Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands

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Personal Care - Handwash That Moisturizes And Nourishes Your Hand For A Smoother And Healthier Skin

Handwashing has always been one of the most effective ways of keeping diseases away. According to Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director of WHO South East Asia Region, handwashing is one of the key cornerstones of COVID-19 prevention and this simple act will keep ourselves clean, hygienic, healthy and safe.
As we have to embrace the new normal of living with the existence of this COVID-19, hand hygiene needs to become an integral part of our daily routines, to protect us from viruses and diseases.
Handwash at the regular intervals with soap and water is a must especially after coughing or sneezing, after using the toilet, before eating, preparing food, after touching common surfaces such as doorknobs or handles, or after one comes back home from visiting a public place and many more!
However, regular hand washing will eventually cause our skin to leach out all of its lipids by the act of repeatably wash and dry the skin over and over again. This will cause our skin become very dry and brittle.
Furthermore, some of the soaps are harsher to our skin which can damage the protective layer of our skin that leaves the skin to sullen, easily inflamed or worst causing eczema. 
Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
Plash Foaming Handwash by Afy Haniff

Plash Foaming Handwash

Plash Foaming Handwash is one of the product brand that owned by AFY Haniff, also an exclusive distributor of this brand. AFY Haniff is a family run, leading Malaysian natural household products especially the citronella insect repellents under the renowned brand SWiPEL Serai Wangi. 
This is my all-time favorite choice when it comes to selecting the hand soap that I placed on every sink at home. Plash foaming handwash provides a truly natural nutrition powered with active plant-based ingredients to our skin.
Made with Aloe Vera Extract as main ingredient, this handwash will provide a multi layer moisture and rich in skin softening extracts leaving our hands moisturized, clean and nourished after removing oil and dirt

In addition, Plash foaming handwash is 100% FREE of phthalates, paraben, petrochemicals, silicons and over 400 other potentially harmful chemicals that will effect health in the long run. Therefore, this is a perfect and safer choice of natural and environmentally friendly product. 

Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
Plash Foaming Handwash 1 Pump = 4 Pumps of Other Gel Handwash Brands
Currently, Plash Foaming Handwash comes in two attractive scents, the Aloe Vera and Sweet Sakura with an instant effectiveness in erasing strong and bad smell from the skin yet leaves a pleasant and long lasting fragrance after each wash.
There are two packaging available now in the market which are the 200ml and 400ml per bottle. It is an extra saving too when we use this brand as 1 pump of Plash Foaming Handwash is equivalent to 4 pumps of other handwash brands. A bottle of Plash Foaming Handwash gives out 525 pumps. 
Each bottle of the 400ml packaging is priced at RM 8.90 (West Malaysia) and RM 9.30 (East Malaysia) while the 200ml packaging is priced at RM 5.90 (West Malaysia) and RM 6.20 (East Malaysia). 
To use Plash Foaming Handwash is pretty simple, you just need to:
  1. Turn nozzle to unlock
  2. Press pump and lather foam gently
  3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds
  4. Rinse off with clean water
Besides the handwash, plash also offers sanitizer that available in the size of 200ml with 72% alcohol, non-sticky, rinse free, quick dry and most importantly it is gentle on hand. Another product is the plash foaming handwash door gift that made available in the mini size of 150ml and this is suitable for any special occasion as a door gift premium.

You can check them out now at by clicking the link below.
Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
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Do note that 5% of each successfully purchase will be donated to the charity home. It is time to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and sound while doing good for those in need especially during this pandemic. 
What are you waiting for? Act now before you missed it. 
Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
Keep Your Hand Moisturizes And Softens After Each Wash With Plash Foaming Handwash 

About AFY Haniff

 Improving Quality of Life Through Natural Products
In 2006, one visionary, Yunus M. Haniff formed AFY Haniff Bena & Bekal (Manufacturing & Trading) Company to promote a healthy life with quality herbs ingredients. The company started with a humble citronella repellent range of products with 100% citronella based ingredients. 

AFY Haniff Group (M) Sdn Bhd is among the trusted and recognized supplying company in modern trade industry within Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. AFY Haniff is largely known with core expertise and leadership in manufacturing and distribution of Household Goods to Modern Trade. 

The mission of AFY Haniff is:

"Since 2006, we are dedicated to achieve satisfaction from our consumer with natural and halal product with superior quality that inspire freshness, cleanliness and happiness into family." by Amirul Firdaus bin Yunus, Chief Executive Officer. 
The vision of AFY Haniff is:

"AFY Haniff will always thrive to become market leader in modern trade industry and pursue excellent customer services delivered with sense of iman (Islamic faith), warmth and friendliness." by Muhammad Wahiduzzaman bin Yunus, Chief Operation Officer. 
AFY Haniff as a company offer services as:
  • Manufacturer
    • Our products range are created with a philosophy to provide safe, healthy, sustainable, and hassle free product to the consumer. Over one million pieces of our products are annually produced in our Melaka based factory and this amount is still increasing. 
  • Supplier and Distributor
    • We are the main supplier and distributor of SWiPEL Serai Wangi, D'menc, Fabric Wangi, 40 DAYS, and Plash brands under FMCG category in many hypermarkets, wholesaler, and others. All of our goods must undergo internal Quality Assurance (QA) test, prior to delivery to our retail partner's distribution centres. 
  •  Merchandiser and Marketer
    • Our products are easily accessible to customer by being made available in many AFY Haniff's retail partners such as TESCO, GIANT, Jaya Grocer, and many more. Our team are committed to make our promotional campaign and marketing to reach all customer. 
  • Exporter
    • Now available in Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. AFY Haniff are always looking forward in partnering with international importers with these safe and fast selling products. Strict for only legal export, we aims for these quality household products to reach international market at affordable price with maximum profit possible. 
Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
AFY Haniff Products Available Across Each State in Malaysia and Internationally at Brunei, Singapore and Thailand
Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
AFY Haniff's Retail Partners

Certification earned by AFY Haniff are:
  • Halal Certification
    • MS 2200-2:2012 1147-04/2014
  • Food Safety System
    • SIRIM CERTIFIED TO ISO 22000:2005 (CERT.NO:FSM00163)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
    • SIRIM CERTIFIED TO MS 1514:2009 (CERT.NO:GMP00139)
    • SIRIM CERTIFIED TO MS 1480:2007 (CERT.NO:HAC00232)
Other AFY Haniff Certifications and Awards can be viewed from the link below. 
Plash Foaming Handwash By Afy Haniff That Moisturizes And Soften Hands
That's pretty much that I want to share today about my favorite handwash, Plash Foaming Handwash and the owner of the brand itself. 
For more information about AFY Haniff, products and its latest promotions, you can follow them at their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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