EVOLCARE The Global Skincare Expert Launched The Brand New Biotics Series Skincare Products To Alleviate And Prevent Maskne

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Evolcare A Switzerland-Formulated, 100% Natural Actives And Clean Beauty Brand Launched The Brand New Biotics Series That Make Available Now At Both Online And Retail Store

Maskne Skin Problem During The Pandemic When Wearing Face Mask For Longer Period Of Time

Do you still remember back in 2020 that we were all forced to stay home due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and wearing a face mask while doing our outdoor activities has been a mandatory?
However, wearing a face mask for a longer period of time is not comfortable at all, especially for a person like me that wears spectacles, and causing a lot of breathing discomfort with the mask on. 

Another big problem for me during that time is maskne on top of all the skin problems like redness, acne, enlarged pores and dullness. This is the effects caused by heat and friction as the humid environment imposed onto skin stimulates the sebum secretion and creates a breeding ground for the bacteria. 

EVOLCARE Launched Brand New Biotics Series Skincare Products

EVOLCARE has taken an initiative to launch its 100% vegan-friendly Biotics Series comprising the Harmony Revitalising Toner, Rose Probiotic Serum and Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream with the function to alleviate our maskne problem. 

These products contain the prebiotics like Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, Inulin, Fructose, etc. and probiotics like Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate, etc.that extracted from the natural sources to promote healthy bacteria growth integral to skin's health and radiance. 

EVOLCARE products are formulated in Switzerland and designed by global skincare experts using 100% natural actives and harm-free ingredients gathered from around the world to create natural, highly effective and safe formulas. 

What Is Skin Microbiome? 

Before I share with you my skincare routine using the products from EVOLCARE, do you know what skin microbiome means and why it is important to achieve a healthy skin? 

Well, the skin microbiome plays an important role within the physical body's ecosystem where it is composed of trillions of good and bad bacteria on the skin surface. Therefore, it is really crucial and essential for us to maintain the balance of our skin's microsystem. This will help us to retain a beautiful, healthy and glowing complexion. 

Externally, there are a lot of factors such as pollution, UV rays, climate change and daily stress will contribute to the microbiome imbalance, hence causing dullness, redness, discomfort and blemishes on our skin. 

Now, you understand why it is important for us to achieve a balanced skin microbiome, right? With EVOLCARE, we can easily achieve this with just three (3) simple steps. Let's explore this together. 

EVOLCARE Skincare Products Help To Maintain Balance Skin Microbiome

Skincare Routine With EVOLCARE

Step 1: Find Your Balance With Toner
Hydrate and restore your skin's balance for a boosting effect as part of the Biotics Series routine using the Harmony Revitalising Toner to restore the natural pH value of the skin as a preparation for the next skincare ritual. 

The Harmony Revitalising Toner is packed with prebiotics (Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide) and probiotics (Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate) ingredients in its formula that can help to align the skin's microbiome and reduce redness, restore smoothness and clarify the complexion. Some of the top ingredients available in this toner includes: 

  • Alpine Rose Extract that helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress while moisturizing the skin and soothing irritation
  • Cuticle Softening Fig Extract that helps to reduce the activity of the sebaceous gland, inhibiting the enlargement of pores and generating a smooth and radiant complexion. 
  • Maclura Cochinchinensis Leaf Prenylflavonoids that helps to soothe inflammation and reduce acne issues. 
This gel-water formula toner makes its application so seamless with its pleasant and indulgent texture. The proportion of good bacteria like Actinobacteria and Firmicutes on the skin has increased by 21% after 15 consecutive days of application. This helps to fortify the skin's microbial flora with a layer of defense.
The application is really simple as you just need to: 
  1. Use one dose per application
  2. Apply on cleansed and dry skin. 
  3. Pat onto face and neck with fingertips or smooth over with a cotton pad on dry or red area until fully absorbed.
  4. Finish off with the Rose Probiotic Serum and Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream. 
This will give an immediate result of balanced, revitalized and the feel of freshness. Oh yes, while applying the toner, remember to avoid the eye area. 

EVOLCARE Harmony Revitalising Toner (1 mL x 30 pcs) - RM 100

Step 2: Feel The Difference With Serum
It is time to repair and rejuvenate the skin cells to restore the skin's health and clarity using the Rose Probiotic Serum. The serum is formulated with probiotics such as Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate that helps to re-balance the microbiome to restore the skin's natural glow
Some other ingredients added into the serum include: 
  • Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Saccharide Isomerate and Hyaluronic Acid that help to soothe the skin irritation caused by aggression, unveiling a regenerated and refined look. 
  • Bisabolol extracted from plants helps to protect the skin from irritation and inflammation.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil helps to strengthen the skin barrier, offering relief to skin issues caused by maskne and environmental stressors like UV rays and pollutants.  
The serum comes in a dewy and lightweight texture that facilitates fast absorption without leaving residue or sticky effect after application. After a week using this serum, there will be a significant increase of 18% hydration that helps extend skin with a healthy and glowy finish. 
You can feel the difference when you paired this serum with the Harmony Revitalising Toner and Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream. To use this serum,
  1. Use one dose per application. 
  2. Evenly smooth product over face and neck. 
  3. Gently massage until fully absorbed. 
Similar to the toner, remember to avoid the eye area during the application. 

