Baloy Celebrates the 46th Baloy Member Mart Store Opening

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Baloy is Open to New Investor

One of the Fastest Growing E-Commerce Businesses Nationally

Baloy is the name of its online platform with a unique O2O/C2M business model: an online to offline, customer to manufacturer business model. As part of the company's mission, Baloy aims to build a healthy buying ecosystem to boost and uplift the Malaysia FMCG industry and subsequently, the country's economy.

Baloy Sdn. Bhd.
Baloy Sdn Bhd was founded in 2018 and is headed by Dan Lim, the Director of Baloy Sdn Bhd. He brings to the table eight years of his experience as a business consultant, planner and marketing strategist in the FMCG retail sector. 

Dan Lim, Director of Baloy Sdn. Bhd.

Baloy just recently celebrated its 46th brick mortar Baloy Member Mart Grand Opening at Kota Damansara on the 28th August 2020. For a company only started a year ago, Baloy has grown by leaps and bounds, and they are planning to open its 100 stores by December this year. 

The 46th Baloy Member Mart Grand Opening at Kota Damansara
As of March 2020, the business has established 45 Member Mart outlets across Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor and Penang. This enterprise is one of the fastest growing businesses nationally and is now seeking for new investors to be part of their exciting growth. 
DJ Dina Nadzir Special Appearance at Baloy Member Mart Kota Damansara Grand Launching is an online grocery shopping website that caters to the Malaysian mass market that established in 2019 created by Baloy Sdn. Bhd. As mentioned, this platform offers variety of daily groceries at the lowest competitive prices possible. Website

With more than 500 products from reputable brands like Nestle, Yeo's, Jalen, Adabi and many more, Baloy has built a loyal shoppers that mainly are members. The company operates on a subscription basis with two types of membership, the Basic Member and Gold Member. 

Membership Subscription

Basic members have a purchase quota of RM300, while Gold members can enjoy a spend quota of RM500 per week on the Baloy website or at any of Baloy 46 physical outlets. Gold members also get to enjoy a RM10 cashback for every successful friend referral they bring in.

Quota Balance Checking in website
All Baloy members can enjoy various attractive rewards and promotions with more saving. The easy pick up concept is the method that I really like it especially for a busy working adult just like me. You can easily made your order through the website and 30 minutes before collection, just check-out from the website and your item will be prepared accordingly. This really save my time and avoid any unnecessary hassle. 
Shop From Home, Easy Pick Up On Your Own

Make your order through anytime, anyway!

Payment Either By Online Banking or Cash At Physical Shop

Pick Up At Your Own Convenience - Save Time, Hassle Free

"Baloy is a fast expanding business and I believe that we have the right formula that gives consumers what they need - quality groceries from the trusted brands, convenience and lowest price guaranteed. Our customer's response is the perfect testimonial to our performance. With this formula, I believe that Baloy will continue to forget ahead and I am inviting investors to be a part of our exciting journey" said Dan Lim, the Director of Baloy Sdn. Bhd. 

Let's explore the physical shop during my last visit at Baloy Member Mart Kota Damansara outlet. 

Coffee, Tea and Creamer
Cooking Oil
Personal Care
Snacks and Biscuits
Snacks and Biscuits
Milk Powders
Laundry, Floor, Dish

For more information and promotion from Baloy Member Mart, kindly visit their website at

Facebook:  Baloy Member Mart Official Facebook Page

Instagram:  Baloy Member Mart Official Instagram

Special thanks to Baloy Sdn Bhd for the invitation to the grand opening of your 46th Baloy Member Mart outlet at Kota Damansara. Wishing you the very best and successful. 

Friends of Media and Blogger at Grand Opening of Baloy Member Mart

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  1. i hope they have another branch in Penang soon :)
    i wanna go and shop in baloy as well

  2. Ramai bagi feedback positif tentang Baloy Mart ni bolehlah lepas ni beli barangan keperluan kat sini hee

  3. first time dengar nama Baloy mart ni.. sebelum ni tak pernah tahu pun ada Baloy mart ni.. Kalau di kedah ada tak cawangan dia?

  4. Baru tau ada Baloy Mart and blh shopping online nti blh tgk website dia

  5. Congratulations Baloy. May you keep on success and provide the best service and products to all customers.

  6. eh one of the branch ada dekat area rumah I lah. Ingatkan kedai runcit biasa je rupanya dah banyak franchise dah. Wow!

  7. Masa shopping kat sini teruja betul akk.. harga yg ditawarkan mmg sangat-sangat berbaloi ❤️

  8. Hopefully they will open a branch in Melaka as well. :) The prices look quite competitive.

  9. Wahhh dah banyak cawangan rupenye Baloy ni ye. Baru dengar pasal kedai Baloy ni

  10. Berbaloy baloy! Hehehe. Tengok harga dia murah betul. Pengsan! Harap-harap ada cawangan di KL. Dekat skit ngan akak. Haha

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