Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday

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Enjoy Floating To Experience Zero Gravity Zero Stress After Long Day Only At Bangkok Float Center With KKday To Discover The Secrets of Relaxation

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
My First Floating Experience At Bangkok Float Center With KKday

After a long day exploring Safari World Bangkok, it is time for me to enjoy a relaxing me-time. Normally during my vacation trips, I will always go for a good massage session before flying back to my country, but this time around, I have the opportunity to experience something different yet still achieve maximum relaxation. 

Instead of normal body massage, I opt for the floating therapy at Bangkok Float Center and my booking was made using the KKday Malaysia platform, the leading e-commerce travel platform that connects travelers with authentic local tours and activities. 

What Is Floating?

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Bangkok Float Center Offers Floating Therapy By Appointments Only

Floating therapy started when John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and neuro-psychiatrist developed a floatation tank in 1954 to commence experiments related to sensory deprivation. Over the years, many changes have been implemented especially on the tank design and usage to make it more practical, which you can experience now at Bangkok Float Center. 

Here at Bangkok Float Center, the floatation tank consists of 1000 liters of water that creates a 30 cm deep solution and the solution is heated to 35.5 degree Celsius that similar to our skin temperature. You are virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in contact with the water and those that aren't when you float. 

A total of 700 kg of specially formulated salts that are imported directly from Dream Pod are added to the solution to create buoyancy. Hence, you can float effortlessly which allows you to experience total weightlessness as the effects of gravity on the body have been effectively removed and leaving our body to be free from the harmful forces of gravity. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Epsom Salt Imported Directly From Dream Pod

All you need to do is just simply lay on the bed of water filled with Epsom salt which provides buoyancy and supports the body to achieve the deepest form of relaxation known.

When you are in the floatation tank, you can opt to switch off the interior light to create a total quietness and dark environment that will allow your mind to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible. 

As you are now freed from all sensations of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound that contribute to 90% of normal neuromuscular activity, you can now conserve and redirect vast amounts of natural physical and mental energy. 

This can help to resets the body's hormonal and metabolic balance, strengthening resistance to and accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercises.

The sensory deprivation chamber is the most important tool I've ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving. - Joe Rogan - 

Benefits Of Floating

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Relaxing Ambient In The Bangkok Float Center Premise

Floating therapy promotes several health benefits physically, spiritually and mentally as this therapy can help to decrease muscle tension and chronic pain, increase our concentration and creativity, refreshes as it improves our overall wellness, health and rest, and last but not least, it really helps on reduces stress after physical and mental relaxation. 

Floating therapy helps to ease muscle pain, relaxes the nervous system, prevents artery hardening, draws toxins and heavy metals from our body and reduces both internal and external inflammation. 

Floating is also good for those that suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental ailments as each session help to relieve your stress and allows your mind to be inwardly focused and overcome these mental addictions. 

Not only that, the Magnesium-based Epsom salts that use in the tank are good for our skin as it help to soften and replenish, counteract the magnesium deficiency that most of us have due to depleted magnesium in our soil (affected the nutrition intake from foods). 

For more information about the benefits, you can visit the Bangkok Float Center website to find out more. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Bangkok Float Center With Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice in 2020

First Time Float

This floatation treatment might be something new to many of us, actually including myself as this is my first time hearing about floatation and I am going to experience it myself.

It was a mixed feeling at first as I do have minor Aquaphobia which is a fear of water especially deep water and strong waves, creating a mindset that I can't float to enjoy maximum relaxation. On top of that, my Nyctophobia also affected me at first as I will be alone in the dark floatation tank for quite some time. 

However, the first visit orientation done by Mr. Sam really help me to fully understand how floating therapy work and what to expect during my session. According to Sam, it is best to schedule your appointment at the time that is easiest for you to relax and not to have strenuous or stressful activities post the session in order for you to experience total calmness and a relaxed state to get the most out of this therapy. 

