada menu semuanya nampak sedap dan menarik

  6. Terbaik! i like their spicy signature cajun sauce also, sedap giller.

  7. Alarh. Sedapnya shell out. Lama tak makan. Terbaiklah tempat dia. Semuanya nampak menyelerakan dan selesa untuk bersantap.

  8. OMG... dekat Bangsar je?... awat iolls tak tau ni?... hehehehe... padahal my FIL dok area situ je... bolehlah time balik KL nanti singgah untuk try out... I tengok Baked Oyster dengan Canadian Red Lobster tu dah terasa-rasa nak makan dah... looked so scrumptiously delicious...

  9. I can see how good the seafoods are!! I surely nak pergi try with my family, makan ramai2 best ni!

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