EVOLCARE Rose Probiotic Serum (0.5 mL x 30 pcs) - RM 185

Step 3: Smooth To The Touch With Gel Cream 
Restore a healthy and balanced microbiome for a youthful looking skin with the Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream as this cream contains prebiotics such as Inulin, Fructose and other natural actives that help to strengthen the microbiome and soothe irritated skin. 
This Gel Cream is formulated with powerful ingredients such as: 
  • Vitamin E and Echinacea Extract that strengthen the oxidizing power and immunity of the skin for better protection from environmental damage and targeting fine lines. 
  • Apricot Kernel Oil and Sunflower Oil help to soften and nourish affected areas caused by maskne as part of the rejuvenated effect.
  • Hyaluronic Acids helps to soothe and provide moisturizing effect 
This Gel Cream is applied after prep the skin with the Harmony Revitalising Toner and Rose Probiotic Serum. Apply it: 

  1. Use one dose per application. 
  2. Evenly smooth product over face and neck.
  3. Gently massage until fully absorbed. 
Feel the peace after applying the gel cream and remember to avoid the eye area too during the application. 
EVOLCARE Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream (1 mL x 30 pcs) - RM 160

What Makes EVOLCARE Different From Other Skincare Products?

The skincare products from EVOLCARE are uniquely designed and packaged in a single dose packaging to ensure the efficacy and hygiene of the products are kept at the maximum level yet minimizing the use of synthetic preservatives. 
This packaging concept is really brilliant as it is practical and convenient for modern customers who are always on-the-go. 
EVOLCARE's products are perfect to be used at any occasion of anytime and anywhere whether it is for a post-workout to freshen up, inflight hydration boost, date-night touch-up, weekend glamping or a staycation essential. 
The Unique and Convenient Packaging Of EVOLCARE's Products

Earlier last month in May 2022, EVOLCARE launched a Limited Edition EVOLCARE x reMatter Biotic Series Mask Set that not only helps to re-balance our skin, but with the initiative to restore our planet. 

When the brand was launched, the EVOLCARE Foundation was founded simultaneously as they partnered with established non-profit organizations to support various environmental projects. 

EVOLCARE joined hands with reMatter, Hong Kong's first biodegradable mask brand to co-create the limited-edition ReBalance, Restore Set as the company is concerned about the medical waste resulting from the use of disposable masks during the pandemic. 

This is inline with the brand's commitment of bringing better protection to both our skin and the planet Earth. 
Limited Edition EVOLCARE x reMatter Biotic Series Mask Set

This Rebalance, Restore Set will be featuring the toner, serum and gel cream in EVOLCARE's Biotic Series along with the reMatter's biodegradable Mask Pack. The set represents the ultimate solution for maskne while protecting our general well being. 

The limited-edition set includes 10 biodegradable ASTM Level 3 reMatter masks in a new color. With the exception of the metal nose piece and the ear loops, all 3 layers of the mask and the packaging materials are made with biodegradable materials. 

This reMatter mask will biodegrade in an oxygen-free environment and turn into carbon dioxide, water and other non-poisonous gases in about 5 years after the used masks are discarded and sent to the landfill. This is a great effort to reduce the load on the environment while protecting the health of human beings and nature. 

It is reasonably priced at RM 140 and already made available on both the online and retail stores . The mask set includes: 

  • Harmony Revitalising Toner (1 mL x 10 pcs)
  • Rose Probiotic Serum (0.5 mL x 10 pcs) 
  • Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream (1 mL x 10 pcs)
  • reMatter Biodegradable ASTM Level 3 Mask (10 pcs) 
Effective | Fresh | Hygienic | Convenient


Formulated in Switzerland, EVOLCARE joins the power with global skincare experts to create clean and harm-free formulas with 100% natural active ingredients. Acting as "Your Skin's Safety Bubble", we believe that every skin is unique and deserves to be protected. That's the belief we at EVOLCARE are guided by when we formulate effective, intuitive skincare. 
EVOLCARE not only cares for its customers but also the future of the planet, and we are strongly against animal testing. The EVOLCARE Foundation is founded where we partner with established non-profit organizations for us to give back to the environment. 
This year, we are working with the Marine Research Foundation where RM 1 per product purchased will be donated directly to understanding conservation of the marine ecosystems and functions. 
EVOLCARE Experience Centre @ Bangsar South
G-1, Ground Floor, Tower 5, Avenue 7, Bangsar South City, 8 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Monday - Friday From 10.00 AM. to 7.00 PM. 
EVOLCARE Retail Store @ LaLaport BBCC
Lot L1-49, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre, No. 2 Jalan Hang Tuah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Monday - Sunday & Public Holiday From 10.00 AM. to 10.00 PM. 
EVOLCARE Online Store
Stay tuned for my personal experience sharing after using this Limited Edition EVOLCARE x reMatter Biotic Series Mask Set. 

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