Contradict to post-session, any physical activity such as after a workout prior to your appointment will enhance your overall experience, just like I did since I was in a tense situation due to the traffic while I am on the road heading to the float center. This will give our body and mind the opportunity to be more relaxed and succumb to the healing properties of the Epson salts. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Listen Carefully To The Pre-Float Brief For The Best Relaxation And Enjoy The Session

Look at the Red Box in the Pre-Float Briefing slide, it is mandatory to shower before entering the Dreampod as this is the extra measure to ensure the overall hygiene and cleanliness of the facilities for the next floaters. 

There is a shower facility available in your private spa room. Please be reminded that all deodorant, hair products, body lotions, makeup, perfumes and colognes must be removed prior to floating. This includes the removal of any jewelry and accessories to improve your overall experience in the pod. 

As hygiene is Bangkok Float Center's priority, the water is definitely clean for you to float as the water will be fully filtered 3 times for at least 15 minutes between each float. It will pass through a hot tub caliber filter with both UV light and a chemical disinfection system. 

The Epsom salts dissolved in the water also act as a natural disinfectant that creates a sterile environment where bacteria cannot live in. Hence, you can have peace of mind to float if you have hygiene-related concerns before. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Shower Facilities Available In The Private Spa Area 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Proper Place To Store Your Belonging During Your Floatation Session

As you will be alone in the private spa room, you do not need to bring any swimsuit gear or other clothing for you to float with as no clothing of any kind is allowed in the pods for sanitary reasons. In the tank, you are intimately in tune with your body and mind so that you can truly let everything go and enjoy the fun of floating. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Mr. Sam Explain How The Dreampod Work Before You Start The Session

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Relax and Just Float In Dreampod - Towel, Water Spray, Headrest, Light Control (Green Button) and Emergency (Red Button)

If you need to touch up and be ready after your floating session, some of the basic personal care products are provided including hair dryer, deodorant, contact lens solutions and few others just right outside of your spa room at the Grooming area for your convenient. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Personal Care Products That Provided For Your Grooming Purpose Before Leaving The Float Center 

After the session and done with the grooming, you can head to the Zen Zone for resting before leaving just next to the grooming room with the Himalayan Salt wall installed that believe to be able to create a clean and pure environment that help to detoxifies and replenishes our body and to boost wellness.

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy The Cup Of Tea

You will be served with the Blue Tea that contains Butterfly Pea Flower, Jasmine, Rose and Chrysanthemum while you sit back, relax and enjoy after the session. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Enjoy A Cup Of Blue Tea After The Floating Session 

Some other important tips before you head for the session include: 

  • Wait a minimum of 72 hours after your hair treatment as a measure not to contaminate the water in the pod

  • Inform if you have large cuts/open wounds/experience illness/menstrual cycle as such physical conditions is not recommended

  • Not to have a big meal or any caffeine within a minimum of two (2) hours or more if you are sensitive to it

  • Do not shave at least 4 - 6 hours before float as the concentrated salt water will sting your skin, liquid band-aid will be provided to cover smaller cuts or scratches

  • Come with the right attitude and preparedness. You will surely enjoy it. 

Price And Package Options

To enjoy an easy and hassle-free booking experience, you can opt for KKday and the package options available start at the price as low as RM 181 only. You can click the link below to check them out now. Remember to apply "NELFEITH5" to enjoy a 5% discount on your booking during checkout. 

This code is valid for all Thailand attractions as well on KKday. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Floating Experience Price List

I had a great time enjoying the floating session, especially after the long, tiring day. I feel total relaxation, light and fully rejuvenate after soaking in the mineral salt solution for 60 minutes. It is indeed one of the best experiences of my trip for a relaxing session. 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Products Available For Purchase 

Float To Relax At Bangkok Float Center With KKday
Keep Calm, Enjoy And Float At Bangkok Float Center

For more information about Bangkok Float Center, you can visit their official website and follow social media platforms for the latest updates. 

Bangkok Float Center


098 - 628 - 9599 (English)
093 - 159 - 9998 (Thai or English)


Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (https://goo.gl/maps/ZpUSzP6aR1NFz6oo7)

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